Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Urban Decay Black Magic Eye Pencil Set

I rarely if ever write about eye pencils. Partly cause I didn't own more than one brown and one black and partly because I feel most of them are not that great. True that I haven't tried all of them but whatever I have tried was either too stiff and chalky or too soft so it blends easy but then ends up smudging into a bit of a drug-addict-chic look. Not really ever what I am going for.

I do however own one Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil that I love so imagine my excitement when a Christmas present from Simone contained this beauuutiful set ot 4 double ended pencils.

Yes you read right that means not four but eight awesome shades. The formula of these pencils is pretty much perfect! Blends very easy but once its set doesn't start slipping around. This set contains some gorgeous dark and moody shades all perfect for different intensity of smokey eye.

I do not usually do swatches on the blog as I'm not sure my photographic skills are good enough to capture the colors perfectly but I its nice to see these shades next to each other so here goes.

Starting from L-R we have:
Black Velvet (Link)- a totally matte black that is very pigmented. The texture of this is a little drier and more powdery than the others but its not stiff. It just doesn't glide on as easily so needs a bit more work.

Smoke (Link)- A slightly brown based grey matte. To be honest I wished it looked more grey after blending it out but on me it really pulled brown. Its not easy to build this into a more deeper color either. I think its my least favorite of the bunch.

Black Market - this is described as "charcoal black satin". Meaning is does have a slightly grey undertone to the black especially when blended out. Its more pearly finish than Black Velvet and for that reason is not my favorite black.

Tornado - this one is a beauty. A deep cool eggplant shade with some serious sheen to it. Reflects light and makes green eye pop. Its easily buildable when going for a purple smokey eye.

Perversion (Link)- this one is unlike anything I have tried before. Its described as "blackest black matte". It is way creamier than the other ( you can see from the thick totally black line it produced with a single stroke). It has amazing color payoff and goes on so evenly in one easy motion. Amazing!

LSD (Link)- this dark blue one has a micro sparkle in it which makes me not pick it up very often. I mean I would wear a navy color on its own but the lighter blue glitter bits put me off. I didn't manage to catch the light on the swatch photo so you cant see it but it glitters I promise!

Zero (Link)- I have ran out of words to describe black so lets go with what Urban Decay says. It is a "zealous black cream". Its kind of a basic black if you ask me to say it in human language. Not too matt not soo pigmented kind of in the middle. Easy to use and all but nothing WOW.

Demolition (Link)- currently my favorite of the bunch. Its a warm under toned brown that is somewhere in the semi-matte category. Just a great everyday shade thats not too dark and dramatic.

The shades in this box are not limited edition, most are in permanent collection, so you can pick them up separately as full sized pencils.
 However if your eye pencil collection is meager like mine..just get the whole thing here!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shine A Little Brighter...

..or get products that do it for you.

Say hello to the more outstanding new additions to my ever growing beauty stash!

First up is Mac Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Coil (Link). These range of eyeshadows have the weirdest texture. Its kind of spongy cream to powder formula which is not usually something I go for. However the shade Coil is just dreamy. Its a medium to dark coppery bronze with some serious metallic sheen that catches the light. Easiest to apply with fingers but does work with a synthetic brush also. I seem to get on better if patting it on rather than rubbing or blending too much. I was impressed that it easily lasted 7 or 8 hours on me and thanks to the creamy formula there is no sparkly fall out.

 The weird but wonderful texture totally got me hooked and I ignored the blogger rule nr.1 photographs before swatching. Hence the dent my grubby fingers left the moment I had this in my hands.

Building it up to an intense dark copper works perfect for a night out but I also wear it day time with a more light and blended look. One of those super easy options that just need lashings of mascara and thats it.

Now the second item we must discuss is possibly moved into my most treasured makeup items list.
You know the ones you would save in the fire etc.  

Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight (Link) is just too good for words. I mean I was all praising The Balm highlighter just a few posts back and I still think Mary-Lou Manizer is a good product but it has got NOTHING on Candlelight! This is magic. It is soo finely milled and buttery and swatching might not even get you that excited but once its on your cheek bones it is beyond gorgeous! If you only ever get one highlighter please let it be this one! It just illuminates any area you brush it over in a subtle but reflective way and suddenly you have cheekbones and your eyes look awake and your nose looks all slender and .. I could go on and on. I might go as far to say I am obsessed with Celestial Powder.

Have you tried either of these two shiny pots of goodness? Or maybe you have bought something else that really stands out? I would love to know..

Monday, January 12, 2015

Urban Jungle by Essie

It was only a matter of time til I bought a new polish. You know that, I know that so lets get on with it.

You might have read my previous nail posts where I was declaring my love for dark polish and red polish only ( Obsessed & Malaga Wine). Its always like that when winter arrives and I try to get into it even with the beach weather outside. I also wear jumpers and boots in +24c just to get into it. Dubai makes you a bit weird like that.

As soon as I got back from my Christmas vacation I was done with the dark and on a hunt for a perfect white nailpolish instead. I have a stark bright white but what I didn't have was a milky off white that would be less bright and easier to wear. Honestly I didn't really have a clear idea what I was looking for but once I stumbled upon Essie Urban Jungle it was clearly it.

I don't know how I have never seen or read about this shade. It was in 2014 Summer Collection but I think it just got over shadowed by the bright pink Haute In The Heat from same collection. Well now I have it and its been on my nails few weeks in a row.

I would describe it as off white with beige and grey undertones. Its very understated but pretty and so easy to apply. Which is weird as a few reviews I read called it three coater and very watery but that is not the case with my bottle. There is no Fiji type of hassle- first coat is slightly streaky but second coat makes it all good again. In some light it can be almost blush toned or a very light taupe and I like that much more than a bright clear white. Also I must say it stayed chip free for 4-5 days which is longer wear time than I often get out of Essie.

Do you have Urban Jungle or its not your type of shade? If not whats your favorite off white polish?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Blackberry & Bay Cologne

I kept postponing this review for weeks. At the same time I couldn't wait to tell you because it is my current favorite.

You see I am terrible at describing perfumes. Its very intimidating.
I would like to sound all professional but I lack the lingo and the nose to separate different notes.
Things I would say:

.. it's like sooo good

...it makes me happy to smell like this

... its like fruity but not like fruit

Nonsense basically.
However I have fallen hard for this particular perfume and will give my best attempt to explain why.

Im not big on floral scents. I like fresh and fruity but I dont like sweet and floral. Generally I also shy away from the more masculine perfumes. I like to smell them in the store but they feel foreign on me. Blackberry & Bay is definitely the most unisex type of a perfume I own.
So let me try to explain my thoughts. I can tell you this much- the opening sniff is a full blast of delicious blackberry with a strong grapefruit scent. FRESH! My unprofessional nose gets the grapefruit above all else at this point. Its crisp and not overly sweet. Does it sound bad if I say it smells like newly washed sheets that dried in the sunshine?

Give it a minute to dry down and you get all the more masculine notes. It all woodsy autumn forest in the nicest of ways(I assume this is bay). Maybe the idea of smelling like wet leaves is not appealing to you but I promise it works. Surprisingly the earthiness of it is what drew me in, I would have never guessed I find it so delicious.

That is all I can muster for my first perfume review. I dont know how else to describe a scent. Perfume is such a personal thing but I hope you can go and smell it in the store.

I'm very keen to play around with it a bit and try layering with other Jo Malone perfumes.
Has anyone done that with Blackberry & Bay? Would love recommendations on what to mix it with.
Whats your favorite Jo Malone cologne?