Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wow Pop & NARS Charlotte

I feel as if it has been too long since we chatted about lipsticks? 
They are still by far my favorite makeup product and the only one I dont feel bad hording. Yes I do have the guilt sometimes when I look at my makeup drawers and remind myself I have only one face and two eyes so do I really need all these blushes and eye shadows. Surprisingly I NEVER have this feeling regarding my lipstick stash. Whenever I look at that it just makes me happy!

Its a breeze for me to come up with excuses to get more because you know this pink is tiny bit lighter than the other 5 pink lipsticks I have and this red has a "much" bluer undertone than the other one etc etc..

Which brings us swiftly to two newcomers Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Wow Pop and NARS Audacious in Charlotte.

Clinique Pop lipsticks were released with a bang alright.

They were everywhere and every blogger seemed to love them. I fiddled with them in Duty Free many times because the packaging is super cute. It kind of makes you want to have all the shades just so you can display them in a row like candy. But I couldn't decide on the shade so didn't pick any up. Luckily my wonderful Laura got me one as a gift and she chose Wow Pop the one I would have picked myself probably as well. Now the shade is a summery bright blue toned pink. Lighter and way cooler than say NARS Schiap but still pretty in your face Barbie pink. Also its pigmented but not opaque.

Now am I wowed by this formula? Not at all. I think its just nice and thats where it ends. Do I feel like it combines primer and lipstick? Nope. Is it long lasting? Nope not really. I dont have anything to say besides that I find it blah. It does go on smooth and easy and you dont feel it on your lips but probably because its left your lips in an hour. I am not tempted to pick up any more of these. I haven't been this underwhelmed by a lipstick in a while but probably because of a hype and built up expectations more so than it actually being a bad product.

NARS Audacious in Charlotte filled long lasting gap in my collection. Described as "oxblood burgundy" it is the first red wine shade I actually love on me. It doesn't have brown undertones and is more on the cool side making the teeth whiter. I know it would be more considered a winter season appropriate but I am so excited about finding a dark lippy I love that its been on my face most of this week. I cant get enough. Regarding formula I still think the same as when I wrote about Audacious in December (here). Its a bit high maintenance and definitely requires a lip liner and steady hand with a brush. I cant slap that on from the bullet. But I love this shade so so much I dont mind the extra effort.

Have you bought any summery lipsticks? Whats your most worn shade at the moment?

Oh yes one more thing. I'm late to the party but finally "got the point" of Snapchat so pretty active there at the moment. You can see my face with different lipsticks and a lot of my pets if you wish to check it out (user names thelauracarlson as everywhere).


  1. I bought Wow Pop also. I'm not wowed by the colour at all. But that's what happens when you buy online sight unseen I guess. I also got Fab Pop which is better for me colour wise if applied more like a stain rather than applied liberally. I don't mind the formula at all, but I won't pick up anymore. I'm obsessed with the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envys and just want ALL the shades xx
    The Beauty Bloss

  2. I've always had Charlotte on my lust list. UGH!! Anna is also an Audacious shade Ive been meanign to get.

    1. Yes Anna is on my hit list next! I have Lana already which is bright and fun but I love the pink options they have a lot!

  3. I was so on the fence about those clinique lipsticks...I'm glad I didn't give in and purchase now! Lotta love for audacious lipsticks though! *insert hands in the air emoji!*

    Hope you've had a lovely week and enjoy your weekend!

    Lis x

    1. Yes save your money. They are not worth it and I dont think there is even any shade that is so amazing or unique.

      Have a lovely Sunday x