Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Giving the Cold Shoulder

I have admired this style for ages but I always felt I have too wide shoulders for it. I used to get asked if I'm a swimmer due to the shoulder action in my dancing days and I guess that stuck with me. I never knew if thats a compliment or not given I am not a swimmer.

But curiosity and the fact that this ASOS cami wasn't too expensive I decided to give it a go and now I want it in every color.  I love this top! Its all breezy and flowey and feels so feminine. I have worn it with boyfriends jeans and converse for a relaxed weekend vibe.  But I think it works with heels as well and this is what I wore to a lovely lunch event yesterday.

Combined with my trusty Current Elliot jeans, DVF shoes and of course Mansur Gavriel bucket bag I feel like this might become my fav outfit for a while. Sometimes a girl just needs a break from all the midi dresses. I would love this top with cut of denim shorts as well but I dont wear shorts ever so I will admire that combo on others.

I have added the silver grey version into my saved folder. Would getting it in black as well be excessive? I feel a cold shoulder obsession approaching.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Shoes Are Always a Good Idea

I mean I wear heels often but I have a special soft spot for flats. Specifically flats with a pointy nose. I mean I know I ain't got legs for days so this style helps to make them look a little longer without sacrificing any comfort.

So when I see a great pair I dont think twice to purchase. This is how we have not one but two new pairs of beauties to talk about. First up is the very affordable option from Oasis. Me and Laura were doing a random wondering through the mall when we spotted them and decisions were made fast. Must.Buy.Now. So we did. They are rose gold so that alone made them a must have. I am still considering getting the same style in black as they are just a perfect every day flat option. I have a bit winder feet than normal so it did take me a week to wear them in but thats kind of a given for me. Now they are great.

Second pair is my favorite kind of neutral - leopard print Gemma flats from J.Crew.  They are canvas and were comfortable from the first wear and every time I wear them it just makes me smile. If I ever had one type of flats shoes I would go with pointy nose leopard ballerinas. May I just mention these are 25% off on J.Crew website right now and I am extremely tempted to get them in the shade Desert Pink (the most gorgeous pastel of course). This cut by J.Crew might just be my favorite pointy nose ever and I want them all. In every shade they have.

That is all the news I have for now. Whats your fav style for flat shoes?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Keep It Real

Now if we keep it real here sometimes I just don't have time to organize a fab Instagramworthy outfit photo shoot.

I can't get a friend to take my photos in a pretty location in perfect afternoon gold light because of a very uninteresting reason- I'm at work. So sometimes you ask your coworker to take a picture in your office and hope that no client walks into the reception while you pose away.

Thats how it happened. A photo taken this morning in my office but there are reasons why:

There is only ONE of these pastel Sleevless Tailored Jackets left on Topshop sale and I think you should drop everything you are doing and order it NOW. Its such great quality for the sale price and a blush pink jacket will forever make your days better believe me! I am in love with it and can picture wearing it over a all white outfit next.

Another item that arrived in latest ASOS order is also well worth a look into although maybe if you live in a climate with actual winter this wount interest you too much. The Cami with scallop neckline is a perfect way to make a boring work outfit more interesting. Obviously you need a blazer or cardigan over it but the neckline is high enough but cute at the same time.

Everything else on this photo is old and seen. Sparkly brogues are Topshop and black jeans Current Elliot, my beloved JBag from MaxMara of course.

That is all. I have to get back to work. But I would have hated to see that pink jacket out of stock before I had a chance to tell you guys. x

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Get in My Closet ASOS Sale Dresses

Get in My Closet ASOS Sale Dresses

I assume you all know there is a great sale going on at ASOS right now and if you go on the site you will want to buy all the things. If you didn't I'm sorry I told you cause now you kind of have to check it out right?

Anyway I have made one order already and I am contemplating a second one which is just really not necessary but whatever. Let talk dresses cause thats the only thing I wear anyway.

1. Long Sleeve Check Shirt Dress- I am kicking myself I didn't see this when I made my previous order. It would be perfect to give off that autumnal vibe without melting in Dubai sun. Love the colors and the length cause I could belt it and it would still not be too short. This is one of the reasons I am considering an second order.

2. Fit and Flare Dress with Metallic Dogtooth print- I know this one could go either way cause metallic fabrics can look cheap sometimes. However on the ASOS video view I still like it. Such a cute Christmas party dress ( yes I said it..I said Christmas party..its coming!).

3. Sequin Midi Skater Dress- this disco dress is already on its way to me. I couldnt resist it even knowing I probably dont have anywhere to wear it. But I thought for the sale price its OK even if I just put it on at home and feel happy. In reality I'm sure I will find a place to wear it to I dont mind being overdressed. The crazy all over sequin fabric in combination with midi lenght drew me in and when the second picture showed an open back (which is by far my favorite way to show skin- I'm not a boob or leg girl. I'm a check-out-my-low-cut-back type of girl) the order was made in a matter of minutes.

4. 50's Belted Prom Dress-lets me honest this is just a very me dress isnt it. I love fabric belts and the cut is like all my other dresses. It just seems to be great fabric and quality and the price on sale is fabulous. I really want to get it but.. since its sleeveless and low V cut front and back I cant really wear it to work and I dont need any more going out dresses until I start going out more. But maybe you should order it and I can live vicariously through you?

5. Ruffle Skater Dress- if a second order shall "accidentally" happen I will be adding this dress to it. It is a perfect dog walking dress. Yes that is a separate theme in my wardrobe. I just think it looks cute and comfy for home lounging and weekend beach trips.

6. -7. I already own both of these dresses and they are much loved and worn. Hence when I saw them on sale I thought I would notify you in case you want to add either to your collection. You can see me wearing the Black Debutante Midi Dress in this post. Second is the yellow Warehouse Pleat Detail Dress I have worn so much this summer. I did a post about it here. I think you should just buy both of them to be honest!!

So I shall get back to work now and stop shopping. But what do you think? Any of them worth a purchase?

Monday, October 12, 2015

M.A.C. Red and Pure Zen

You know that feeling when you look at your makeup stash and think "Wow I have too many lipsticks. I certainly dont need any new ones."

Yeah. Me neither!
There is always a lipstick or ten on my wishlist and recently two of them made it to me. Both from good old Mac because nothing beats having that time by the lipstick stand picking up shade after shade only to find out you already own every one you pick up. Until one time you pick up something you dont have and its the same joy all over again. Right? I hope this is not just me.

Anyway- M.A.C Red is Satin finish classic beauty. Nothing groundbreaking if you have as many red lipsticks as me yet totally irresistible if you have as big obsession with red lipsticks as me. It has strong blue undertones and a hint of pink or cherry shade in it. Its bright and beautiful. The satin finish is a good option on days my lips are a little dry but I still want a red lip look. I shall try have a picture of me wearing it up soon.

Pure Zen is a total revelation for me! Why did I live under a rock for so long I do not know but thankfully I have Laura, my makeup fairy-godmother. When she heard I don't have this shade we marched to the closest MAC counter and she gifted me one. I thought its same-same as my Peach Blossom but I was wrong. This is more pigmented, peachier in color and like totally different!! Mac describes it as a "warm frosted nude" and it come in the creamsheen finish. A perfect every day nude that I have been wearing nonstop for a week.

Here is Pure Zen with a tiny bit of Elizabeth Arden clear lipbalm on top as I'm struggling with dryness at the moment. 

Have you bought lipsticks lately? Anything I should look into?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Whats New?

I feel like it has been ages since I shared a basic weekend outfit. 
Something I would typically wear when I dont want to use any brainpower while heading out for a long leisurely breakfast with friends. 

 This is one of those outfits- skirt, top, sandals all old and firm favorites. Skirt is ASOS pleated midi that I get so much wear out of it has most certainly justified its existence(cost per wear you know). Its fully lined, has a nice flow and a high waist. A great wardrobe staple for a midi addict like myself. And versatile cause you can easily dress it up like I did in this old post.

Top is from Gap summer collection and I kick myself often for not buying more than one. I love the basic cut and the material is super soft. A grey tank top is always gonna be useful and I have worn and washed it so much its already showing signs of getting tired. I'm gonna try to act as if its supposed to look like this and keep wearing it of course. And after I might order this or this from to replace. 

However if you have a sharp eye you might have notice a newcomer. Hello and warm welcome my Mansur Gavriel bucket bag (insert heart eyed emojis forever and ever). First of all the aesthetics of this bag are everything. I have always liked bucket bags and of course the exploded popularity of Mansur Gavriel version made it a "must have" even more (also the reason they seem to be sold out everywhere so I cant give you a link). But lets just take a moment and look at it please.

Now I have to say one thing- it is a bottomless pit where you will never be able to find anything. There are no compartments inside only a small purse that you can keep the smaller items in. I have already gotten used the bit of rummaging it requires to find things. It just makes me limit the amount of junk I carry around daily. I can justify anything if a bag is this pretty.

This is all I have to say for now. But I will be back soon with some new makeup and more midi skirts.. obviously.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Declearing My Love For More Neutral Eyeshadows

I dont think I have ever owned a eye shadow palette where every single shade makes me incredibly happy and excited to blend it all over my eyeballs! You know its a normal struggle to have at least one or two shades in every combo you never ever use.

That is until Diana got me the Dior Cuir Cannage (796) for my birthday.  Lets have a quick chat about the shades in this gorgeousness shall we:

Top left we have a plummy warm brown with shimmer finish. I was pleasantly surprised how easily you can build this shade up. This all over eyelid creates the easiest most effortless smokey eye that looks especially great if you have green eyes.

Top right is a very subdued slightly shimmery warm beige that doesn't have crazy pigment but is super smooth to blend and works perfectly for a modest brow bone shade.

Bottom right is another fav of mine cause I didn't have anything similar in my collection. It is a satin finish and the shade is dark blackish plum. Super beautiful shade to use on the lash line and blends so so well with the previously mentioned plummy shade top left.

Bottom left is something that remind me of Mac Sable a bit. A buttery soft and bendable shimmery golden brown. Basic staple kind of shade for my everyday lazy makeup look.

And in the middle is a true gem of a matte. I am so happy there is this one universal matte in this palette. A medium dark brown that blends into the crease in a few brush strokes. Love the formula of this shade.

There is so many looks you can make with these 5 shades and I have used nothing every morning for weeks now. The light shimmery shade all over the lid and matte one in the crease. Or the golden brown one all over the lid and plummy shimmery one in the crease or plum one all over and the darkened plum in the corner. So so many options. I will aim to have some face of the day posts up asap.

Yes so basically it is another neutral palette but you still need it in your life. You do believe me! After I didn't shut up about it Laura has already bought it and I also gave it as birthday present to a friend of mine.

Do you have a palette like that where you love every single shade? Whats your most used one at the moment?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

OOTD Office Look That I Dont Feel Boring In

Nothing new I am wearing a midi and heels but that is a version of my work uniform. For me this is the ultimate easy outfit that makes me feel put together and professional but not boring and too basic. Don't get me wrong I am not claiming this fashion forward or innovative but you know..it does the job.

And if it ain't pastel color its going to be monochrome. I'm very predictable these days but I dont mind. Is this the old age of 30 that has made me so very sensible? haha..

The top is old Zara and the skirt is something I picked up from Banana Republic sale. I was initially hesitant as its a tad longer than my midis normally which means wearing it with flats makes you look stumpy and out of proportion. It is now sold out but I have been eyeing this BR skirt for next purchase. Another glorious monochrome. See I told you predictable! This Warehouse one is maybe a bit easier length to wear if not a hardcore midi fan like me.

Shoes and bag have been seen million times because I have all my love for them. Best basics I have ever owned. Sophie Hulme Zip Top Bowling Bag is just the sturdiest, roomiest, prettiest best friend a girl can ask for and that is probably why its sold out everywhere for ages. Shoes are those same old Reiss Brina heels. They bring that style out every season is a few different colors and finishes and I cant recommend them enough. I would like a fancier black pair next so I have my eye on these at the moment.

Okay before I go I have one more extremely important piece of information. Leopards pointy flats! Did your heart skip a beat? Carry on if I didn't but I have been on a hunt because you know necessities and I just ordered these from J.Crew (30% discount so get on it!). Thought it would be nice to spread the news before its too late. x

Monday, August 31, 2015

Striped Lindex Dress OOTD

Can we just agree not to talk about the fact that I have been absent forever and ever?

I have missed blogging and I am getting myself back in gear with a short but sweet outfit post for you all.

I bought a few very lovely dresses while back in Estonia for summer but this one has become my favorite at the moment. It is from a Swedish brand called Lindex that I always check out when back home. They make amazing basics but once in a while I stumble on a real gem:

Exhibit A- a sack like striped dress that I cant stop wearing

I spotted it and immediately deemed it too short for me. "Just in case" was the reason I took it to changing room and happily noted it is in fact the perfect length. Its is perfect in every other aspect as well. The sturdy cotton material doesn't cling to the body ( a huge plus in Dubai heat and humidity). Its classic but fun. Can be worn with heels or converse and to top it all off it was very affordable! All I need is a bright lipstick and I feel as I'm wearing an outfit.

For the workday I paired it with my beloved Banana Republic flats that are so comfortable and I am considering ordering back up pair. Is that excessive? (dont answer that) I wish they had all the BR shoes in Dubai store but of course they do not. I got mine in San Fran a few months back and have gotten way more wear out of them than I anticipated. Turn out cobalt blue goes with a rather many outfits.

Let me know what you have been up to please? What have you bought? What have you liked? What should I buy next? :)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Let Me Just Have a Look

That is what I said walking into the drugstore a few days ago.

I was mainly spurred on by the Catrice Cosmetics concealer palette I saw Simone SnapChatting about and I know they sell Catrice in Estonia. But you know..once you are faced with rows of makeup you will never leave with just one concealer palette.

I mainly concentrated on the Catrice stand as its super affordable and I have never tried it before. However some other bits sneaked in also. This is what I picked up:
Allround Concealer Palette by Catrice Cosmetics- looks awesome with three beige shades and a red to counter act dark circles and green to neutralize redness. I have only tested this a few times but its smooth and easy to blend. So far I have nothing bad to say. Good addition to concealer lineup.

Waterproof Liquid Liner by Catrice Cosmetics- love this more than I anticipated. Awesome formula that stayed on for a long day. It has a felt tip but not the normal stiff kind. Instead the it has a bendy end and its super thin so great to get a subtle line.

Absolute Eye Colour in 560 I Like To Mauve It by Catrice Cosmetics- unfortunately I cant find this online. Its a lovely shimmery taupe shade but Im not overly impressed. I do wish it had a bit better color payoff as it needs to be packed on to see anything. Also no-no to the glitter fall out.

Color Correcting Powder by Catrice Cosmetics- bought for the stupidest reason- because I liked the pastel colored patterns in it. I know I know. Get some self control woman. It is actually not bad at all. Its fine milled and doesnt look cakey but I dont think it would hold up to Dubai weather. Then again what does?

Made To Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen by Catrice Cosmetics- this I am super excited about. It is the perfect matte neutral shade to line your inner waterline with and look all fresh and bright eyed. A much more natural looking option then a white liner. It doesn't stay put for too long but I still like it. It also has a sharpener on the other end which is handy and cute.

I finally managed to drag myself away from Catrice stand only to notice Essence right next to it. Again oldest excuse in the book- I have never tried it! I must try some now!

19 The Grammy Goes Glammy Eyeshadow by Essence- this is buttery soft and amazing! Shimmery champagne shade that does't have glitter bits in it. Instead it has great staying power. I have irresistible urge to pick up more Essence eyeshadows. If you have any shade recommendations I would love to hear them!

XXXL Nude Lipgloss in Taste the Sweets by Essence- did not need a new nude lipgloss but totally got one anyway. It is surprisingly good and non-sticky option if you are after a budget friendly nude shade. I have been wearing daily since purchase and I dont regret it one bit. Give me all the nude lip glosses!

Blueberry Eyebrow Fixing Gel by Lumene- this a Finnish brand I used to always buy when in highschool. Nothing sparked my interest at their stand but I did need a new clear eyebrow gel so might as well. Its says to have conditioning arctic blueberry in it which I think is load of rubbish but it works to fix my brows and thats all I ask from it.

Lumi Magique Stylo Touche De Lumiere by Loreal- drawn in my the rose gold packaging and the little sign claiming Loreal products 30% off made it a no brainer. The highlighting pen itself is lovely also. Has a bit more pink undertone than my other ones and actually gives a hint of a coverage also. I like to put that as a last layer for under eye concealing and Im happy to report that it doesn't crease in me.

So here is my face with every single product we talked about on it (+ Nars Laguna bronzer and The Balm Hot Mama blush). I know you cant really tell much about a concealer or powder from a mug shot but here it is anyway.

Have you tried anything from Essence or Cartice? If so I would love to hear about it and then go do another raid in the drugstore.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Do you have those products you keep hearing about for years but for some weird reason do not try? You know its supposed to be good and it kind of sounds interesting yet the purchase never happens.

I have only ever read praise about Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation but as I dont own anything from the brand besides a lipstick it didn't seem appealing enough. The disappointing Laura Mercier foundation purchase I have written about combined with the daily everything-is-melting-sensation Dubai heat and humidity give you sent me back on the hunt for perfect summer foundation. It only took one praising mention from my trusty makeup gurus Laura and Simone and I suddenly had to try this foundation RIGHT NOW.

Let me tell you something you probably already know. It is great! Like straight to the top of my fav foundations list great and Im not even one for full coverage usually. Nothing has ever lasted this well through humidity and heat. On first application I felt it set like cement and I had doubts this will look natural but shockingly it looks great and only gets better through the day. Once the natural oils in your skin have time to emerge it almost looks dewy as hours go by. I do however prefer to apply it with a wet Beauty Blender so its not so full on to begin with.

This gives you the perfect coverage combined with a comfortable feel and in stays in place like nobody's business. I can carry on with the same base I apply in the morning all the way through dinner and not feel any need for touch ups. This is revolutionary if you live in Dubai. Since the bottle is small and compact I decided to bring it with for my month long vacation to Estonia as well. Secretly I was fearing it might be too much for the not so sweaty climate but it has passed the test with flying colors. I have mixed it with my foundation for a lighter feel and worn it full face and both options make me happy. I feel we have a long loving relationship ahead with the Double Wear.

The lipstick on the photo is one of my summer faves as well. YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 56 is my kind of orange red. Bold without being in your face bright, moisturizing and perfect with a bit of tan. Good base, loads of mascara and a bold lip is all I want right now.

Whats your fav summer foundation and lipstick? Are you one of those people who has used and loved Double Wear for years and cant believe I have only now got a clue and purchased it?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Tonic

I have been meaning to write this review about Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Tonic for months but at the same time I thought maybe just finish it up first so I really form an opinion and we can chat then.

So I finished it and I already repurchased a new one because it.is.amazing!

Dragon's Blood Tonic is a hyaluronic skin refresher that mainly helps to keep your skin moisturized. As much as it would me AWESOME if in contain actual dragons blood(how mythical!) I must disappoint you that this in fact is just red sap from a specific tree and it is historically used for medicinal and healing purposes. Other ingredients include Rose Water, Zinc and of course the much talked about hyaluronic.

The brand has made a list of 5 main tasks this tonic will preform so lets go through them and I can give my feedback on the specific claim.

Rodial says: Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
I agree about fine lines. After using this for a few months I do feel and see visible change in fine lines. Especially around my mouth. I dont think it will do anything to wrinkles but thats cool by me. Its just a tonic not a magic potion.

Rodial says: Hydrates and smooths the appearance of skin
This is probably my favorite quality and what makes me love the product so much. A quick spritz especially in the morning after cleansing and I really feel my skin plumping up with hydration(I suspect this is the hyaluronic doing its magic). I actually noticed the biggest difference when I didn't use it for 2 weeks. The glass bottle is so bulky so I didnt bring it with on my trip to San Fran and the texture of my skin was visibly worse. Once I got back home and started using it again I could feel the difference in a week.

Rodial says: Helps to brighten and refresh skin
Well any cooling spray tonic will refresh to be honest. Its just the lovely sensation of spritzing it on your face that already wakes you up. I'm not sure if I can specifically see brightening effect but since the overall health and texture of the skin is better I guess it translates to brighter and less dull complexion as well.

Rodial says: Can be used to set make-up in place
That I cant comment as I haven't tried it for setting. I like my Urban Decay setting spray and I much prefer this one as a last step of skincare before I start with makeup.

Rodial says: An instant skin reviver, ideal for an instant energy boost
I decanter this into a smaller bottle and plan to have it in my flight kit forever. Its perfect for that quick wake me up. So once again must say Rodial is telling the truth people.

I think this is an absolutely brilliant tonic to finish up your skincare routine with. It is the first thing I have tried from the Rodial Dragon's Blood range but given its performance I am dying to try more. Would love to try the Hyaluronic Night Cream and mask next.

Have you used this range from Rodial? Is there other stand outs I should be looking out for?

Monday, June 22, 2015

All New Everything OOTD

We have touched the subject of makeup I managed to haul at my trip to San Fran last month but it obviously didn't stop there. There was also clothes and some shoes and a possible handbag because all is game when you are on vacation right?

What you see below is all new things (minus my beloved Sophie Hulme which is the.best.bag.ever).I got several pairs of Paige skinny jeans from Nordstorm rack and I can not stop wearing them. I went through a phase of only wearing skinny jeans for a few years in high school -that was pre midiskirt era. After that there was years of only owning one pair of black jeans maybe and nothing else. I am back on the skinny jean wave majorly now. These are Paige Verdugos in dark denim and they are so soft, comfy and all around awesome.

The weird safari inspired vest/top thingy is something totally different that I normally go for. I mean I had a neon orange vest in middle school (think trance party outfit on a little girl) that I was insanely proud to wear. And then a backless psychedelically striped halterneck vest because why woudn't you right?

Fast forward to modern day and I was just loosing my mind repeating "must buy all the things" under my breath in Banana Republic as they had a one day everything 40% off in their flagship store. You can imagine the overwhelming need to find all the best things because 40% off is basically getting for free. Its not but if felt like it. So I must of carried around 30 things to the changing room. This is really sold as a vest but I like to wear it as a top sometimes. It is on massive sale at the moment if you wish to take a look here. I cant wait to style this loosely thrown on top of a white dress and sandals next. Vests are a totally foreign object in my wardrobe so Im kind of excited to have a play.

The shoes are another Banana Republic purchase and I love them so much. They have good heel but its stocky and thick so you can walk in them for hours. The beige color goes with everything but the textured snake pattern makes them interesting. Its the Leandra sandal and they are also on sale atm so lucky you if you need another pair of summer heels. Another thing thats really nice about BR shoes is they have a padded footbed. I wish all my shoes would have that! It makes such a difference.

I'm now eyening up vest type of object everywhere I go. I have learned they are called sleeveless jackets usually but isn't that same thing as a vest? Anyway I passed River Island few days ago and saw this sleeveless blazer/vest and I love this black belted one as well. Oh and this pastel pink Topshop one please!! I have vest mania. Do you ever wear them? Is it something you would consider adding to your wardrobe?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

NARS Audacious in Charlotte FOTD

I was so excited for the weekend to come so I can take some photos and show you how NARS Charlotte looks on. I love love this lipstick and since I got it I was determined to make it work for day time as well. Its pretty full on which means I go my usual route- practically no eye makeup.

So here is my face of the day I was wearing most of last week.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet - The shade I have in this is a tad dark for me at the moment but I like my complexion to be a bit more tanned for when I wear the dark berry lip. So a lot of buffing and blending and it works. The velvet finish is great for the hot weather as it doesn't get disco ball shiny as fast.
Armani High Precision Retouch concealer- hand down my favorite makeup product I have bought recently. Nothing I want to use for my dark under eyes ever again.
Clinique Airbrush Concealer- I use this combined with Armani cause it helps to warm up the very light shade Armani has so I dont have reverse panda eyes.

Bronzer: NARS Laguna- I dont even use anything else anymore. Its the bomb!
Blush: The Balm Hot Mama- what a beautiful blush to make you look alive. It is like a less shimmery version of the Benefit Coralista and I must say I prefer Hot Mama over it. Coral perfection for summer.
Highlight: Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight- liberally dusted everywhere starting from cheeks, inner corner of the eye to cupid's bow and down the nose.
Eyes: No eyeshadow cause thats the look I like the best when wearing so noticeable lipsticks during day time. Also blending eye shadows is not my strength so any reason to skip it will do.
Kat Von D Ink Linker- I like the felt tip liner for this look because I try to line in between the lashes as well. So the actual line above the lashes is super thin but it still makes an impact if you fill in the gaps between the lashes.
I am not wearing fake lashes here its just two generous coats of different mascaras MUFE Smoky Lash Extra Black and Cover Girl Lashblast Fusion. Two layers of Smoky Lash start clumping too much and Im not a huge fan of that but just one proper coat of it followed by Lashblast creates a pretty full on lashy look.

And thats all. I know the makeup itself is nothing special I mean there isnt even any eyeshadow but I just wanted you to see that if you dont own Charlotte yet you are missing out.

Whats your favorite burgundy red wine shade lipstick?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wow Pop & NARS Charlotte

I feel as if it has been too long since we chatted about lipsticks? 
They are still by far my favorite makeup product and the only one I dont feel bad hording. Yes I do have the guilt sometimes when I look at my makeup drawers and remind myself I have only one face and two eyes so do I really need all these blushes and eye shadows. Surprisingly I NEVER have this feeling regarding my lipstick stash. Whenever I look at that it just makes me happy!

Its a breeze for me to come up with excuses to get more because you know this pink is tiny bit lighter than the other 5 pink lipsticks I have and this red has a "much" bluer undertone than the other one etc etc..

Which brings us swiftly to two newcomers Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Wow Pop and NARS Audacious in Charlotte.

Clinique Pop lipsticks were released with a bang alright.

They were everywhere and every blogger seemed to love them. I fiddled with them in Duty Free many times because the packaging is super cute. It kind of makes you want to have all the shades just so you can display them in a row like candy. But I couldn't decide on the shade so didn't pick any up. Luckily my wonderful Laura got me one as a gift and she chose Wow Pop the one I would have picked myself probably as well. Now the shade is a summery bright blue toned pink. Lighter and way cooler than say NARS Schiap but still pretty in your face Barbie pink. Also its pigmented but not opaque.

Now am I wowed by this formula? Not at all. I think its just nice and thats where it ends. Do I feel like it combines primer and lipstick? Nope. Is it long lasting? Nope not really. I dont have anything to say besides that I find it blah. It does go on smooth and easy and you dont feel it on your lips but probably because its left your lips in an hour. I am not tempted to pick up any more of these. I haven't been this underwhelmed by a lipstick in a while but probably because of a hype and built up expectations more so than it actually being a bad product.

NARS Audacious in Charlotte filled long lasting gap in my collection. Described as "oxblood burgundy" it is the first red wine shade I actually love on me. It doesn't have brown undertones and is more on the cool side making the teeth whiter. I know it would be more considered a winter season appropriate but I am so excited about finding a dark lippy I love that its been on my face most of this week. I cant get enough. Regarding formula I still think the same as when I wrote about Audacious in December (here). Its a bit high maintenance and definitely requires a lip liner and steady hand with a brush. I cant slap that on from the bullet. But I love this shade so so much I dont mind the extra effort.

Have you bought any summery lipsticks? Whats your most worn shade at the moment?

Oh yes one more thing. I'm late to the party but finally "got the point" of Snapchat so pretty active there at the moment. You can see my face with different lipsticks and a lot of my pets if you wish to check it out (user names thelauracarlson as everywhere).

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Get In My Closet- Midi Dresses

Get In My Closet- Midi DressesI have been actively filling my Saved Items folder on ASOS lately. Before I order anything I love hearing your thoughts and just having a girly chat about dresses. 

1. ASOS Textures Dress Dress With Halterneck - it was of course the pastel hue that made me stop on this but halterneck is new in a dress for me also and I'm feeling it.

2. ASOS Cutwork Skater Midi Dress- please do me a favor and click on the link and view the photos of the back because talk about an awesome dress. All midi and proper in the front (the cut work makes it look expensive also I think) and sexy and interesting at the back. Open back is my favorite way to show skin by far. I'm really digging the cream color for summer also.

3. Self Portrait Off Shoulder Heavy Lace Midi Prom Dress- Everything Self Portrait makes has my attention in a second because it is just soo freaking beautiful. I like this cut even better than the spaghetti strap one I once posted. The light pastel colour, the fabric, the deeo V and pretty much everything else about this is what my dress dreams are made of. If I had one wedding to attend this summer I would be clicking Buy right now but no one I know is getting married so I dont have a excuse to spend the cash.

4. ASOS Premium Bonded Scuba Pleat Midi Dress- Funnel neckline and pleats is all that is needed to have me loving a dress.

5. ASOS Premium Satin Cross Front Midi Dress- I'm hesitating on the satin but I am loving this simple cut for a day time work dress. Maybe satin is not a bad thing? It has such a nice waist line and I love the frill sleeves. Easypeasy and on sale also.

6. ASOS Midi Dress With Twist Wrap- Recently I have realized I do need a few more black dresses for work events where I need to look pretty but not overly attention seeking (think poofy pink princess dresses and pastel lace midis I love so much). I think this one is very basic but I love the twist wrap front and flowy feel.

Lets talk dresses. Which one do you like the best? I am having the itch to get a new dress..

Monday, June 8, 2015

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation

I really wanted to review this and I wanted to tell you all I have found my new favorite. I had so much hope for this foundation. This my "New Summer Foundation" story:

Once upon a time a girl who already has more foundations than she can use needed another one. Something she had never tried before. Something that would make her happy every time she looked into the mirror.

Seriously I was SO excited to check out the new LM foundations and initially I thought of getting the luminous version. However when we got to color matching at Sephora non of the shades were right.. like at all. They all had too pink or too yellow undertones and I wanted something that matched my current skin tone perfectly as I already have lighter and darker shades at home.

As I moved on to the Oil Free option shades matched much better and I settled on one. I have a combination skin and for summer months in Dubai I get very oily T-zone. Most of my usual foundations just dont do the job anymore. Also I love a bit of mattifying effect for these hot months so it seemed like green lights in every aspect. And now to the big reveal- I dont like it at all :(

I tried my very best to love it. Everyone knows LM foundations are supposed to be excellent.  I tried it with every moisturizer, every primer and every brush I own and it just doesn't do it for me. From far away I think it kind of looks good. It has medium to full coverage slightly powdery finish and it does stay matte way longer than other foundations I own. And its a nice slightly luminous matte but a flat no shine at all kind of matte. But it just doesnt blend into my skin at all. There is a permanent layer of foundation on my face no matter how carefully I try to blend it and every time I happen to touch my face I feel it slipping around. This doesn't mean it will not suit you of course as foundations are so individual but after 2 weeks of being unhappy with results I have had to give up.

I guess we were just not meant to be. 

This means I am still on the look out for a medium to full coverage foundation that could put up a fight against humidity and heat. Recommendations are more than welcome!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Haul Post Continued..

As I have mentioned my first rounds in Sephora were not last because..all the makeup!
I was in San Fran for 12 days which gave me plenty of time to keep "just passing by" and slowly but surely find more things I need (I use the term need loosely here).

Lets do one more roundup of new products and we will be head first into reviews next week.

Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector- its an oil-free moisturizer and supposed to visibly brighten under eye area. Even bigger claim its apprently clinically proven to visibly lighten dark circles by 30 percent in 12 weeks so I'm all kinds of curious.

Armani High Precision Retouch concealer- OH MY GOD! THIS! I think this is my ultimate favorite thing I picked up! My sister has been praising the Armani concealer for years declaring this the only thing to hide the dark under eyes and not crease on her. Its pricey and I never took the plunge but I really really should have just not bought a few red lipsticks and invested in this instead. Genetically dark under eyes run in my family so all kinds of concealers are very important part of my daily makeup. I will never be without this from now on. Has this description been dramatic enough you think? I shall try to calm myself now..

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bauhau5- to get over my disappointment about the formula of the new Sephora Cream Lip Stain shades I picked up this. This is my first Kat Von D lipstick and I love it. I wish they had more shades in stock when I was in San Fran. Bauhau5 is a pretty deep raspberry thou so all good.

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo in Fig/Date- good old isle of doom in Sephora always gets you with something right? I am definitely not complaining because I have wanted to try something Bite for ages but just couldn't choose a shade from the stand. This nifty little double sided lipstick has two great shades and I have been wearing it daily. I especially love Date a muted brownish pink (think Mac Soar direction).

Best of Clarins Set- it was the Beauty Flash Balm that made me pick up this little box of goodies. I have always wanted to try it and the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser I have had and liked before. These two in delux sample size made the set worth its price for me. I am curious to try the other things in it also. There is the Tonic Body Treatment Oil, Body Lift Cellulite Control and UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen.

Oh and you know what else is awesome? That I made VIB in Sephora which made me feel equal part proud of myself and horrified as well. Horrified feeling vanish very fast when I learned I get to choose not one but two gifts for my VIB points so I got a sample of Dior Maximizer Base Mascara which I would have never ever picked up myself but surprisingly really enjoy using. There was a few options for the bigger gift but as I love the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask (wrote about it here) this choice was a no-brainer. I have only ever tried the mask but cant wait to also test the Detoxifying Black Cleanser, Pore Purifying Black Strips and Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel samples.

This concludes the product low down. Again let me know if any one of them is more interesting to you and I will take a note to tell you my thoughts asap.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Perfect Summer Dress OOTD

Last time I owned or wore a yellow clothing item was when my sisters got me Tweety bird tshirt and I was probably around 8years old. Its not my colour- I dont gravitate towards it and dont notice it in stores. Well ain't I a rebel in my new yellow Warehouse dress right?

I have actually had it for a few months but havent gotten around posting. I was doing my general "oh I will just take a look at the New In folder" on ASOS and for some reason instantly loved this dress.

It was the pleats and the crop top cut that got my attention. A little different shape to my normal fit and flare ones. I wasn't sure about the colour right away (why does yellow scare me so much?) but now I'm so happy to have a sunshine type of a summer dress. Its also fully lined and good length. 

 It has proved to be so versatile. Ways I have worn it:
  • with a white or navy blazer to work because the high neckline doesnt show boobage and its not that short
  • with metallic strappy heels for a night out
  • with grey converse and a denim shirt for weekend casual

Have you bought any new summer dresses? Are you on the hunt for anything specific?

I just need a new pair of metallic sandals and I should be all set but IF something beautiful catches my eye on ASOS I cant promise its not gonna be purchased.

Monday, May 25, 2015

San Francisco OOTD #3

I am back in Dubai but I still have one casual tourist about town outfit before we go back to my normal heels/skirt combo.

Actually I think there might be more outfits featuring jeans from now on because I scored two pairs of Paige skinnys for an excellent price and I cant seem to stop wearing them.

 As we are on the subject on jeans already let me introduce my new favorites Paige Verdugo Ankle Jeans. I love the dark denim shade and they are so soft and comfortable you could easily imagine you are wearing leggings (which in my world dont constitute as pants but are indeed very comfortable).

If you remember I mentioned before the trip that packing is very confusing for me as I wasn't sure what the weather is. I must say I did kind of fail to pack the correct things and ended up wearing same outfits over and over but at least I got to wear some of the new things right away. Like this new Fitted Boyfriend Oxford Shirt from GAP that was great for layering. What wasn't great was my 3 dresses and 3 skirts I dragged along and got to wear less then three times because I suppose I forgot what actual spring is like not the Dubai version. The blazer we have discussed before in this post - its Topshop Premium Blazer that is sold out now but you can always find nice blazers on ASOS (I love this linen one and this skinny lapel one).

Me and my brother had an awesome day wondering around the city. We walked through the financial district towards the water. We had Blue Bottle coffee at the Ferry Building and took some pictures of near the Bay Bridge. We took the BART to Mission which ended up being my absolute favorite neighborhood. Check out Mission Cheese if you are there- amazing cheese flights and beer selection.

Seriously San Fran is even cooler than I expected. So worth a visit if you are ever considering.

I only have a second part of my haul left and then this vacation is all covered.
Let me know if you have any summer vacations planned? Where are you off to next?

Friday, May 22, 2015

US Sephora Haul Part 1

Where else does a makeup obsessed person go on the second day in San Francisco than Sephora? 

Yes we do have Sephora in Dubai as well but not nearly as many brands and also it is a bit cheaper here (or so I like to tell myself). Imagine my delight and horror when the I found out there is not one but two Sephora stores in walking distance from our apartment here. 

I went on my own the first time cause I had to do all the market research and I ended up spending something like 3h in the store. Time flies when you are having fun aka sampling lipsticks and trying on foundations. I of course did the first part of my haul the same day so this is to show you what I picked up. I will do a part 2 to show you the bits I got second time around.

For a second managed to convince myself that I am only going in there to buy a Laura Mercier foundation and nothing else. Are you laughing? Yeah I know that I should just embrace the makeup hoarder in me but I figures I dont need anything. Are you laughing again?

Without further ado I bought:

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation- I initially planned to buy the luminous version of this but weirdly there was no shade that really matched. The shade names are all the same but I found a perfect match in the oil free matte range. The same shade that had been far to orange on me in luminous version was great in matte and really my combination skin goes way crazy in summer months in Dubai anyway so matte is not a bad idea. Will report back with a full review asap. 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer- I needed a new daily moisturizer and I wanted to try a brand I cant get in Dubai hence this ended up in my basket. Its very light-weight so I figured I would be good under makeup in the mornings. I mainly chose this to use it with combination with the next product.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery- I'm not even sure what that is. Typical hoarder purchase. I had been in the store for a few hours already and loosing focus on things I actually had researched online. Its like a serum but the formula is more like water and frankly I was just curios so I picked it up. Will review soon when I have used it for a few weeks. The product description promises "Formula contains a blend of skin-saving ingredients—including red algae, honey proteins, and oat extract—in a highly concentrated water-based formula. It deeply hydrates while visibly reducing dry patches, redness, signs of stress, and environmental damage, leaving the complexion looking smoother, less blotchy, and more youthful." Lets see how it works out.

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray- I have wrote about this on the blog before. I find it really helps to keep my face on in the Dubai summer months. I liked the small handbag size version.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz- last time I was in US in August I resisted temptation and didnt pick it up and soon after regretted it bitterly. So so happy to have it now and easily the favorite brow product I have used.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 09 Watermelon Slice- OMG I squealed when I saw that Sephora has a whole new range of shades in my favorite ever matte cream stain formula. The 01 and 03 are by far my most used lip colors so I planned to pick up every new shade they had to offer. I figured I buy one see how it is and return for the others so I chose this super vivid almost neon coral shade. I am so sad to report but I dont think the formula is half as good as the old ones. It goes on patchy and second coat make my lips look cracked and super dry. I didnt buy any other shades because I was heart broken. Devastated really!

Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Toilette in travel size- such a great fresh, bold and bright perfume that I will probably have to buy full size sooner rather then later.

Essie Romper Room- this was actually from Nordstrom not Sephora but I figured I will add it in anyway. I have heard Laura obsess about this shade for so long that I started feeling I need it as well. Its sold out in Dubai so I kept my eyes open here. Turns out they have it in loads of places in San Fran and I picked up one for me, one for her and one for Simone as well because you know you can never have too many pastel pink Essie polishes.

Have you tried any of the above products? Any of them you would love to read a review on more than other?

Ok I must board my 16h flight back to Dubai now but I will have at least two more San Fran posts coming up soon. Talk to you soon x

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shopping For My Sister

I love new makeup. 

I love it so much that I get equal enjoyment even if the make up I shop is not for me. While here in San Fran my sister asked me to look through her make up essentials and help her shop some new products. I took to the task with great excitement and thought I will share our Sephora haul with you also. This is pretty much a run through of my absolute favorite products that I think could be in everyones makeup bag.

My nephew is only 6 months old so my sister doesn't exactly have too much time to spend on getting ready, also she doesn't really like foundations. So I suggested she picked up Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for a super easy base that takes no time to put on and blend but still gives a even glowy complexion.

For new bronzer and blush I figured NARS was a no brainer- Laguna bronzer and Deep Throat blush are my total favorites and they really suit everyone. I finally picked up Anastasia Brow Wiz myself few days ago and immediately suggested she gets it also. It is really worth all the hype and so many shades so you can choose the perfect one for you. She had enough eyeshadows but mentioned creasing and that not much shadow is left by afternoon. Well you know whats the solution to that right!? Time to discover the beautiful world of eyeshadow primers. I will never understand why I only learned about this product a year ago but I wount stop preaching about it now. Best. Thing. Ever. So we picked up the Urban Decay Primer Potion for her. As nothing beats Kat Von D eyeliners in by book Ink Liner also made its way to her new and improved stash. This is the same formulation as Tattoo liner but with a felt tip.

Last but not least because lipsticks are life and all that.. I laid down all my lipsticks I have with me here (about 10 different ones cause you know..only the essentials haha) so she could try them out and choose which ones suit her. The two winners were Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red and Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Dusty Pink the most beautiful muted rose shade.

It was so much fun helping her shop new items and hearing how much she is loving the new things. It really was almost as good as buying for myself. But not 100% as good which is why I did some hauling for myself as well. This shall be a separate post of course.

I'm curious what would be your suggestions to someone for light foundation, blush and bronzer. Imagine this is someone who only wants one of each product in their makeup bag and is not into the concept of makeup stashing. Very hard to imagine I know but try :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

San Francisco #2

A road trip of the most glorious kind happened yesterday. 

San Francisco is awesome for many reasons. One of them being that just little over an hour and you are in the wine country and I have always wanted to visit the wine country. We planned to hit up a few tastings but also visit some of the cool small towns. First stop for lunch was the city of Sonoma. We did a little stroll in the charming city center which looks like straight out of a western movie and ended up at The Girl and The Fig restaurant. I had my first generous portion of beautiful red wine and and a brie burger that was to die for.

 Wardrobe wise I improvised my favorite Topshop work dress into a skirt and paired it with the Hangry tshirt and my Michael Kors leather jacket. I do think this would look pretty cute with this similar pastel tulle skirt also and I find this and this leather jacket on Asos rather awesome if you wish to recreate.
After eating we drove to a few wineries-one of my favorites being Gloria Ferrer with beautiful terrace over looking the fields of grapes and its chilled glasses of the Sonoma Bru.  

I must say when I retire I want to do nothing else but stare into the horizon and taste wine all day long. It was glorious! And its totally acceptable pastime for an afternoon if you are visiting the wine country so I didn't even feel bad.

We had time for one more stop before heading back to San Fran so we opted for Yountville in Napa County. This being known as the "culinary capital of Napa Valley" was the perfect place for late afternoon strolls and checking out chocolateries and bakeries. As much as I would love to eat all the things forever and ever, there is a limit unfortunately so I choose to utilize the last stomach space for some Bouchon coffee and giant salted caramel macaroon. OMG! Both were amazing! I wish I could have tried more things but I was in a rather deep food coma by the end of this day so had to stop.

I highly recommend stopping by Yountville if you are in Napa we loved the town.

Oh yes one last thing has to get a shout out is my new Miu Miu Noir sunglasses because (enter thousands of heart emojis)..

Today I went a little place we all know and love and spent 3,5h looking around on my own. Can you guess where? Yes I did spend that long in Sephora. Time flies when you are having fun. I shall revert back with a little haul post ASAP.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

San Francisco OOTD #1

I arrived in San Fran yesterday and I couldn't be more excited to explore this awesome city. My brother has lived here for 3 years now and I finally made it to visit him. I have never heard anyone who has been here not like it which makes me even more keen on 10 days of adventures ahead.

I thought I will try to document most of my travel outfits for the blog. I found packing for this trip really difficult for multiple reasons:

Reason 1: When I asked my brother whats the weather in May he said if one day is +14c and then it might be +27c the next. This left me totally confused if I need to concentrate on jackets and pants or can I bring some nice summer dresses.

Reason 2: My current wardrobe in Dubai consist 85% of dresses and skirts -most of them in light materials and not suitable to wear with tights. I also own only one thicker leather jacket and a few light blazers and that is it. I'm not even exaggerating. I have very few jumpers and sweaters, I have left most of these in Estonia.

Reason 3: I wear heels a lot in Dubai as walking is pretty minimal. San Fran however is known for the hills and I knew I need to leave my heels home and try to figure out some outfits with flats.

With all this in mind here is my first comfy exploring the city outfit for a sunny but windy day.

I picked up the light wool grey baggy trousers from Topshop outlet last month. They are really unusual pick for me but as they fit well I figured it would be a fun piece to create outfits with. I have since found out that they look great with heels and crisp white top for work and I equally like them with my dainty converse for a casual days like this.

The cashmere jumper is borrowed from my sister and is by a British brand Luella. I would love to link something similar for you but couldn't find anything online. Bag is my Sophie Hulme Zip Top Bowling Bag that I still adore. I normally dont wear it as a cross-body but for a long day of walking its a good option. This baby is sold out everywhere online but keep an eye out if you are searching for a perfect black bag. Im sure it will be back in stock at some point given its popularity.

Thats it for todays post. A short nap ( and a trip to Sephora) is now in order and then I must go for dinner and eat all the food. See you later lovelies.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Snooze Button vs Makeup

So yesterday I went out with Laura and Simone. We had a very fun dinner at The Ivy which included a beautiful Pinot Noir amongst other delicious things. 

Needless to say this morning I felt a bit more groggy than on any other given Thursday.
I took a decision to maximize the use of snooze button so everything else had to take minimum time but end up looking like I was a healthy and functioning human being. 

Hair went into the "Laura roll" in 3min.
Make up wise I only used 6 old and trusted products and I think it came together rather nice. Aim of this was to look healthy and awake.

So while waiting for taxi I snapped this photo in order to demonstrate my minimal time-maximum impact makeup look for you.

Using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush I applied a thin layer of Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. I have so much love for that product. Its the only CC cream I have every tried and it has such nice coverage and great glowy finish. Perfect product for not looking over done but brightening up the face when your skin looks dull. Moving on to blush I didn't even think twice and reached for the NARS Deep Throat. I had no interest in blending or any other form of eyeshadow action but I did quickly line my eyes with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I have bought another MUFE Smoky Lash mascara this time in waterproof and its true love all over again. If you have never tried this you are missing out. I liberally dusted my Kevin Aucoin Candlelight highlighter everywhere- cheekbones, inner corner of the eye, brow bones, down my nose. I really mean everywhere. Got no glow from within? Fake it til you make it! Lastly Mac Peach Blossom on my lips and out the door I went.

What product would you never skip when trying to do makeup quick but at the same time cover up the cocktails from last night?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Using Spring as an Excuse

Since my trip to Estonia I have spring in my mind. This excuse in mind I did a small inventory in my makeup and picked up a few new pieces.

First was really a necessity as I forgot to bring a lip balm and the fresh but windy weather in Estonia made my lips terribly dry. I cant say I was exactly upset cause aint that a great excuse to go shopping. I ended up choosing the classic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm but the formulation that has SPF 20 in it as well. As you can imagine this is pretty basic but good hydrating and protective balm. I think it will go into my travel pouch as its packaging is more hygienic than my current Nuxe RĂªve de Miel balm. 

The Clarins Blush Prodige in Sweet Rose if from the brands 2015 Spring collection and has been in my drawer for some time but really there is no reason for it to stay there. Its very subtle yes but also gorgeously illuminating blush. This shows up natural and silky smooth and for the moment I'm super into natural looks so it comes so handy. The pallette has a matte warm rose shade with a pink undertone and in the corners are little blocks of slightly warmer and shimmery shade. So you can swirl your brush over everything and get a glow going on or just use the matte on its own.

Onto the perfume which is kind of new but I have started really wearing it only recently- Guerlain  Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde. Shall I attempt a short perfume description for the next post? I find them so hard to write but I think I'm up for another challenge so let me know if its something you want to read?

And then I passed the Mac counter yesterday and as per usual the willpower was nowhere to be found. I told myself I will only take a look because you know.. I am going to San Fransisco this month and that means hard earned pennies should be saved rather than spent. So I will only look at the lipsticks maybe, surely I'm not gonna want anything right? First lipstick I picked up was Peach Blossom a shade I was on the hunt for last year but seemed to be sold out constantly. Long story short its my new fav "this spring I'm so natural looking" lipstick shade. Its a hard one to describe as its nothing special yet I can not get enough of it. Maybe you go check it out next time you are passing Mac counter?

Have you bought anything that makes you happy for spring lately?