Wednesday, September 9, 2015

OOTD Office Look That I Dont Feel Boring In

Nothing new I am wearing a midi and heels but that is a version of my work uniform. For me this is the ultimate easy outfit that makes me feel put together and professional but not boring and too basic. Don't get me wrong I am not claiming this fashion forward or innovative but you does the job.

And if it ain't pastel color its going to be monochrome. I'm very predictable these days but I dont mind. Is this the old age of 30 that has made me so very sensible? haha..

The top is old Zara and the skirt is something I picked up from Banana Republic sale. I was initially hesitant as its a tad longer than my midis normally which means wearing it with flats makes you look stumpy and out of proportion. It is now sold out but I have been eyeing this BR skirt for next purchase. Another glorious monochrome. See I told you predictable! This Warehouse one is maybe a bit easier length to wear if not a hardcore midi fan like me.

Shoes and bag have been seen million times because I have all my love for them. Best basics I have ever owned. Sophie Hulme Zip Top Bowling Bag is just the sturdiest, roomiest, prettiest best friend a girl can ask for and that is probably why its sold out everywhere for ages. Shoes are those same old Reiss Brina heels. They bring that style out every season is a few different colors and finishes and I cant recommend them enough. I would like a fancier black pair next so I have my eye on these at the moment.

Okay before I go I have one more extremely important piece of information. Leopards pointy flats! Did your heart skip a beat? Carry on if I didn't but I have been on a hunt because you know necessities and I just ordered these from J.Crew (30% discount so get on it!). Thought it would be nice to spread the news before its too late. x

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