Monday, June 22, 2015

All New Everything OOTD

We have touched the subject of makeup I managed to haul at my trip to San Fran last month but it obviously didn't stop there. There was also clothes and some shoes and a possible handbag because all is game when you are on vacation right?

What you see below is all new things (minus my beloved Sophie Hulme which is got several pairs of Paige skinny jeans from Nordstorm rack and I can not stop wearing them. I went through a phase of only wearing skinny jeans for a few years in high school -that was pre midiskirt era. After that there was years of only owning one pair of black jeans maybe and nothing else. I am back on the skinny jean wave majorly now. These are Paige Verdugos in dark denim and they are so soft, comfy and all around awesome.

The weird safari inspired vest/top thingy is something totally different that I normally go for. I mean I had a neon orange vest in middle school (think trance party outfit on a little girl) that I was insanely proud to wear. And then a backless psychedelically striped halterneck vest because why woudn't you right?

Fast forward to modern day and I was just loosing my mind repeating "must buy all the things" under my breath in Banana Republic as they had a one day everything 40% off in their flagship store. You can imagine the overwhelming need to find all the best things because 40% off is basically getting for free. Its not but if felt like it. So I must of carried around 30 things to the changing room. This is really sold as a vest but I like to wear it as a top sometimes. It is on massive sale at the moment if you wish to take a look here. I cant wait to style this loosely thrown on top of a white dress and sandals next. Vests are a totally foreign object in my wardrobe so Im kind of excited to have a play.

The shoes are another Banana Republic purchase and I love them so much. They have good heel but its stocky and thick so you can walk in them for hours. The beige color goes with everything but the textured snake pattern makes them interesting. Its the Leandra sandal and they are also on sale atm so lucky you if you need another pair of summer heels. Another thing thats really nice about BR shoes is they have a padded footbed. I wish all my shoes would have that! It makes such a difference.

I'm now eyening up vest type of object everywhere I go. I have learned they are called sleeveless jackets usually but isn't that same thing as a vest? Anyway I passed River Island few days ago and saw this sleeveless blazer/vest and I love this black belted one as well. Oh and this pastel pink Topshop one please!! I have vest mania. Do you ever wear them? Is it something you would consider adding to your wardrobe?


  1. Love the outfit! Banana republic is amazing. When I was in the u.s I stocked up massively.
    The Beauty Bloss

    1. Thank you.
      I was actually soo surprised how much I liked the BR things in U.S. In Dubai the stock is soo boring and I never even consider going into that store plus they dont bring any of the shoes here. It was such a pleasant surprise to find so many cool things in their flagship.

  2. You look so chic Laura, I love it! :)

    Lis x

    1. Thank you so much Lis :) Hope you have a great day! x