Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lipstick Talk = My Happy Place

Oh gosh I have missed you guys!

It has been a mental month of non stop work.
I havent had an ounce of inspiration or energy left to blog but I have missed doing it so much.

Im not all done yet. I actually have our biggest event of the year tomorrow so I should definitely be finalizing the seating plans and managing the last bits but my mind needed a break and telling you about my latest new lipstick is my happy place.

NARS Audacious lipsticks (Link)- you have surely heard about them already? To be honest I have mixed feelings. I know everyone and their mother seems to love them but I think they are just fine. I like the packaging (very fancy magnetic closure) and there sure are some beautiful shades available but the formula is a bit high maintenance. People seem to like the velvety texture but on me it bleeds if used without primer and lip pencil and I feel it might be a little too creamy. Also there is no way I would slap that on from the bullet- it requires a brush and steady hand. Lets put it that way- it ain't no Tom Ford.

Saying all that I still like it. Its a good lipstick and if you are like me- into the bright orangy reds check out Lana.

Its a color I have in many many variations but I obviously needed more.

You know what I am talking about- bright, eye catching, warm undertones, red but still pulls a lot of orange. I like that a lot!

I'm tempted to pick up the dark oxblood shade called Charlotte next as I have seen Laura rocking it and every time I feel like asking "Whats on your lips?". It would be very much out of my comfort zone but I also think it would be very much awesome to wear it for Christmas parties. Trouble is I need a liner to match as I don't have anything dark in my collection.

Have you picked up any of the new Nars? Whats your favorite Audacious? 


  1. Huulepulk on muidugi väga ilus, aga mis mõttes sul pole ühtegi kortsu? Kadedaks teeb, kas tead, sa sileda laubaga naine ;)

  2. Oooh I'm thinking about one of these for Xmas parties next week! Or should I just stick to the good old trusty TF? :)

    Lis x

    1. I would vote for a new TF! Unless there is a very special shade you have spotted in Nars. x