Friday, September 25, 2015

Whats New?

I feel like it has been ages since I shared a basic weekend outfit. 
Something I would typically wear when I dont want to use any brainpower while heading out for a long leisurely breakfast with friends. 

 This is one of those outfits- skirt, top, sandals all old and firm favorites. Skirt is ASOS pleated midi that I get so much wear out of it has most certainly justified its existence(cost per wear you know). Its fully lined, has a nice flow and a high waist. A great wardrobe staple for a midi addict like myself. And versatile cause you can easily dress it up like I did in this old post.

Top is from Gap summer collection and I kick myself often for not buying more than one. I love the basic cut and the material is super soft. A grey tank top is always gonna be useful and I have worn and washed it so much its already showing signs of getting tired. I'm gonna try to act as if its supposed to look like this and keep wearing it of course. And after I might order this or this from to replace. 

However if you have a sharp eye you might have notice a newcomer. Hello and warm welcome my Mansur Gavriel bucket bag (insert heart eyed emojis forever and ever). First of all the aesthetics of this bag are everything. I have always liked bucket bags and of course the exploded popularity of Mansur Gavriel version made it a "must have" even more (also the reason they seem to be sold out everywhere so I cant give you a link). But lets just take a moment and look at it please.

Now I have to say one thing- it is a bottomless pit where you will never be able to find anything. There are no compartments inside only a small purse that you can keep the smaller items in. I have already gotten used the bit of rummaging it requires to find things. It just makes me limit the amount of junk I carry around daily. I can justify anything if a bag is this pretty.

This is all I have to say for now. But I will be back soon with some new makeup and more midi skirts.. obviously.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Declearing My Love For More Neutral Eyeshadows

I dont think I have ever owned a eye shadow palette where every single shade makes me incredibly happy and excited to blend it all over my eyeballs! You know its a normal struggle to have at least one or two shades in every combo you never ever use.

That is until Diana got me the Dior Cuir Cannage (796) for my birthday.  Lets have a quick chat about the shades in this gorgeousness shall we:

Top left we have a plummy warm brown with shimmer finish. I was pleasantly surprised how easily you can build this shade up. This all over eyelid creates the easiest most effortless smokey eye that looks especially great if you have green eyes.

Top right is a very subdued slightly shimmery warm beige that doesn't have crazy pigment but is super smooth to blend and works perfectly for a modest brow bone shade.

Bottom right is another fav of mine cause I didn't have anything similar in my collection. It is a satin finish and the shade is dark blackish plum. Super beautiful shade to use on the lash line and blends so so well with the previously mentioned plummy shade top left.

Bottom left is something that remind me of Mac Sable a bit. A buttery soft and bendable shimmery golden brown. Basic staple kind of shade for my everyday lazy makeup look.

And in the middle is a true gem of a matte. I am so happy there is this one universal matte in this palette. A medium dark brown that blends into the crease in a few brush strokes. Love the formula of this shade.

There is so many looks you can make with these 5 shades and I have used nothing every morning for weeks now. The light shimmery shade all over the lid and matte one in the crease. Or the golden brown one all over the lid and plummy shimmery one in the crease or plum one all over and the darkened plum in the corner. So so many options. I will aim to have some face of the day posts up asap.

Yes so basically it is another neutral palette but you still need it in your life. You do believe me! After I didn't shut up about it Laura has already bought it and I also gave it as birthday present to a friend of mine.

Do you have a palette like that where you love every single shade? Whats your most used one at the moment?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

OOTD Office Look That I Dont Feel Boring In

Nothing new I am wearing a midi and heels but that is a version of my work uniform. For me this is the ultimate easy outfit that makes me feel put together and professional but not boring and too basic. Don't get me wrong I am not claiming this fashion forward or innovative but you does the job.

And if it ain't pastel color its going to be monochrome. I'm very predictable these days but I dont mind. Is this the old age of 30 that has made me so very sensible? haha..

The top is old Zara and the skirt is something I picked up from Banana Republic sale. I was initially hesitant as its a tad longer than my midis normally which means wearing it with flats makes you look stumpy and out of proportion. It is now sold out but I have been eyeing this BR skirt for next purchase. Another glorious monochrome. See I told you predictable! This Warehouse one is maybe a bit easier length to wear if not a hardcore midi fan like me.

Shoes and bag have been seen million times because I have all my love for them. Best basics I have ever owned. Sophie Hulme Zip Top Bowling Bag is just the sturdiest, roomiest, prettiest best friend a girl can ask for and that is probably why its sold out everywhere for ages. Shoes are those same old Reiss Brina heels. They bring that style out every season is a few different colors and finishes and I cant recommend them enough. I would like a fancier black pair next so I have my eye on these at the moment.

Okay before I go I have one more extremely important piece of information. Leopards pointy flats! Did your heart skip a beat? Carry on if I didn't but I have been on a hunt because you know necessities and I just ordered these from J.Crew (30% discount so get on it!). Thought it would be nice to spread the news before its too late. x