Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Favorites

February is knows to fly by in a blink so before we roll into March here are some products that stood out for me this month. 

I haven't been doing these favorites posts every month as my preferred products dont rotate that often but this time its all things I have never talked about on the blog.
That palette what makeup dreams are made of -NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette (Link). I never did a review of this as its seemed the internet was overflowing with the praise for this magical palette. For good reason because I have hardly used any other blushes or bronzer since I got this as a Christmas present from Laura. Its a limited edition holiday release so sold out in most places but if you missed out and see it somewhere now just get it. Dont start thinking how many blushes you already own or that you have only one face and when will you use up all your bronzers. Just buy it because you will never regret it. It houses Laguna bronzer and three glorious blushes Deep Throat, Sex Fantasy and Final Cut. There is also Miss Liberty Highlighter which I am not crazy about but every other shade in it is perfection. It makes me happy just looking at it in the mornings while doing my makeup.

I mentioned the Oribe Signature Moisture Masque (Link) hairmask in a previous post but now that I have used it a few times I need to stress once more how awesome it is. Its expensive I know but you also get a proper luxury feeling. Starting with the smell that lingers in the hair after the mask and the thick lush consistency, ending with the silky smooth nourished locks that makes you want to do the hair commercial hair-flick all day long. I love putting it in the ends of my hair in the evening and wash it off in the morning for a proper intense boost. It honestly transforms my dry ends and as my hair is fine and rather short I need only a little of the mask. 

The Chanel Reve D'Orient Quadra Eye Shadow palette that was limited edition release made specially for Chanel Dubai Cruise Show last year. I have been loving the shimmery dark brown shade (so much so I have to look at the beautiful star embossing disappear) but have actually used all four shades a lot this month. 

Weirdly another Chanel product has made it to the favorites. I say weirdly cause I dont own a lot of Chanel makeup and it isn't a brand I tend to splurge on too often. However I have to say Vitalumier Aqua (Link) foundation is firmly taken the "new favorite" spot on my foundation shelf.

Last but not least is Figs & Rouge Wild Cherry (Link) balm. I have had this for a while but it got lost in the drawer depths of this makeup hauling individual. I dug it out and do not ever want to part with it again. It lives in my handbag and I kind of want to buy a second one that would move to my nightstand. This is a 100% petroleum free lip balm that has multiple used and pretty pretty tin package. I love the gloss it gives so I have been using it day time instead of lip gloss this month. I haven't been into my regular reds and other bright lipsticks lately so glosses and balm have gotten a lot of use. It has also come handy for smoothing flyaway hair and in the evening I like to use it for nails and cuticles. It really is one of those multiuse balms thats always handy to have with you.

This concludes my February Favorites. I left out some much loved skin care bits as I want to do a separate post on them next week. 

Let me know in the comments if you have done a favorites post. X

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

OOTD- Floral Printed Midi Prom Dress

I honestly can not believe I havent managed to post this dress earlier. I have had it for months and have bravely named it my favorite ASOS purchase of last year so there really is no excuse for the lack of blog coverage. It was my choice for most Christmas parties and loads of other occasions.

It is one of those pricier ASOS items that makes me 'umm' and 'aaah' for ages before making up my mind. Even though I loved it from the moment it appeared on the site you can never be sure with the quality of ASOS things. Ordering from ASOS = one of those great gambles that keeps my life exciting (I dont do extreme sports and I dont like casinos so yes this will be my choice of shopping).

There was suddenly a random 20% discount code floating and in a flash- Floral Printed Midi Prom Dress (Link) was mine!
I was so excited to rip into the delivery a few days later and ever more excited to realize this time I hit
the jackpot. I mean yes..for some people this might be on the verge of costume dress from the Mad Men set but honestly that's how I like my dresses to look. I also think that the artsy almost painting like floral pattern is modern enough and the grey weighty fabric tones down the full-on-old-school cut so for me this is perfection.

The dress is obviously fully lined but I love that it also has a small tulle under skirt that help to hold the shape. Its 97% cotton so not much stretch in it but thankfully it fits me good from the waist anyway. I'm happy to report I think its worth its price.

The main thing really is that it makes me feel good. I wear this dress every opportunity I get because I just feel so pretty in it. Whats your 'makes me feel pretty' item in your closet? Is it something from ASOS as well?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Get In My Closet- ASOS Saved Items

Get In My Closet- ASOS Saved Items

I have been soo good as in haven't ordered anything from ASOS from a while. This however does not mean I'm not window shopping and adding everything into the Save Items folder. So I figured I could show you some of my favorites and maybe you can give me your input on which ones should I definitely order?

 1. ASOS Pretty Floral Placement Print Blouse (Link)- I just got a pair of cool high waist navy pants from Zara and I think paired with this blouse it would make such a great work outfit. I love white tops and blouses but sometimes its nice when they have a little detail or color on them also. Easy way to make an outfit interesting. Just imagine with a red or a bright pink lip with this shirt!

2. Whistles lace Trim Crop Tee (Link)- and the pastel obsession continuous. I adore this top- the color, the lace detail, the cut everything works. What doesn't work is Whistles prices. I dont think I can cope with the 160eur?! Its not worth it..or is it?

3. ASOS T Shirt with Hangry (Link)- YES! This one I have to get! If there is a dictionary with hangry in it they might as well insert my photo next to it. There is no denying my full bitch mode is on when I get hangry. Its just a fun tshirt to have.

4. River Island T-shirt (Link)- as basic as it gets but my current striped tee is getting really battered and I love the pocket and trim on the collar. Loose fit would be nice for a jeans/converse kind of weekend outfit.

5. ASOS Pleat Detail Top (Link)- another white top with some detailing. I'm always into the pleated midi skirts so why not a pleated top this time. My only concern with this one is that you probably cant tuck it into bottoms and that would limit me to wearing it with just black skinnys. Then again it would look fantastic on jeans.

6. Self Portrait Azaelea Midi Dress In Textured Lace (Link)- OMG this dress! The moment I saw this new brand Self Portrait in ASOS New In folder I was all over it. So many pretty dresses but this red one has to me my favorite. The low back and the thin spaghetti straps if it only wasn't this expensive. However husband if you are reading this..this dress would make an EXCELLENT gift for your wife!! (size 10)

7. Fashion Union Midi Skirt In Floral Broderie (Link)- broderie is one of my moms favorite fabrics. I always know she will pick up a broderie top for me to try on if we are shopping together. This skirt would just suit into my wardrobe so well. I actually do not own any white midi skirts. Crazy right?

8. ASOS Premium Bonded Lace Skirt in Floral (Link)- well is there a point for me to justify why I want this? Its a weighty midi that I do not need in Dubai heat but I love it anyway. I like the color combo and all you need is a white tshirt for an instant outfit.

Let me know which ones should I get? Or do you have some other interesting items in your Saved folder that I should take a look at?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

FOTD Berry Lips

So here is an idea. Lets do a chit chat post with a little face of the day thrown in.

There is a a lot of new things I used for this look so I'm thinking I do short review of the products as well.
I have be been wanting to try Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua(Link) foundation for ages. Not even sure why as I typically prefer a bit more coverage and this is super lightweight but it might be because I kept reading such positive reviews on it. As I have a tan from Sri Lanka and my skin overall is in a pretty good condition I figured now is the time. So happy that I can now join the row of pleased beauty addicts cause this foundation is looovely. It has enough power to make skin look even but feels super lightweight. Its luminous in the best way and I love the slightly powdery smell. Its one for the good skin days for sure and I dont think it would hold up to the summer heat in Dubai but its absolutely perfect for now. Havent used anything else since I got this.

Second new thing is the Clarins Pro Eyebrow(Link) palette. I am not a fan of the dainty little tools in the kit so those go untouched (lost the tiny tweezers already when the cat pushed them behind a cupboard) but the products are all awesome. Three shades of brown for shaping your brows and a proper setting wax. I love the wax as my brows tend to be a bit unruly and dont stay put for the whole day without it. I didn't expect to like the baby pink looking eyeshadow but its perfect for under the eyebrow. Super natural but so brightening. All in all I am very pleased with my new brow kit.

Oldies but goodies are the Tarte Natural Beauty blush(Link) and the Clinique Airbrush Concealer(Link). Both excellent products that I have been using for a while and they still haven't ended up at the back of the drawers. Fairly new but I have written about it in the blog already is the Kevin Aucion Candelight Celestian Powder(Link) highlighter - soo good I dont have words for it. No there is a word for it- divine! I used it in inner corners of the eyes and a little on the cheek bones and down my nose.
 Three new things left. The most prominent in the look and my very first berry colored lip gloss. Simone got me this Mac Lipglass in Utterly Tart (Link). This is from the Mac Indulge Collection so its a limited edition. I have had it for a while but couldn't wear it as stuff like this sets into my lip lines very fast. Until now because I finally found a perfect lip liner for it. I mean I could have gotten something cheaper than a YSL lip liner(Link) but oh well. The shade is 21 and this liner is sooo pretty just worn on its own but perfect with the mac lipglass.

Lastly I have a new mascara Gucci Opulent(Link). This is great. I can do a separate review if you are interested but its a mascara so you know. Not much to say. However more importantly LiLash is definitely working!! I think you can see on this photo as well. I mean the mascara is good and lengthening but my lashes are waay longer than they used to be.

And there we have it. An easy but I think rather impactful look and its nice to have a change to all the red and pink lip I usually wear.

Let me know what you think? Also if you have a favorite berry shade I should check out?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beach Kimono OOTD

I am back from my yoga vacation in Sri Lanka and it was amaaaazing! 

If a down to earth but fun yoga retreat in a colonial villa midst palm trees is what you are looking for you have to check out Villa de Zoysa. It was full of everything from massage, great food, twice a day yoga and long dinner conversations at a communal table with all the other retreat guest. Really fun!

Travel talk aside, lets talk shopping. I did do a tiny bit of it before the vacation. I got a new bikini from Victorias Secret (this one but in turquoise) and a colorful beach kimono from River Island (Link).

I shall not be modelling the bikini for you so kimono it is. I kind of ordered it on a whim and I am so happy with it.

It has pretty much every color you can imagine on it so will look good with any block color bikini. This is what initially draw me to it. I also like that its long and there is beautiful beading in the front.  It would be great if there was some kind of a button or hook to close it in front but thats not a big issue. The fabric is light but not super see-through which I definitely appreciate.

I also wore my rose quartz K.I.S.S bracelets by NVbyK and a new one from the brands latest collection every day. Rose quartz is my favorite stone and it felt good to load them full of zen energy and vacation happiness.

Also I always wanted to try the ever so trendy golden tattoo stickers but they are rather expensive in Dubai and I haven't bothered to order online. I found some cheap ones from a tiny boutique in Galle Fort and loved wearing them. Kind of wish I bought more than one sheet. This trend is like a blast from the past. I was always proud to wear the colorful tattoos you got from a gum pack only that its more glamorous in gold and the tattoos are not pictures of cats or cars.

Since I got back I may or may have not balanced out all this zen with some good old fashion consumerism.

There is some bits from Zara and a whole lot of new makup to talk about so I will be back shortly.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Plans

February is going to be all about pampering myself. This is what I decided yesterday!

I have just resigned from my job and will have almost the whole month off before starting my new job and to be honest I could not be more thrilled about it.

I will kick it off with a trip to a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka with my friend Diana next week and will follow it with getting back in track with working out regularly. I will take time to cook healthy tasty things at home again instead of grabbing a latte and croissant on my way to the office. I will be going on long walks with my dog instead of a quick loop around the block after a long day at the office. I will also read all the books I have on my nightstand and try to think only positive thoughts.

Lastly I will take care of my skin and hair more, drink more water and finally start using some of the awesome paper products I have at home but never have time to try.

Like these two gems:
Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate (Link) I actually bought just this weekend. I have been wanting it for ages but the price held me back. Now I have finished my Bodyshop serum and decided to give this a go. It day three and I already love it. The smell, the texture and the fact that my skin seems much smoother in the morning. Since a few little drops takes you a long way it looks like a bottle will last ages so probably not a bad investment after all (yes I call all beauty buys/shoes/bags investments.. yes my husband makes fun of me about that).

Then there is the Oribe Signature Moisture Masque (Link)- I got this as a gift when attending an awesome Oribe event months ago but have never started using it. I intended to so many times as the smell alone is divine but for some reason never did. It is front and present in the bathroom shelves now and I will give you my review on it soon. My expectation are sky high as Oribe so far has delivered only spectacular results for me.
For about 2 weeks now I have been using LiLash and LiBrow as well. These are concentrated serums to help hair growth. I would not necessarily think it works if I didn't see Lauras crazy long lashes after a month of daily LiLash dose. So very excited to report back on how this progresses in a few weeks time.

I also intend to get at least 2 massages during Feb as last time I had a massage was I-dont-remember-when. So all is left is finish this week in the office and get this month of pampering and me time on the way.

Whats your favorite pamper products? Latest favorite books you read? Some super delicious recipe you have tried lately? Please let me know I want to try them all x

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy 1 Year of Blogging!


My lovely little corner in the internet has turned 1 year old!
I couldn't be more thrilled that there are you people who come and read and comment and we can discuss all things beauty and shopping. It always makes me smile!

On my last made up 4 month bloga-versary (who else read that and immediately heard Monica Gellers voice saying "Plus we get to have our own, ani-Vegas-ary! A-Nevadaversary"..just me? okay then..) I did this little post about 25 Random Facts.

This time I saw a post on Bonjour Luce that I loved and inspired by it here is my take. Hope you enjoy! Also pictures in this post will be of my furry crew because I dont have enough reasons to post them and well.. I really want to!

Red or White Wine?  Red for sure. A glass of Merlot preferably.
City or Countryside? As much as I like a week in the countryside I am a city girl. I need the hustle and energy of living in a city.
Cats or Dogs? Cats. No dogs. No ALL ANIMALS! Seriously I can not answer this question. I love all pets!
Sweet or Savoury?  Savoury. I will always choose a cheese plate or some Jamón over cake or ice cream. I am a big cheese person (to the point of having cheese for dinner if husband is traveling seems not only acceptable but preferred)
Dresses or Jeans? Ha..if you have been reading my blog for this first year I think it is pretty clear the answer is dresses and midi skirts. I only own 2 pairs of jeans.
Heels or Flats? Heels. But I have to say gone are the days of crazy high heels I could only stand in. I try to shop wisely so the heels are actually comfortable.
Beyonce or Taylor Swift? Queen B forever. I think I have mentioned this before that if I could be one celebrity for a day I would be Beyonce. I have teenage type of love for her!
Tea or Coffee? Coffee hands down. Nothing beats that first cup in the morning.
Divergent or Hunger Games? Is it horrible that I have not seen either?!
Blogposts or YT Videos? Blogposts. I like pretty photos and when peoples personality shines through in their writing.
Skincare or Make Up? Make up. I dont really know anything about skincare. Entering my 30s this year I guess its high time to learn? Best get taking notes from all my favorite blogs.
Night or Morning? The card on the right describes me the best:

Pizza or Burgers?  Burgers. Give me all the burgers.
Books or Magazines?  Books without a doubt. I am a bookworm at heart and love getting totally lost in a new read.
Facebook or Twitter? Instagram forever! If I had to use only one social media channel it would be Instagram.
Summer or Winter? Summer if we are viewing the traditional seasons here (Summer=sunny, winter= snowy). Winter if you live in Dubai as the weather is mild and sunny and days are spent outdoors.

What is your favourite...?

City? New York
Book?  Too many to list but first that came in my mind are Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and The Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follett. 
Movie? Love Actually 
TV Show? Friends
Perfume? Constantly changing. Current favorite Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay
Nail Polish? I know it is not normal to spend the longest on trying to answer a question about nailpolish but nothing I can do about it. I feel like choosing a favorite is a big commitment. Am I ready for it? I will go with Formula X - Obsessed
Skincare Item? Coconut Oil
Lipstick? NARS - Red Square
Foundation? Clarins Extra-Comfort
Food? Sushi
Dessert? Apple tart with vanilla ice cream
Place to eat in Dubai? For an ultimate romantic date night Pierrechic. 
Alcoholic Drink? Whiskey Sour
Non Alcoholic Drink? Watermelon juice 
Actor/Actress? Never had one sure favorite but I'm at the moment I am absolutely in awe of Eddie Redmayne after seeing The Theory of Everything.
Singer/Band? Justin Timberlake

Hope you liked reading this even if it was a little different from my usual posts. I am off to Sri Lanka again in a weeks time so expect some beach outfits and loads of palm tree pictures.

And if any of you have done a similar post I would love to read it so please leave a link in comments.