Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Bought Pink Things

Lets just move straight on from the fact there has been radio silence on the blog. 

This was due to creative crises that was followed by a surprise trip to Estonia to see my family and friends. Estonia is always a good idea and I always end up shopping even if I promise myself that this time I really dont need anything. Its just that there are so many cool Estonian designers and its so much fun shopping somewhere else than online or Topshop, Reiss and Zara in Dubai.

Spring in the head I accumulated only pink things it seems. There is also a dress that is pink and I cant wait to show you (can be seen on my Insta if you feel nosy) but today is focused on accessories.
It took me about 5sec do decide I need the shoes. First of all the toe décolleté (gosh I feel fancy typing this but also a bit like a douche as I dont speak a word of french) instantly reminded me of Jimmy Choo Attila flats. That little cutout detail that makes flats more fancy. The pastel pink color wasn't exactly a turn off either. They are made in Italy for an Estonian brand called Iris Janvier. The leather is soft and the fit is very comfortable. I think this type of flats are always hard to find but the pointy nose is my favorite by far so I had to hold myself back not to buy them in all other color variations. If you live in Tallinn you can go visit them in their showroom or order online here for international shipping.

Now onto that magnificent Time To Rock bracelet by NVbyK- talk about a funky statement piece. Its a colored druzy agate with electroplated sides and a golden real leather strap. These are a hot commodity in Estonia right now and I was lucky to snatch one up just as their new stock arrived. I shall be wearing this with skinny jeans and white t-shirt and converse. 

 Last bit of news before I wrap this up. I have never done a giveaway on my blog but I'm thinking Time To Rock bracelet being cool and also Estonian design would work excellent as my first gift to you guys. The problem is I couldn't for the life of me decide which color should I give away so maybe you can help me. Take a look at their website here and let me know in the comments which colored agate do you guys like the best? I kind of like the black druzy agate with black double strap for a more toned down variation or going all out with bright and shiny. Okay I kind of would like to have one of each because you know options.

So keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram next week not to miss once the giveaway goes live.
Hope you are well and happy and thank you for stopping by :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Current Top 5 Foundations

I got tagged on Instagram by the lovely Lindsey to name my 5 favorite foundations and I thought I will post them here as well. I can not commit enough to call them my ultimate favorites because its make up and you know there will always be a new foundation coming out. However for some months now these have been the ones in heavy rotation depending on the occasion or weather.

1. Laura Mercier Mineral Powder - this is my favorite mineral powder. I use it for a light to medium coverage just on its own and properly buffed in or I dust it on top of a foundation as an extra layer to make the base flawless and longer lasting. The latter I do when I'm going out and I crave for the plastic fantastic face. It is an excellent product and I do urge you to give it a go.

2. Clarins Extra-Comfort SPF 15- talking of plastic fantastic brings us to this product. It is insane how much I love it and I dont normally even like medium to full coverage foundations. Its pretty full on but never looks cakey and always gives this beautiful glow that I cant stop admiring. Some people say it looks oily but maybe if your skin is oily to begin with this one isn't for you. My skin more of a normal/combination and it looks great. As much as I dislike the heavy and messy glass jar packaging the product itself will firmly stay in my top foundations ever tried list.

3. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation- my day to day foundation preference that just gives a natural but smoother and more luminous complexion. I like it the best when applied with a BeautyBlender sponge as this gives the sheerest coverage. Its just as pretty when buffed in with a brush but for daily use sponge is my fav.

4. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum- I haven't tried many drugstore foundations but out of the ones I have this one comes on top. I always have it in my collection and I think the bottle is handy so I like to travel with it. Its just a good foundation nothing fancy but great for the price and beautiful natural finish. I do think this can start looking a bit oily on some days and I dont tend to use it when the weather gets super hot here.

5. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua- I kept reading all the raving reviews about it until my will power crumbled and I had to have it. I always deemed it too light coverage before but recently my skin has been better than for years (I think a separate post on that is in order) and I love it. Its super watery light texture that blends seamlessly and looks soo beautiful. Its just that it woun't cover too many imperfections but is unbeatable on a good skin day.

I would love to hear whats your top foundations? Do you use the same ones or like to switch it up constantly?

My foundation wishlist now has three items I really really want to try next:
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition
Dior Star
Clarins True Radiance

Have you tried any of these?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

OOTD- I Am Wearing Jeans!

Would you look at that. Its an outfit post and I am in fact not wearing a dress.

Not only that I am actually wearing jeans which I dont think has ever happened in this blog. No joke!

As much as this might be basic for a lot of people its not my regular get up. Rarely do I get tired of all the dresses and skirts but it happens and Paige jeans/t-shirt/ blazer/heels is a fairly generic but loved combo.

My old black blazer was getting very very tired so I have been keeping an eye out for a new one. I have no idea how I wasn't aware that we have a Topshop Outlet in Dubai. I really feel like I have failed by living here for over 3 years and not knowing it. Anyway this is where I found the perfect  semi boyfriend cut black blazer for a fraction of its original price. It is the Premium Suit Blazer (seems to be nearly sold out on Topshop site so maybe check in the store if its on sale near you as well?). I mean its nothing that special but when you get a wardrobe staple for a good price I will never say no. I love that it covers my bum, is structured but still slim fit and its a very good quality material.
I have to mention the jeans as well. I always used to pin pictures of cool girls wearing boyfriend cut slightly baggy jeans and heels but I couldn't find a pair that I liked on me. Ever! Until I tried on the Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny jeans. They are by far THE BEST slightly baggy but flattering jeans ever.  They are stretchy and comfortable and I get so much use out of them so totally worth the price if you ask me.

 Whats left it my new favorite Hangry t-shirt from ASOS. My husband can definitely vouch that the statement is all true and I become a rather unpleasant company when not fed in time. Besides the slogan I love the fixed rolled sleeves and the grey marl shade is my favorite for t-shirts really.

The shoes are the point toe Brina heels from Reiss. One of the most comfortable high heels I own which is the reason I am now stalking these and these heels from Reiss.

Do you like wearing t-shirts with heels? Whats your favorite t-shirt at the moment?

Next up I have two new dresses I can't wait to show you so stay tuned.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Repurchase List

The Repurchase List

I love trying out new products and I obviously like hoarding makeup. There are however a few products that I will immidietly repurchase without thinking twice.

I usually make a note in my phone when one or another is starting to run low. I find buying them thoroughly unsatisfying because I have used the same product in some case for years. At the same time these work for me and I am not interested in experimenting all the time. My list in the phone was getting rather long meaning almost everything above is about to finish or finished making little room for new stuff in this months budget so instead of a new red lipstick (who am I kidding I will probably find a way to buy a new lipstick also) here come some of my essentials:

1. Bioderma H2O Micelle Solution- I am not completely loyal to this because occasionally I try other micellar waters. Every other time I will go back and purchase this and there is often some offer in pharmacy's here so I stock up. I have figured out that one thing that was messing with my skin here is the harsh water so I skip washing my face with water in the mornings now and clean with micellar water instead. This one is great cause you can put makeup on immediately after, it doesn't leave any residue on the skin and everything feels fresh.

2. Loreal Eye & Lip Make-up Remover- I have used this since high school so we go way back. I believe it was my dancer days when I was looking for a remover that takes off glitter, eyelash glue and other heavy duty stage makeup, wount make me weep at the price and doesn't irritate my eyes. This one fit the bill and I have stuck with it ever since. Dancer days are long gone but I still often wear waterproof mascara and some of my lipsticks will stay on forever (hello Sephora Lip Stain!) unless proper remover is involved.

3. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray- yes this one has made it to the list. This stupidly expensive but miraculously effective spray. To be honest I have given up stressing out about the price and just surrender to the fact that there is nothing else like it. So off to the mall I trot the moment my can starts feeling light because there is too many unused texturizing sprays in my bathroom cupboard all bought in the hopes of finding a cheaper dupe. They do not do the same thing! At least not on my fine poker straight hair and in this weird Dubai weather. So I will forever buy Oribe because it is amazing!

4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion- I didn't always use eyeshadow primer. You can actually read about me discovering it here last year. Well as I say in that post primers are my new BFFs and used every single day this same tube lasted me for a year. Its time to get a new one now and as much as I'm curious how the NARS eye primer is I think I will stick to UD one. Its served me so well and helped me through all the humidity and sweat Dubai can bring without a crease on the lids.

5. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray- another one that lasted for ages but needs a repurchase. Once again I will have to mention the cray summer humidity that will have makeup running into your cleavage for 4 months of the year. Its not the most exciting product but it works and it keeps my t-zone matte and my foundation on and I can still see a hint of blush on my cheeks after a long work day.

6. Clinique Airbrush Concealer- mentioned on the blog so many times you are probably bored of it. As much as I do still buy various concealers for "market research" purposes I have a special kind of love for this one. I always repurchase it and I am on my 4th I think. It is awesome and even when my under eyes are dry and wrinkly (it does happen sometimes) this doesn't settle in fine lines and helps to really illuminate the dark circles.

7. Clinique Moisture Surge- again I will keep trying other moisturizers also but currently love this for mornings. I will finish my first pot of it very soon and have written into the repurchase list. I find a lot of moisturizers even if I do love them tend to make my foundation go oily faster than normal whereas this one just feels fresh and sinks into skin super fast.

I would really love to know what are the products on your repurchase list? Do you use any of the ones I listed and what are the brands you relay on over and over again?