Monday, January 12, 2015

Urban Jungle by Essie

It was only a matter of time til I bought a new polish. You know that, I know that so lets get on with it.

You might have read my previous nail posts where I was declaring my love for dark polish and red polish only ( Obsessed & Malaga Wine). Its always like that when winter arrives and I try to get into it even with the beach weather outside. I also wear jumpers and boots in +24c just to get into it. Dubai makes you a bit weird like that.

As soon as I got back from my Christmas vacation I was done with the dark and on a hunt for a perfect white nailpolish instead. I have a stark bright white but what I didn't have was a milky off white that would be less bright and easier to wear. Honestly I didn't really have a clear idea what I was looking for but once I stumbled upon Essie Urban Jungle it was clearly it.

I don't know how I have never seen or read about this shade. It was in 2014 Summer Collection but I think it just got over shadowed by the bright pink Haute In The Heat from same collection. Well now I have it and its been on my nails few weeks in a row.

I would describe it as off white with beige and grey undertones. Its very understated but pretty and so easy to apply. Which is weird as a few reviews I read called it three coater and very watery but that is not the case with my bottle. There is no Fiji type of hassle- first coat is slightly streaky but second coat makes it all good again. In some light it can be almost blush toned or a very light taupe and I like that much more than a bright clear white. Also I must say it stayed chip free for 4-5 days which is longer wear time than I often get out of Essie.

Do you have Urban Jungle or its not your type of shade? If not whats your favorite off white polish?


  1. I love this! I have a white white which I love in the summer but this looks much easier to wear (and apply!) x

  2. Jaaa, see näeb mõnus varjunditega valge välja tõepoolest! Nagu ma ütlesin, siis olen saanud sult tuhina küüsi värvima hakata, seega paluks vihjeid, milliste firmade omasid tasub osta üldse!? Ma olen väga tuhinas hetkel, et ostaks igast asju muidu kokku :)

    1. Haha..Minu jaoks h2sti palju oleneb alus ja pealislakist kui need on sobivad siis seisavad paljude firmade lakid h2sti peal. Mu lemmik aluslakk on Orly Bonder see peaks olema eestis ka saadaval. Lemmik pealislakk on Seche Vite selle koha ma pole kindel kas see on Eestis. Aga v2ga m6nus pealislakk on ka Sally Hansen Diamond Flash.

      Lakkide kvaliteedid poolest mulle v2ga meeldivad Rimmeli omad. Sally Hansen on ka super m6nus. Kallimatest tegelikult eelistan O.P.Id enne kui Essiet aga Essiel on v2hemalt Dubais palju suurem v2rvivalik. Loreal'i omad mul ei seisa yldse h2sti peal Maybelline seisab paremini. Eriti Maybellini Super Stay 7 kollektsioon.

      Nii nyyd vist said valikut kyll. Anna teada kui shoppamas k2idud mis sa siis valisid :)