Monday, August 31, 2015

Striped Lindex Dress OOTD

Can we just agree not to talk about the fact that I have been absent forever and ever?

I have missed blogging and I am getting myself back in gear with a short but sweet outfit post for you all.

I bought a few very lovely dresses while back in Estonia for summer but this one has become my favorite at the moment. It is from a Swedish brand called Lindex that I always check out when back home. They make amazing basics but once in a while I stumble on a real gem:

Exhibit A- a sack like striped dress that I cant stop wearing

I spotted it and immediately deemed it too short for me. "Just in case" was the reason I took it to changing room and happily noted it is in fact the perfect length. Its is perfect in every other aspect as well. The sturdy cotton material doesn't cling to the body ( a huge plus in Dubai heat and humidity). Its classic but fun. Can be worn with heels or converse and to top it all off it was very affordable! All I need is a bright lipstick and I feel as I'm wearing an outfit.

For the workday I paired it with my beloved Banana Republic flats that are so comfortable and I am considering ordering back up pair. Is that excessive? (dont answer that) I wish they had all the BR shoes in Dubai store but of course they do not. I got mine in San Fran a few months back and have gotten way more wear out of them than I anticipated. Turn out cobalt blue goes with a rather many outfits.

Let me know what you have been up to please? What have you bought? What have you liked? What should I buy next? :)