Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Tonic

I have been meaning to write this review about Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Tonic for months but at the same time I thought maybe just finish it up first so I really form an opinion and we can chat then.

So I finished it and I already repurchased a new one because!

Dragon's Blood Tonic is a hyaluronic skin refresher that mainly helps to keep your skin moisturized. As much as it would me AWESOME if in contain actual dragons blood(how mythical!) I must disappoint you that this in fact is just red sap from a specific tree and it is historically used for medicinal and healing purposes. Other ingredients include Rose Water, Zinc and of course the much talked about hyaluronic.

The brand has made a list of 5 main tasks this tonic will preform so lets go through them and I can give my feedback on the specific claim.

Rodial says: Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
I agree about fine lines. After using this for a few months I do feel and see visible change in fine lines. Especially around my mouth. I dont think it will do anything to wrinkles but thats cool by me. Its just a tonic not a magic potion.

Rodial says: Hydrates and smooths the appearance of skin
This is probably my favorite quality and what makes me love the product so much. A quick spritz especially in the morning after cleansing and I really feel my skin plumping up with hydration(I suspect this is the hyaluronic doing its magic). I actually noticed the biggest difference when I didn't use it for 2 weeks. The glass bottle is so bulky so I didnt bring it with on my trip to San Fran and the texture of my skin was visibly worse. Once I got back home and started using it again I could feel the difference in a week.

Rodial says: Helps to brighten and refresh skin
Well any cooling spray tonic will refresh to be honest. Its just the lovely sensation of spritzing it on your face that already wakes you up. I'm not sure if I can specifically see brightening effect but since the overall health and texture of the skin is better I guess it translates to brighter and less dull complexion as well.

Rodial says: Can be used to set make-up in place
That I cant comment as I haven't tried it for setting. I like my Urban Decay setting spray and I much prefer this one as a last step of skincare before I start with makeup.

Rodial says: An instant skin reviver, ideal for an instant energy boost
I decanter this into a smaller bottle and plan to have it in my flight kit forever. Its perfect for that quick wake me up. So once again must say Rodial is telling the truth people.

I think this is an absolutely brilliant tonic to finish up your skincare routine with. It is the first thing I have tried from the Rodial Dragon's Blood range but given its performance I am dying to try more. Would love to try the Hyaluronic Night Cream and mask next.

Have you used this range from Rodial? Is there other stand outs I should be looking out for?


  1. I've not tried anything from Rodial, but you and a few others have mentioned this toner and I'm convinced I need to give it a go. Now I just need to get thru a toner that I've already got open so I feel justified to buy it!

    1. Its a bit on the pricey side which has held me back on purchasing more things but if this tonic is in any way an indicator for how good other stuff is I am willing to part with the money :) which toner are you using at the moment? x