Friday, December 19, 2014

Three Things I Bought That You Should Too

I have been buying make up. Shocking I know.

Good thing is there is plenty to tell you about with all the new goodies. All of the things I bought were very very necessary of course but there is three that really stand out. These three are now used daily and I thought you should probably buy them also.

My most favorite purchase of past few months has to be the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Ultra Black mascara(Link). I believe the chain of command went a little like this- Zara told Laura she has to buy this. Laura tried it and next time we were in the mall together she walked me over to the Bourjois and then walked me to the cashier because according to her it was something amazing. I haven't bought a drug store mascara for ages cause generally I get disappointed but both ladies in this case are well trusted in makeup related subjects so I was excited to give this a try. Well I LOVE IT. It promises to lengthen and thicken and delivered on both fronts. It doesn't clump after two coats and never smudges. Its really good! I dont plan to try out any mascaras for a while cause this is perfect.

Secondly lets talk NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer(Link). This was the first thing I picked up once NARS arrived in Dubai few months back. It is as great as I hoped it would be. Its a beautiful luminous finish and super easy to blend. It works magic on my dark circles. It does need a proper powdering to avoid creasing specially when I use it in under eye area but other than that I can not fault it. Must have product that is a staple in my daily routine.

To my knowledge we didn't have The Balm in Dubai so I just looked at swatches and kept dreaming about this highlighter. Until I saw a new stand in Debenhams full of all pretty products. Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter (Link) was bought in record time and I have to say I do over use it because..soooo pretty! No glitter, no color just a beautiful sheeny glow that reflects the light in all the right places. Seriously must buy if you haven't already!

So fourth is a bonus round because brushes tend to be too boring to count on their own. They are important and blablabla but I dont exactly get excited buying them. However there hasn't been a brush I didn't like from Sephora Pro range and the new addition is just as good. This time I picked up the Sephora Pro Precision Crease Brush #17. Well you dont necessarily need it but if you feel your crease brushes are a bit too fluffy to get the shade in the exact place you want this. It has a rounded end and long bristles and it really does give the precision that a bigger brush doesnt.

Have you bought anything new lately that has gone straight into the favorites list? I would love to hear so I can add them into my shopping list.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Life Lately #12

Its been a very long time since last Life Lately or at least it feels like it because of the whirlwind work manic months I have had. Dubai events season tries to always fit everything into a few weeks and that means an explosion of crazy times for everyone. Now however it has calmed down a bit and Im on my last week before Christmas holidays.

Shall we look back on few highlights from Nov-Dec?

- I know the first picture is not exactly quality but its me nonchalantly chatting to Prince Harry so I hope you understand why it had to be included. Let me tell you a little more- I was working at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and managing a yacht at Yas Marina. We were told about 15min before hand that Prince wants to do yacht hopping with his entourage and will be coming onto ours. I really thought its a load of bs but nope..I had barely set everything up and cleared an area when he arrived. All charming and tall and well..very handsome. This btw was news to me. Being Estonian I'm not very well informed regarding British Royal Family and didn't expect him to be that handsome. I immediately texted Laura to which she confirmed that it is indeed a well known fact he is a good looking guy. So yeah..that was pretty awesome!

- Another very awesome thing that happened during the F1 weekend was Pharrell concert. I have dreamed of seeing this genius live for a very very long time and he certainly did not disappoint. I danced and sang along and even though he actually lost his voice half way through the concert I came away with very high emotion.

- This was way back in November but worth a mention because I loveeed attending the Oribe event. First of all I knew I liked the brand before because who can live with out Dry Texturizing Spary anyway but after meeting the beautiful ladies from Oribe and getting a quick hairstyling session I'm a full on convert. It is pricey yes but boy oh boy the stuff is good. I will do a blog post soon of the new things.Some I bought and some were kindly gifted to us at the event by Emerging Beauty Brands ladies. 

- Continuing on the subject of fun events I had the pleasure of attending Esquire Man At His Best awards. I cant help but love black tie events because dressing up is so much fun! I hadn't been to one in a very long time and forgotten how great it feels to fancy it up once in a while. In addition I got to spend time with some faaabulous ladies and have some amazing Chivas cocktails so fab times all around.

- Now next is a working event but dressing up party was no less fun. I planned my time well enough that I even had hair and makeup done (usually at work events I have to do what I call a 10min turn around which involves changing in a toilet and slapping on red lippy fast). Chivas Legends Dinner is an annual event I have been involved with for three years now and this years legends was Sir Patrick Stewart. SUCH an inspiring and fascinating guy. I'm so honored I had the chance to listen to him.

- Lastly my favorite purchase of the month. This ASOS Floral Printed Midi Prom dress that I can not get enough of. I might go as far as to call this my favorite ASOS purchase of the year! The fabric is great, the fit is beautiful and I feel like straight out of Mad Men in it. It is out of stock at the moment but surely will be back soon. 

So that's it for now. 

I'm off to Sweden and Estonia next week for a 12day holiday which will involve a lot of food, family time, mulled wine and belly laughs. 

My only issue is what does one wear? I haven't been back in winter time for 2 years and I also own approximately 2 sweaters and zero pairs of winter boots. I guess I will have to go shopping again (said in a fake annoyed voice cause who am I kidding..Yey for shopping forever!)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lipstick Talk = My Happy Place

Oh gosh I have missed you guys!

It has been a mental month of non stop work.
I havent had an ounce of inspiration or energy left to blog but I have missed doing it so much.

Im not all done yet. I actually have our biggest event of the year tomorrow so I should definitely be finalizing the seating plans and managing the last bits but my mind needed a break and telling you about my latest new lipstick is my happy place.

NARS Audacious lipsticks (Link)- you have surely heard about them already? To be honest I have mixed feelings. I know everyone and their mother seems to love them but I think they are just fine. I like the packaging (very fancy magnetic closure) and there sure are some beautiful shades available but the formula is a bit high maintenance. People seem to like the velvety texture but on me it bleeds if used without primer and lip pencil and I feel it might be a little too creamy. Also there is no way I would slap that on from the bullet- it requires a brush and steady hand. Lets put it that way- it ain't no Tom Ford.

Saying all that I still like it. Its a good lipstick and if you are like me- into the bright orangy reds check out Lana.

Its a color I have in many many variations but I obviously needed more.

You know what I am talking about- bright, eye catching, warm undertones, red but still pulls a lot of orange. I like that a lot!

I'm tempted to pick up the dark oxblood shade called Charlotte next as I have seen Laura rocking it and every time I feel like asking "Whats on your lips?". It would be very much out of my comfort zone but I also think it would be very much awesome to wear it for Christmas parties. Trouble is I need a liner to match as I don't have anything dark in my collection.

Have you picked up any of the new Nars? Whats your favorite Audacious?