Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chic AF- The Story of White Trousers

 If only this was an everyday occurrence- having leisurely coffee in a beautiful cafe that has macaroon stands!! I mean does it get more posh? Also if only it was every day occurrence I had the guts to wear white pants outside in the real world. Im not at all scared of white tops, not even skirts but pants have terrified me for years.

There were several issues I made up in my head for example I will definitely sit into something and have a stain on my butt for the whole day- never mind I cant actually remember the last time I sat into something? It will definitely happen when its white pants day. They will make me look fat. White pants are not flattering etc..Yet I lusted after chic outfits with both white jeans and wide trousers. While white jeans are still a territory I'm too scared to enter I have indeed bought my very first pair of white palazzo trousers from Mango. The soft flowy fabric and weighty feel of them made me cave and I loove the new outfit options this brings.

Now I marched straight to my tailor with them and had a lining put in because no one has to look at my arse in white pants with no lining! No one! But proper lining made all the difference and they are a treasured pair now. I like them with heels as its elongates the leg and I love them with light colored or white tops. I feel like such a grownup in these kinds of outfits- like look at me in my white palazzo pants. I got shit together! Honestly this is what I think in my head when I swoosh around in them!

Do you have a fav pair of white trousers? Let me know please cause one day I would like to venture into the jean category as well.