Monday, March 30, 2015

OOTD- Zara Double Layered Top

I would like to enable you to buy this top. So I will keep this short so you can head to Zara after.

I mean if you absolutely hate it dont but maybe go try it on anyway. Because I am in love with this white flowy double layered Zara creation.

White tops tend to be my obsession and I feel as if there is never enough and you an always relay on Zara to stock some more "total necessity" options. My personal favorite is if the said top can be found in TRF section of Zara making it budget friendly as well.

I can't stop wearing it with jeans and skirts for both formal high heel look or a laid back version with pumps. I think it looks equally good for daytime and I feel its dressy enough to wear to dinner.

The inside layer has a V-front and V-back (I tried to do a photo of the back but for some reason looked slightly hunchbacked an all the photos so no go for those views). The outer layer is a cape like material with sleeves and a button closure on the back.
The material is great as it doesn't wrinkle too easily and I just love the cut. It makes any outfit interesting.

Do you wear white tops, shirts, blouses?
I think if I had to choose only one color tops for the rest of my life I would choose white. If that ain't commitment I dont know what is!

Friday, March 27, 2015

FOTD - If I Go Out After 8pm

Does not happen that often really but sometimes I do go out. 

What I love even more than going out is if I have some extra time to play around with makeup for the occasion. Its me and my fairly limited skills so nothing ground breaking here more like an attempt to blend more than two nude eye shadows and not glue my eyes shut with the eyelash glue.

My blending game is not that on point to start showing you a close up of whats going on on the lids but get the idea right. Bronzy, reflective smokey eye, helping hand from fake lashes and pinky rosy lip. This is what I have piled on for the look:

Face: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
         Clinique Airbrush Concealer 
         YSL Souffle d'Eclat loose powder 
Bronzer: NARS Laguna
Blush:    NARS Deep Throat

Eyes:  The brown shade in my Chanel Reve D'Orient Quadra palette all over the lid. NARS Mekong in the crease and NARS Dual Intensity Himalia patted on top of the lid and lots of it smudged under the eye with a wet synthetic brush. I think adding a little bit of something purple always brings out the green in my eyes so I used the Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide On eye pencil in Tornado smudged into the corners of my eye and waterline. 

I have always loved the look of fake lashes as it adds that extra oomph for an evening look. I cant be dealing with the full strip of lashes but I love these Andrea Accents Lashes 318. Gives the fluttery slightly cat eye look and is so easy to use. I do have a good coat of Gucci Opulent mascara on before putting on the fake ones.

Lips: Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Dusty Pink

Whats your current favorite evening makeup look? Do you go for the smokey eye or bold lips instead?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Get In My Closet- The Expensive Taste Edition

Get In My Closet- The Expensive Taste Edition

I do not own many designer things-I have a few bags,2 pairs of shoes and a pair of sunglasses that can be categorized in that department. I would love that department to grow substantially but at the same time I do feel a little nauseous when thinking of the prices. I do not take these purchases lightly and you will never see me getting something high end on an impulse (unless its a lipstick..I have no self control when it comes to lipsticks). Thats what ASOS is for in my world.

In theory I understand that if I did not order from ASOS every month or feel compelled to buy all the things from Zara I could probably eventually buy one if not more of things from the above image. But I am so flaky when it comes to committing and saving some money unless its a trip or bills that need to get paid. I will be all good until another midi dress pops up in ASOS New In folder and that's where it ends. Half of the things I feel I "need" are obviously forgotten in a few months but then there are those few that have stuck with me.

Here come some of my real lust list items:

1. 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel Bag in the shade white peach- I have always eyed the Pashli bags but it wasn't until I saw this pastel peach shade in person that it became an obsession. They stock it in Harvey Nicks in Dubai and I go to whisper my love to it every time I pass that store (I understand how that sounds but I gotta tell the truth to you). When I first laid my eyes on it I practically ran to it and cradled it in my arms like a baby. Only to realize I am still in a mall and that might be a bit much. This is a true story!

2. Valentino Rockstud Ankle Strap Pumps in nude leather- these haunt me in my dreams. They come in a array of rainbow colors but I would like basic nude leather just to make sure I could wear them with as many things possible. I have gone into the Valentino store in Dubai Mall a few times now just to make sure I still like them and yes..yes I do.

3. Valentino Rockstud Ballerinas in patent pastel pink- swooooooon.. and swooon some more. As much as I adore the pumps I know I would get so much more wear out of flats. And if we do the only math I like, the cost per wear math it would be like totally a bargain right?

4. Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Eyeshadow quad- it is an expensive eyeshadow quad with brown shades I do not need. But I really really want it soo bad! That is all.

5. Miu Miu Noir Cat Eye Sunglasses- my latest love but a strong one it is. The whole new Miu Miu sunglasses collection is super cool but these tortoiseshell forties-style frames are funky and feminine and my favorites. And its sunny every day in Dubai surely that is a reason in its own to invest in more sunglasses right?

Whats your favorite item from my list? Is there something here you have or have been wanting to get?

I would love to know what is on your Expensive Taste wishlist.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

OOTD-Floral Work Dress

I do understand that work attire really does depend of your industry and rules that go with it. Mine is events so that leaves plenty of room for creativity and depends mainly on the type of client we are dealing with. If you follow me on Instagram you see what I wear daily- its a whole lot of dresses.

This week I have been working at lounge for a bank but the setting is Art Dubai. That means I cant go cray cray but dont have to wear a totally basic black dress either. Its been rather fun coming up with the outfits every day trying to make it a tiny bit more corporate (I am sorry if you roll your eyes right now cause you work in an actual bank and do not consider the below get up corporate at all but you know its not than my normal poofy pastel midi skirts and mad men off the shoulder dresses) but still not looking boring. To brighten up working on the weekend out came my Oasis flowery pencil dress that hadnt gotten love in a long time.

 Because it is a day time event it felt pretty but not overdressed. The length and sleeves make me feel professional even if the fabric is fun. For me the main thing when going with a rather loud print and pencil cut is finding a dress that reaches the knees. Anything shorter and I would put it into the night out category (well in my case pretty much everything hits the knee but you know what I mean). One more thing I like about this dress is that its not a stretchy material and not overly curve hugging but that means its also unforgivable if you have a bit extra junk in the trunk since you bought the dress last year (Spanx I love you long time).

This dress is old but I started looking around for other flowery dresses that have a similar feel and you can see my favorite picks below. I wouldn't mind if all of these found their way to my wardrobe.

Do you like loud floral prints or would rather go with a simple block colors for dresses?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Laura Roll

I would like to talk about a hairdo today. I am the kind of girl who wears her hair up 85% of the time. I have fine and limp hair and after mastering a few up-dos that take about 5min but look put together I rarely want to take the time to fuss with a blow dry.

Now this is a hairdo I have worn for longer than I care to admit. We are talking about something like nearly 10 years. Partly cause it works for any hair length as long as they reach into a tiny pony tail and partly cause I'm a creature of habit. Mainly cause it looks put together and lady like and goes with most of my outfits. My friends have jokingly started calling it "The Laura Roll". 

So here is how you do it:
You need to have a bit of grip to manipulate the hair for the roll. This is typically my second day hairdo. A little bit of dry shampoo and some light backcombing on the crown is where you want to begin. It also works super well if you have second day curls for example.
  • Make your part where ever you want. I generally have it a little on the side but you can easily do it with middle part also.
  • I then twist the front section of my hair on one side and pin it. Sometimes I twist both sides so that is really up to you. I feel that twisting both sides makes it a bit more retro. You can also easily make it bit more glam if you dont twist as tight.
  • Next you want to gather the rest of the hair into a loose ponytail and pull the hair tie all the way to the end of the tail. This will help your roll to stay put whole day and no stray hairs will start falling out during the day. This really is the main trick that makes the whole thing so easy and so fool proof.
  •  You just roll the hair inwards so the end of the ponytail and the hair tie help to bulk up your bun a bit and you pin it both sides. Here you can play with the shape of you roll. If you want it poofier you can tease the ponytail before. If you want it low at the nape of you neck roll it while pulling the hair down a bit. Because of the hair tie holding it together its much easier to get a clean look. I dont have thick hair so usually one long hairpin on both sides is enough to hold it in place.

  • I like to also roll the sides of the bun and then pin the into the bun. Just twisting between the fingers until it is as tight as you like. This is very much an optional step as the roll looks fine on its own but I like having all my hair off my neck.

And this is how I wear my hair pretty much every day. Its my go-to when getting ready for a work event in a rush, its my safe bet on the mornings the hair just does the wo-hoo thing. You can see me with a looser version of Laura roll in the previous post, and here, here and here as well.

Do you have a favorite hairdo or do you wear your hair down usually? Would you try this up-dp?
Let me know let me know!

Friday, March 13, 2015

OOTD- Is This Another Pastel Dress?

Two outfit posts in a row. When was the last time this happened? Do not expect anything groundbreaking because here comes another lady like pastel dress.

Lets do a backstory.
This dress was no accidental ASOS purchase because I was looking for a suitable maxi for months. I had my last event at my previous job in January and it was a fancy polo affair that culminated with the finals and a fun sun downer after party and I knew I needed a perfect dress for it. A new one, the kind that would make me walk tall and feel great while running around in sun for a 12h work day but still feel put together and totally in control. But it also needed to be comfortable and work with flats or sandals so midi options were out. Ha. I know thats a lot of requirements for a dress and I agree I might over think these things sometimes but for me clothes I wear can definitely give me a boost and a mindset. So this was my "I will ace my last event and look fabulous while doing it" mindset.

"When in doubt, overdress" has always been my motto so I finally narrowed it down to this TFNC Maxi pastel dress on ASOS.

What ended up tipping me in favor of this dress was the wrap details around the bodice and the material that wasn't shiny or too eveningy. It has a great thick lining so there is no worry of exposing your underwear to the world and the one shoulder detail holds the dress in place. The fabric is stretchy so doesn't require taking mini steps when walking(I have a Topshop silk dress that makes me walk like a geisha) so this was important. Even the length was perfect for wearing with flats as I like when maxis reach all the way to the floor and you only see the shoe when walking.

I have since worn it a few more times and I actually loved the dress when teamed with my short leather jacket as well. It has proven to be more versatile than I hoped for so I might have to look into picking up a few more maxis. Its just such an easy piece to wear. If dresses are my favorite cause they are simple and you just need to match shoes then you dont even have to worry about footwear with maxis cause it probably wount show anyway.

I do have my eye on a few other maxi dresses from ASOS like this floral one, this dreamy forest green one thats on sale right now and this edgier washed black basic one.

Do you wear maxi dresses daily or do you see them only as a gala option?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

OOTD -Reiss Rhomona Dress

I had the pleasure to attend Reiss SS15 press day few weeks back and I loved pretty much every piece. Among all that goodness was one dress that I really couldn't get out of my head later. So the moment I tried it on in the store there was no question this Rhomona Floral Lace Dress was missing in my life.

Internet reveals this is a Bloomingdale's Exclusive meaning they do not have it on Reiss site. They do however have it in Reiss stores in Dubai if you are living in this part of the world and feel the pull I did. Online you can find it here.

I have patiently waited to add some new spring pastels into my wardrobe and this dress is beyond perfection. Not only is it the prim-proper style I like but its light blue and midi length. Talk about ticking all the right boxes. I just think the delicate lace overlay makes for one modern but very romantic dress. I am in love with it and was so excited to wear it yesterday for a beautiful brunch at Frioul Bistro De Luxe with Laura.

Reiss is without a doubt a bit expensive but nothing I have bought from there ever ends up in my wardrobe unloved. So I walked away with this icicle blue beauty but I do also have my eyes on the classy cut out detail Clark dress, this laser cut Marther top, the ridiculously cute Kallisti Blazer with dots and these cobalt Allie slingbacks

Basically can I just have all the things from Reiss! Which one should I get next?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Skincare Gems

While I think it is perfectly normal to read a million reviews about a red lipstick before purchasing it or compare swatches of blush to find that exact shade I "need", I still know alarmingly little about skincare. It wasn't even that long ago I was convinced that since I have combination skin with oily T-zone I should keep away from anything very moisturizing. Looking back I have no idea why i figured "moisturizing = making skin more oily" but I did. 

I am by no means an expert now and I still mainly pick up skin care bits randomly without doing proper research. In my unguided search for perfect skin and glowing complexion I do sometimes stumble across some real gems. This post is dedicated to a few of my favorites I have been using in the past months.

Peter Thomas Roth products arrived to Sephora a while back but these masks are rather pricey and I did not know which one I should choose. In the end I bought the mini trial pack with all three (you can get it here) of his best selling masks. First up is the Cucumber Gel Mask (Link) that promises to "refresh, cool, moisturize and calm" dry or irritated skin. It smells divine and the gel consistency indeed feels very cooling on the skin. On a normal day I do not feel it makes that much difference but I really enjoy using is after a beach day or just a long day outdoors in the sun. I always wear SPF but skin is still a bit over heated after many hours in the desert sun and this calms it down fast. I also like that you can use this mask on under eye area making it perfect for reducing puffiness and refreshing the delicate skin.

Second little container houses the Pumpkin Enzym Mask (Link). The promise for this mask is pretty bold - "Highly effective exfoliating treatment addresses a dull, aging, and congested complexion in three ways: exfoliates with pumpkin enzyme, peels with alpha hydroxy acid, and polishes with aluminum oxide." I freaking LOVE this mask. From the strong sweet pumpkin pie smell (I imagine this smell not for everyone) to the gentle exfoliation it gives and ending with the visibly smoother skin I have after using this mask. This I shall repurchase in full size.

Third is the Rose Stell Cell Mask (Link). This one I think is a bit 'meh'. In theory it should "helps repair the signs of aging, including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, dullness and sagging as it strengthens and tones the look of skin". It has a similar gel like cooling texture like the cucumber one and there was nothing I disliked about it but nothing that wow'ed me either. So this is my least favorite of the three.

The lovely PR ladies from TishTash sent me the Izil Golden Glow Face Mask and I am so happy that they did. Its a brand I had never heard about and would probably not have known to try. Its a honey, saffron and argan oil goodness packed into a 100% natural (no paraben, no preservatives etc) thick gooey mask. It smells edible and feels fantastic on the skin. Its a bit sticky to apply and took some getting used to but once you wash it off the skin always feels clean and supple. Love this mask!

Another one that has been on the top of my mask list is the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask (Link). Picked it up on one of those mindless Sephora hauls when I was in NYC last summer. I have never really loved a peel off mask before but this one has won me over. First of all its just plain fun to put this thick completely black mask on and watch it turn into a vinyl like sheet on your face. Even more satisfying is peeling it off and seeing the content of your pores just sticking to it (too much info? sorry. I have nothing in my pores. they are pristine. i promise.). I do not use this often as I feel its pretty strong and properly detoxifying but whenever I do use it my makeup sits on my skin so much better and everything is just cleaner and bump free. I really dont want to run out of this mask until I have a back up ordered.

Last but definitely not least is my Khiels Midnight Recovery Concentrate (Link). I trust you have already tried this and if not then just tell me why? In a month I have been using it this has fast become my favorite skin care step in the evening. Everything about this makes me feel comforted and ready for bed. The beautiful blue bottle, the texture of the concentrate and the gorgeous lavender smell. I literally look forward to put this on my face every evening and I still marvel the results in the morning. For me this stuff gave almost instant results and my skin has never felt softer. I also notice a big change in the texture of my skin. This stuff is da bomb! And by the looks of it I can use it for ages cause you really need only a few drops.

Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them?
Also I am very open for eye cream suggestions so if you are using one you really love please let me know.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day X