Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pom Pom Mania

 Hello new sandals that I wasn't even sure I like and haven't taken off for days!

I love the pompom bohemian sandal trend of this summer but I wasn't sure if its something I can make work in my wardrobe. Hence shelling the big bucks out for a pair of Elina Linardakis wasn't an option even if I do think they look dreamy on the people of the Instagram. 

This is until I saw the cheap knock off version by Glamorous on ASOS. Immediate ADD TO BAG followed because they are perfect. Same same but cheap enough that I don't have to feel bad in case I don't wear them that much. I half expected them to not look as good in real life but I was wrong. They are just as pictured- colorful, cute and fun. Luckily they fit well and are comfortable also so I can now fully embrace my bohemian side. My one weird thing with sandals is that I dont like ankle straps as I find it visually shortens my leg too much. This strap runs just below the ankle and the nude beige color of the strap helps making legs look longer in flat shoes as well.

All in all I am super happy with my purchase. They have different style of the pom pom sandals on ASOS so worth checking it out.

I leave you know with Yalla who also would like to have a pair of pom pom sandals as Im mean and dont let her play with mine. x

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