Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Blackberry & Bay Cologne

I kept postponing this review for weeks. At the same time I couldn't wait to tell you because it is my current favorite.

You see I am terrible at describing perfumes. Its very intimidating.
I would like to sound all professional but I lack the lingo and the nose to separate different notes.
Things I would say:

.. it's like sooo good makes me happy to smell like this

... its like fruity but not like fruit

Nonsense basically.
However I have fallen hard for this particular perfume and will give my best attempt to explain why.

Im not big on floral scents. I like fresh and fruity but I dont like sweet and floral. Generally I also shy away from the more masculine perfumes. I like to smell them in the store but they feel foreign on me. Blackberry & Bay is definitely the most unisex type of a perfume I own.
So let me try to explain my thoughts. I can tell you this much- the opening sniff is a full blast of delicious blackberry with a strong grapefruit scent. FRESH! My unprofessional nose gets the grapefruit above all else at this point. Its crisp and not overly sweet. Does it sound bad if I say it smells like newly washed sheets that dried in the sunshine?

Give it a minute to dry down and you get all the more masculine notes. It all woodsy autumn forest in the nicest of ways(I assume this is bay). Maybe the idea of smelling like wet leaves is not appealing to you but I promise it works. Surprisingly the earthiness of it is what drew me in, I would have never guessed I find it so delicious.

That is all I can muster for my first perfume review. I dont know how else to describe a scent. Perfume is such a personal thing but I hope you can go and smell it in the store.

I'm very keen to play around with it a bit and try layering with other Jo Malone perfumes.
Has anyone done that with Blackberry & Bay? Would love recommendations on what to mix it with.
Whats your favorite Jo Malone cologne?


  1. Excellent review! It sounds majorly delicious :)

  2. I like to layer it with Orange Blossom from Jo Malone. Having said that I think everyone should own Orange Blossom (I must blog about it...) because it literally goes with EVERYTHING!! xxx

    1. I have never even smelled Orange Blossom. Must correct my mistake asap. Thank you Stacey :) x

  3. Sounds really nice :) I havent tried any Jo Malone, but I do have some of 'Jo Loves' which is nice :)

  4. I have had this perfume and loved it! It went pretty fast since I used it every day and basically bathed myself in it. I tried layering it with Orange Blossom and a couple of other scents from Joe Malone, but never found anything better than it alone. Also, I completely agree with your review. It smells exactly as you describe. LOVE IT! I am currently using Pomegranate Noir, which I am obsessed with! My next purchase will be one of their limited addition sets and I have a new obsession with Versace Yellow Diamond. Have to pick that one up as well. Very fresh smelling, not floral or sweet.

    1. Haha I was just looking at the bottle yesterday and I have used SO much of it. I just adore the smell. Im thinking of getting the body lotion as well so maybe the scent would linger a bit longer.

      I have had Pomegranate Noir as a bath oil and a candle but never as a cologne. Maybe that should be next it does smell divine. x