Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chic AF- The Story of White Trousers

 If only this was an everyday occurrence- having leisurely coffee in a beautiful cafe that has macaroon stands!! I mean does it get more posh? Also if only it was every day occurrence I had the guts to wear white pants outside in the real world. Im not at all scared of white tops, not even skirts but pants have terrified me for years.

There were several issues I made up in my head for example I will definitely sit into something and have a stain on my butt for the whole day- never mind I cant actually remember the last time I sat into something? It will definitely happen when its white pants day. They will make me look fat. White pants are not flattering etc..Yet I lusted after chic outfits with both white jeans and wide trousers. While white jeans are still a territory I'm too scared to enter I have indeed bought my very first pair of white palazzo trousers from Mango. The soft flowy fabric and weighty feel of them made me cave and I loove the new outfit options this brings.

Now I marched straight to my tailor with them and had a lining put in because no one has to look at my arse in white pants with no lining! No one! But proper lining made all the difference and they are a treasured pair now. I like them with heels as its elongates the leg and I love them with light colored or white tops. I feel like such a grownup in these kinds of outfits- like look at me in my white palazzo pants. I got shit together! Honestly this is what I think in my head when I swoosh around in them!

Do you have a fav pair of white trousers? Let me know please cause one day I would like to venture into the jean category as well.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pom Pom Mania

 Hello new sandals that I wasn't even sure I like and haven't taken off for days!

I love the pompom bohemian sandal trend of this summer but I wasn't sure if its something I can make work in my wardrobe. Hence shelling the big bucks out for a pair of Elina Linardakis wasn't an option even if I do think they look dreamy on the people of the Instagram. 

This is until I saw the cheap knock off version by Glamorous on ASOS. Immediate ADD TO BAG followed because they are perfect. Same same but cheap enough that I don't have to feel bad in case I don't wear them that much. I half expected them to not look as good in real life but I was wrong. They are just as pictured- colorful, cute and fun. Luckily they fit well and are comfortable also so I can now fully embrace my bohemian side. My one weird thing with sandals is that I dont like ankle straps as I find it visually shortens my leg too much. This strap runs just below the ankle and the nude beige color of the strap helps making legs look longer in flat shoes as well.

All in all I am super happy with my purchase. They have different style of the pom pom sandals on ASOS so worth checking it out.

I leave you know with Yalla who also would like to have a pair of pom pom sandals as Im mean and dont let her play with mine. x

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

THE Perfect Summer Dress

COS is one of those magical stores that I check whenever I am in the mall. I love everything in there yet 85% of the stuff doesn't suit my body type I still enjoy going there. I always take minimum 5-6 items to try on and usually leave with another one of their basic tshirts (they make the best tshirts!). It feeds my minimal fashion side when I don't feel like wearing flowery poofy midi dresses. Once in a while thou I will come across something absolutely perfect that will instantly become a wardrobe fav.

Enter black Crossback Dress. I was looking for a new black summer dress for weeks. Black in the summer you might wonder? Well yes I had a vision of a black dress to go with the H&M hat and the one in COS filled every criteria and more.

It is a beautiful cotton fabric to begin with- love that for summer heat.
Open backs are my fav way to show skin so huge plus there.
The waist is well fitted hence makes you look skinny and the length is..midi..haha which i like.. you may have noticed?
It has a great cut on the sides to no side boob worries

extra bonus coming up

it has pockets!!

I actually can't think of anything else to ask for in a perfect dress. I love the style as it looks cool with Converse as well as heels and it is so lightweight.

I shall try to stop gushing over a dress now but honestly. So much happiness for another firm COS favorite. Whats your prefect summer dress like?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Bits from Becca

A day after Becca was released in Dubai I was already in a taxi on my way to Sephora. I'm not joking. I wasn't this excited even when NARS arrived. Probably because I hadn't tried anything but one highlighter from Becca and read so much about the brand. I had to go dip my fingers in every possible tester pot and pan ASAP/

I knew I wanted one of the Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blushes and as per usual I trust Laura and went for Camellia that she raved about. It looks a bit scary in pan but trying best to describe it I would say its a medium warm rose toned pink that has crazy color payoff and subtle shimmer. And when I say color pay off I mean you need the fluffiest feathery brush that touches the pan once. Anything more and this can get out of hand (speaking of experience here as first time I applied it I couldnt resist swirling the brush around..mistake!). Light hand is the key and you are left with serious glowy healthy looking cheeks. On me this shade lasts up to 6-7h no problem which is impressive for a blush. All in all I have not reached for any other blush for a month now.

I didn't feel the need for another highlighter as I already own Champagne Pop but definitely felt the need to pick up more than just a blush. Under Eye Brightening Corrector seemed like something I can use in my never ending battle of dark circles and creased under eye area. This promises to totally eradicate under eye darkness and not to settle in fine lines or wrinkles. First time I over did it and layered way too much under my concealer. The brightening effect is amazing- better than anything I have tried- but covering the whole under eye area with this left me a creased mess that even after powdering made my mascara smudge instantly. I was bummed because I loved the look but honestly the texture is just too creamy. I still like it so I have made it work for myself. I take a tiny bit and blend it with my fingers only at the parts that are actually dark so I keep away from using too much. Then I add a  very light layer of reflective radiant powder ( I use my YSL Souffle D'Eclat). I finish off with a concealer which is currently either Charlotte Tilbury or Maybelline Age Rewind. It still makes my mascara smudge a bit faster than normal but it also has the most amazing brightening effect so you win some you lose some.

Now I am super tempted to try out the new foundation by Becca. Aqua something something?

Is there anything else I should definitely buy on my next trip to the mall?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nude Beach by Too Faced

Even looking at this photo makes me swoon at the perfection that is a new lipstick!

Too dramatic to start a review?

Its been a moment since I got excited about a nude shade. Its normally the bright orange and red and pink that get me reaching for my wallet. Yet it only took one glance at this Too Faced La Creme Color lipstick on Kirstys Snapchat (@life-inexcess) and I was sold. And I didn't even see her wearing it, the shade Nude Beach looked so good in the bullet alone.

Only once I bought it did I find out that the consitancy of this is out of this world as well. We are talking creamy, smooth and almost luscious formula that makes your lips look conditioned and hydrated. I would go as far as name this my favorite creamy lipstick formula to date! Bold words right?

It does have a distinct smell but this does not linger. It reminds me of vanilla and lemons and sugar and is not at all annoying.

What else can I tell you? Well its one of those not overly pigmented but not sheer also, it has a beautiful shine but isn't overly glossy, it needs reapplying through the day but you can slap it on without a mirror. Did I convince you yet? This really is one of those lipsticks you would not regret purchasing I promise.

I am soon off to my vacation but as soon as I'm back I shall prepare a mug shot where you can see this in full action or alternatively come over to snapchat (@thelauracarlson) and I'm only wearing it like every day at the moment.

Hope you are all well and thank you for reading :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Favorite Things

This favorites round up includes surprisingly no makeup but that is because I want to do a separate blogpost on my Becca bits.

Other things I have been loving currently are:

Sophie Hulme Milner Mini Crossbody in Blossom Pink- this was my Christmas present to myself last year and I am still smitten. Goes with everything and can be worn as a clutch to a fancy party or as a crossbody for daytime. I have loved it on my trips to Paris and London recently as it fits what I need but limits me from carrying around too much stuff. Plus it is just so very "me".

Hylamide HA Blur- I got this as a present from Lis last time she visited Dubai and a day hasn't gone by that I don't use it. "HA Blur uses an unusual new form of Hyaluronic Acid powder base for its blurring approach" it says on their website. It really is a very unusual product that you can use as a primer or even on top of your foundation. I prefer using it as primer or on no makeup days just on its own. The blurring, smoothing effect is very visible and it gives my foundation an almost retouched finish. This is the kind of products I would have never known to pick up myself but now I want to try more things from Hylamide range.

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede- this was the first ever Jo Malone scent I purchased a few years ago and while I have by now tried various others it still hold a special place in my heart. I love the little handbag size bottle and it layers so beautifully with any other Jo Malone perfume should you wish to experiment. Or on its own its like an explosion of peonies, apple and rose mixed with an earthier suede leather. Delicious!

Milkyway Cases "I Slay" unicorn perfection that makes me happy every time I take my phone out.. which is every minute of every day. Check out their crazy selection of cool phone cases and try to not order at least two.

Danielle LaPorte Truthbomb deck- these are my daily little treasures and if you follow me on snapchat (thelauracarlson) you would have seen them. I love quotes in general and picking one card up every morning with a funny or sweet or inspirational quote is such a nice part of my morning routine. You can also get them as an app but I love the physical deck on my desk and using my fav cards as wall art. I have just ordered the vol 2 and can not wait for it to arrive!

Madeline Shaw "Get the Glow" cookbook- I'm so late to the party with this cookbook as it was on every bloggers Instagram feed when it came out. I only got it recently as a present from Laura and I am loving it now. Packed with easy quick delicious recipes and tips to keep it simple and healthy. I think its so easy to get in a rut either just making the same things over and over again or eating out way to often. This kind of cookbooks are exactly whats needed to get my excited about cooking at home again.

And that is it with favorites. Hope you liked hearing about them and that you are having the most fabulous day! x

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Gondolier Hat

I bought a hat!
 This isn't exactly big news but I have longed for a cool summer hat for years and always felt like I will never be able to pull it off. Well its time to embrace these feelings cause I fell in love with this gondolier inspired hat from H&M.  I didn't it buy it straight away and left the store wondering what can I pair it with. A quick round on Instagram to see so many fabulous bloggers rocking straw summer hats made me realize I can pair it with anything from my black summer dresses to jeans and shirts to midiskirts and off shoulder tops. Can you sense how seriously I take my fashion decisions. It is rather sad really that this purchase needed a market research.

I wanted to give you a link for it but it cant be found on H&M online. I did only buy it yesterday thou so its safe to guess you can still find it in stores. Inspired by the possibility of hat outfits I also bought a new black summer dress from COS cause I have no self control whatsoever. I must rope in someone to take my outfit photos with is asap cause I cant wait to show you. Its so very me (can you guess if its midi? ) !

The pastel pink trousers I am wearing on the above photos are from Zara and they are dreamy for summer. A pair of pink pants was just about the only item I didn't have in pink yet and now I feel complete.

Coming back to the hat story- do you wear them? I'm still hesitant if it looks a bit too much "trying to be fashionable" but I love them at the same time.

Here is a few more hats I love online- straw hat with a white band, ASOS white panama hat and this Vero Moda straw Boat Hat.

Thanks for reading x

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Keeping it Pastel

Of course just as I got back into the blogging swing of things and I finally had ideas what to write about my computer crashed. This was three weeks ago!! Can you imagine three weeks without a laptop. I didn't even think I would survive but here I am still alive and kicking. The smart tech men are still trying to figure out what happened but until they do I can borrow the PC from work that I don't know how to use at all.
Sob story aside..you know that makes everything better forever and always? NEW SHOES!
Meet the most beautiful versatile comfortable and dreamy pair of pastel pink shoe perfection- Berlin Pumps by DvF 

 This is the kind of shoe I had been looking for since my Topshop ones just broke in half last summer. Its is the perfect blush pink color with a classic pointy nose and mid height heel. They seemed too good to be true when I spotted them online but couldn't resist and ordered anyway. If I'm going splurge on heels they better be something I'm wearing day and night. Another Diane von Furstenberg win in shoe department. I own two more pairs of her shoes and these will go into Favorites category as well. Beautiful quality, padded sole and heel I can not only look pretty in but actually walk as well. Is it obvious that I'm obsessed?

I am slowly transitioning so that everything in my home and wardrobe is pastel. Its only half intentional but it makes me happy so I'm gonna roll with it.

Any good summer shoe purchases you have made lately? x

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

London OOTD

 I didn't document everything I wore in London but there was a picture or two on most days so thought I will show you a short overview of my spring favourites.

First of all let me tell you that I dont think I have ever been to London with this sunny and beautiful weather. It was a glorious 22-26 degrees 4 days in a row and it made the already amazing city even more fab.

So here is what I wore:

I wore the off shoulder floral pencil dress from ASOS for dinner at drinks at E&O in Notting Hill. The pencil cut generally is a bit tight around the hips for me but this fits perfectly . The off shoulder detail is just so pretty and feminine and I love the fabric. They only have the exact same fabric left in curvy option but this is exact same cut and may i say maybe even prettier colours? Is it too much if I order that one also?!! ASOS is full of gorgeous floral pencil dresses currently and I have thisthis and this in my Saved folder. I dont need that many floral pencil dresses but the force is stronger than me!

The next outfit is easy to replicate should you wish to. My stripe top is old but this and this would work really good or absolutely any other striped top thats more fitted. My poofy black midi is tailor made but can also be found in high street stores I'm sure (on ASOS you can get this). I just liked it in a certain length and that it would be perfectly fitted from waist and mostly skirts are wide for me. And my most worn shoes of late are the bronze leather Converse that are out of stock everywhere.

The white lace dress that you can not even see because I love the wisteria on this picture more than I want to show you the dress. Mainly cause it is by Estonian brand Iris Javier last summer collection and not available anymore. I wore it to brunch at The Botanist and it is probably one of my most worn dresses to date. Its great with heels or converse and leather jacket. It doesn't wrinkle so perfect for travel. It looks fancy but cute. It everything basically! You could get a very similar feel with this lattice midi from ASOS.

Last is the old and trusty Paige Skinny Skinny Jimmys and a brand new off shoulder top from GAP For The Love Of Denim collection that seems to be sold out online. Surely you can find it in the store thou and I do recommend!

I wish I took more photos to show you but better luck next time. I will just for good measure add my current fav hairdo photo also. Just taking a small break from the Laura roll.

Impossible to mess this up. Use texturised spay in second day hair and part them at the middle. Make two loose braids and connect them at the top of your head with pins. Move the braids closer to forehead or further back for slightly different look.

Alright I really must go now. Let me know what I should post about next. More outfits or random makeup chat? x

Sunday, May 15, 2016

London Beauty Haul

After going slightly over board with the skincare haul in Paris I did try to limit myself in London. I tried my hardest. I kept saying I will only buy ONE thing and it will be something by Charlotte Tilbury as I have never tried anything from the brand and it always looks dreamy in other peoples news feed and blogposts.

However I try to serve this up I definitely bought more than one thing. But I will give myself a pat on the back for containing the excitement in Boots and not even going into Superdrug. But lets not dwell on the things I didn't get and talk about the bits I did pick up.

The Dolce Vita quad- oh these warm copper tones. I think this palette needs a face of the day type of post where I can go more into detail about each shade. Right now I have only gotten to play with it a few days but its beautiful quality (I would go as far as saying one of the best quality eyeshadows I have ever tried) and great shades I did not have in my collection.

The Retoucher Concealer and Treat Stick- I am buying all the concealers in the world at the moment. You see apparently I am getting old and suddenly my under eye area has become the most problematic part of my makeup. Most of the tried and trusted concealers suddenly don't work anymore (for example: NARS, Laura Mercier and the UD one) . They either cake or gather in the fine lines making me look old and tired and Im not digging that look. The CT concealer is really good. It has proper coverage and minimal creasing on me. Also the staying power is very good so as boring as buying a concealer is I'm glad I picked this up.

You know whats not boring to buy thou? A lipstick!!

At our last girls lunch I asked for recommendations on what to look out for at the CT stand and Stacey told me I must buy Lost Cherry. The girl knows what she is talking about. This is such a unusual shade of pink-coral and I love the formula. Matte but not drying, super easy to wear and just feels velvety on the lips. I get about 3-4h wear time out of this before needing touch ups but carrying around a lipstick that pretty is really more like a treat. It just perks up the completion and makes me feel like I am "fresh" faced when wearing it. A new obsession is taking off called "must have all the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks". I definitely urge you to check this shade out if you are lucky enough to live near a store that sells it.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede parfume. Repurchase from the airport Duty Free cause I was feeling sorry for myself and didn't want to fly back to Dubai. So retail therapy.

Since I went over my "i buy one thing" limit at CT I toned it down with everything else. Nothing to write home about all tried and tested and products I can't get in Dubai. I picked up the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texture which again was once gifted to me by Stacey. It doesn't compare to Oribe but I actually use it for different purpose. Cause its quite sticky and gives hair great grip I use it when I want to have volume but do an updo as my hair naturally is very silky and slippery. Perfect pre braids or teasing and its cheap.

The Maybelline Eraser goes into the category of "buy all concealers" I remember liking it ages ago but haven't given it a good enough go to comment at the moment. A clear brow gel from Blink is really not exciting but I did buy it. I probably paid a bit much for this gel but I had my brows shaped in Blink and the product stand was right there. Let me tell you a little story about my brow shaping. I had wanted to do that for ages. I hate doing it in Dubai because the three salons I have gone to the following happens:

I go in ask to get my brows threaded. I lay down in the chair. I worry that they will thread my brows off cause maybe we don't understand each other due to language barrier. The lady seems very qualified so I calm down. She starts. She finishes brows and goes "Mam upper lip also right?" (rolling her eyes while saying that). I start feeling self conscious about having a moustache even if I never thought I have one. I ask do you think I need? She giggles and says yes mam definitely need..too much hairy. I feel even worse and agree to have my upper lip threaded. I shed tears cause its so painful. I deal with pimples on my upper lip for weeks after. I am unhappy. In a worst case scenario I was once also told that really my whole face needs threading. I felt like a gorilla.

I leave you with this exciting story for now and I will be back with a little London in outfits post soon x