Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Rediscovery Of My Makeup

I did something extremely satisfying this morning.

I organized all my makeup. That means throwing away a whole bin full of products no one should let near their face anymore. I'm talking about that well loved but weirdly separated and smelly MAC Underage and those 3 dried up Loreal Super Liners and many other things I didn't know existed in my drawers.

It also means I rotated my daily makeup to some fall appropriate shades. You see I love seasons and I aint gonna stop loving them just because I happen to live in the desert where seasons vary from hot to hotter with occasional humid thrown in. Its autumn in my heart so bring on the dark lips and all that comes with it.

While all this organizing was going on I remembered a blog post from a few weeks ago I saw on Bonjour Luce. Her post called Forgotten, but still loved inspired me dig out some old favorites that have not been getting the love they deserve.

You know when you love makeup as much as we do (read: own enough for numerous lifetimes and then some) even the stuff you really love doesn't always get used. So as of today these five products have been moved to the front line and I intend to reach for them more often.

Starting from left to right we have:
Make Up Store Microshadow in Flamenco (Link)- I have had this for years and I used to love it. Its an intense purple with a subtle sheen that really compliments my green eyes. I wear it smudge on the lash line rather that all over lid(if I had more skillz it would look pretty all over as well I am sure). Its shameful but I had totally forgotten I have this. Make Up Store shadows are great quality.

NARS blush in Gina (Link)- I was all over it when I first got it. This is the only orange toned blush I own and it looks great on. It is now back on top of the blush drawer and I intent to show it more love in the coming months.

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Pale Barley(Link)-  a bit of a cult product but for all the right reasons. The soft, finely-milled texture that applies ever so smoothly and the flattering pale brown shade that works as a base for any look. Im actually really excited to start using this more.

Mac Sheertone blush in Coygirl- this is my first ever Mac blush and the only one I have ever hit the pan on. It goes brilliant when wearing purple shadows as its pink but has a lilac undertone. I used to think it was the prettiest thing ever created. I think its time to rock some pinky mauve cheeks for the autumn. Unfortunately this is discontinued now.

Dior Rouge Creme De Gloss in 875 Delicious Plum- this was a gift from my sister a few years ago. I remember I was too intimidated by the glossy deep plum shade back then so I never wore it in public but my lipstick habits have come long way since. Its such a season appropriate shade and even though I'm still not hugely into glossy lips I think I will give it a go. I cant seem to find it anywhere online so I'm guessing its discontinued also.

If any of you have a suggestion for an awesome matte plum shade please let me know? I actually need to fill that gap.

It was really fun shopping my stash.
Have you rediscovered any of you old favorites recently?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

FOTD- Makeup artists are magic

Now I love makeup that is not a big revelation. I also like doing my makeup but my skills are rather limited. I have semi mastered a winged eyeliner and can blend two similar color brown eyeshadow together but every time I attempt something smokier its a fail.

This is the reason I love having my makeup done by professionals occasionally. I do get anxious if it is someone new I dont know cause what if I wount like it. Tastes are different after all. But there is a few makeup artists I trust without a question and one of them also happens to be a good friend of mine. 

So last Friday before me and Diana (click on her name to go see her blog) went out for dinner she did my makeup and I love love loved it. I mean like "wish I didnt have to wash my face ever again" kind of loved it.
I haven't used any filters or retouching on these photos and they are made in natural light. The fact that my skin looks so flawless is not because it actually does- it because Diana worked her magic on it.

So this is how it came together in case you were wondering.
She started by using Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner (not pictures but you can get it here) on my t-zone so reduce the shine and smooth the texture.

Primer: Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener (Link)
Foundation: Mac Face & Body Foundation (Link) -absolutely loooove the look of this stuff. Must add to my foundation collection asap
Concealer: Diana mixed two MUFE concealers together the Full Cover (Link) and the Lift Concealer (Link)
Powder: Jane Iredale Purepressed Base Mineral Powder in Warm Sienna (Link)

Contour: Jane Iredale Purepressed Base Mineral Powder in Riviera (Link)for a very light and natural contouring
Blush: Mac Peaches (not pictured but can be found here)
Highlighter:  oh this is my favorite part. NARS Illuminator in Hot Sand (Link) and Jane Iredale Quad Bronzer in Moonglow (Link). When she swiped the Moonglow on top of blush I was kind of floored. So soo pretty! I kind of REALLY NEED both of these products in my life sooner rather than later. Especially Moonglow as Diana said you can also use it as eyeshadow or bronzer.

Eyeshadow: She used three Jane Iredale Purepressed shadows to create the brown smokey effect and these were: Peach Sherbet, Cappuccino and Double Espresso (Link). Then came the super pretty Mac pigment in Copper. Oh the shade and the sheen of this is just amazing.
Eyeliner: L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel in black (Link)
Mascara: Kanebo Sensai Mascara 38 C (Link). I want this! Definitely went into must buy list cause its a brilliant mascara.  

We decided to go super natural and non shiny on the lips so it was Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink (Link) that fit the bill.

The two conclusions I would draw from this are

1. I need to invest in some Jane Iredale products. They are great! 
2. I wish Diana would do my makeup every day because I felt like a million bucks.

Do you enjoy having your makeup done or do you prefer always doing it yourself? 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm Feeling The Love

I believe I have mentioned more than once that September is my bday month. Together with the general merriment of cake, bubbly and hugs came some very very lovely birthday presents.  

So I thought I will show you one that I got from two fantastic ladies who you all should know well. When you have friends like Laura and Simone who besides being hilarious and sweet also have exceptionally good taste perfection happens..

What you see here is a "omg-I-cant-get-over-how-cool" Sophie Hulme pouch that they so perfectly picked up to match my new handbag (Link).  I feel ever soo chic pulling it out of my bag where it houses business cards, a lipstick choice of the day, my planner and keys. All those little bits that go missing in the big tote. I have also worn it as a clutch because look how pretty! It is so sleek and in that thick textured leather again with beautiful simple gold hardware clasp. I am telling you- Sophie Hulm is just too much to handle for me right now!

And inside the pouch I found these two beauties! Of course Simone and Laura knew to choose two shades I dont have anything similar to and I am so excited to add them to the collection.

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Vegas Volt (Link)- this perfect wearable coral shade pulls all the right kinds of orange on me. Its much more toned down than my bright corals and I love it. If I do my little sugar scrub + lip balm action in the evening my lips are prepped and Amplified formula works amazing on me. If I fail to do that I find it get patchy on the dry bits very fast. Vegas Volt as a shade is perfect. Its interesting that if you look at swatches online it looks very much more neon on some people. You can see how it looks on me below.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Sandwash Pink (Link)- this is just a perfect nude.  Im not hugely into the beige nudes so this one is a beaut. It has all the right pink undertones and it looks pretty much like my lip color just amped up. The formula is super creamy and moisturizing and the shade makes your lips look so polished. This is my first ever Bobbi Brown lipstick and if they are all as good as Sandwash Pink I am seriously missing out.

As a bonus trivia for you- apparently this is the lipstick Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day! I mean if its good enough for a princess..

 Laura had a camera on hand as I was opening my present. Could I BE any more excited?

If you have any other Bobbi Brown lipsticks shades you love please let me know? I think I will have to investigate next time I am in the mall..

Saturday, September 20, 2014

OOTD All New Everything

I have a little outfit of the day for you and it involves mainly new things. 
Aren't those outfits just the best?

I have written before how there is a hole in my wardrobe that only a faux leather pleated midi skirt can fill. I saw my sister rocking hers while we were in New York and it fueled my need for it even further. So it was meant to be when I spotted one in the new Zara collection (Link). There is some seriously dreamy midis in Zara right now like this green one and this one. I love the weighty feel of the faux leather and the perfect midi length. This is something I would totally wear with both flats and heels and it will add a lot of character to any outfit. Im so so happy to finally have it in my midi collection.

The tshirt is from Old Navy (Link) and its super lightweight. I got a few of them in different colors and slogans and I do suspect they will not last too many washes but it was cheap so I will enjoy it while I can. Not much else to say. It is just a tshirt after all.


Ahh yes and the bag! The "all my bag dreams have come true" Sophie Hulme Ziptop Bowling Bag (Link). My wonderful husband got this for my bday and I'm just so so over the moon. It is simply the most perfect day to day bag I have ever seen. Its so spacious, fits my laptop and manage to make anything I wear look a bit cooler. The leather is thick and textured which is my favorite look. Dont even get me started on the gold hardware and the long strap so you can also wear it cross body- the list can go on and on. 

This has now fueled my lust for Sophie Hulme and next on my hit list would be one of her Mini Envelope Bags. I mean how dreamy is this leopard version or this one? 

Whats on your bag lust list at the moment?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Polished - August & September

Is it wrong that I am super excited to show you my latest nail polish favorites? 

Its been ages since the last nail related blogpost but I know you didn't think I haven't been hoarding polishes in the mean time. Of course I have. Its a problem or a gift whichever way you want to look at it. I prefer to believe its normal to keep buying more and more polishes.

I wish it felt a bit more like autumn here so I would feel like whipping out more of my burgundys and maroons. Instead we are still in high +30c so maybe next month.

First one that has been on my nails a lot in past weeks is this bright purple Essie Sittin' Pretty (Link). You can find this vivid lavender in Essie Neons 2014 collection. Its not an everyday goes with everything shade for me as I do feel I have to take it into account when choosing an outfit. That said I still like it! Perfect change for all of reds and pastels I normally gravitate towards.

Oh did I say I like pastels? Now this is actually really a problem..because I picked up PiCture pOlish Sky and was soo soo soooo excited. OMG what an unusual and pretty pastel blue! What a great choice you have made Laura! Came home, painted my nails immediately only to realize that it is pretty much EXACTLY the same as Barry M Huckleberry which I of course already own. I swear it looked different in the store!! Well I have come to terms with it now, I bought something I already had just in a different bottle.What else is new..but its pretty right?

Another shade I have in 20 different variations is this type of purple/pink but I got a new one anyway. I think this would be the autumn shade of this selection. Sephora Formula X in Riotous (Link)- a dark magneta if I must describe it somehow. I have to say even with my normal base and top coat this baby stays chip free for 5 days on me. Which kind of makes me love the new Formula X line. This is my favorite work appropriate shade for the past weeks.

I have been holding back to get the Formula X The System but I might cave soon.

Everyone keeps praising so my curiosity is peaked. Have you tried it? Is it worth it?
Whats your current nail polish loves?

Monday, September 15, 2014

If I could only buy one brand of makeup..

it would be NARS forever and ever.

I have yet to try a product from them that did not deliver. Lipgloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, concealer, blush- if I named my top 3 favorites in any of these categories NARS would get a warmhearted mention. Actually I would just do a standing ovation all day long if that gives a strong enough statement for my everlasting love.

With this intro out of the way can you imagine my excitement to visit the NARS Flagship Boutique at 413 Bleecker Street in New York City. I was basically hyperventilating. 

I had my shopping list pre-made in my head (it would have been way to dangerous to go without it as then one might feel like she needs it ALL) and I managed to only add one impulse purchase so I would say I did damn well.

Sheer Glow foundation (Link) has been on my radar for ages and I'm so happy to report I love it. It has the glow and the coverage and the natural finish it promises. Even though its meant for normal or normal-to-dry skin types my combination skin gets on with it great.

Velvet Matte Lip Pencils have been mentioned on this blog too many times but I still did not own Dragon Girl (Link). If you happen to have lived in darkness until now these are incredibly pigmented, creamy and totally matte sticks that do not bleed and last for hours. Dragon Girl has been described as Siren Red and I think that suits the color well. I totally own Red Square (an organy red) and Cruella (a scarlet red) but Dragon Girl is like..totally different you know! And I like needed it more than anything in the world!

And I was supposed to be done with lip products at this moment. 

But oh Schiap I couldn't leave you behind (Link). I just could not. You Semi Matte beauty you! It is clear why this lipstick is one of NARS cult classics. Its long wearing and full coverage and bright as it can be. I think the mattness of it makes the brightness super modern and wearable and I'm so glad I caved and purchased this. Its perfect just lightly dabbed on or worn straight from the bullet for a full on look-at-my-lips action.

Venturing on I promised myself I will only buy one of the new Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow(Link) and I took that decision very seriously. So seriously that I spent 20min umm-ing and ahh-ing and discussing with the lovely sales assistant to decide which one is the shade I can't live without. In the end the battle was between the Himalia (on the right) and Dione (on the left). As I was starting to feel there might be something wrong with me because who takes choosing an eyeshadow with this level of concentration I just picked Himalia, a shimmering topaz shade and quickly made my way to the cashier. 

I'm not gonna lie I was pretty sad later that I didn't just go ahead and get both. But good things were coming my way. More precisely Simone was coming back from Paris and had picked up Dione ( a dreamy champagne beige) for me! Talk about fate (and super awesome generous makeup loving friends)!

Both shadows are a dream to apply and their true perfection in my opinion is when used wet. They last for the whole day and might just be my favorite eyeshadows at the moment.

There will be some face of the day posts with both eyeshadow soon. For now I just made a quick photo for you guys to see Schiap in all its bright glory.

Whats your favorite NARS products? 
I would love to make a new shopping list as so very soon we can buy it in Dubai. Be still my beating heart!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Feels like Autumn

I'm so happy I got my taste of autumn last week in Estonia. The transition from summer to autumn with its crisp air but sunny days is one of my favorites.

I was also weirdly satisfied about the possibility to wear layers and booties and even whip out my old coat. It was the most perfect weather to enjoy before returning to the crazy heat and humidity of Dubai.

So here comes a little outfit post from Estonia. We went for lunch and a leisurely walk in the park. I wore my H&M coat which is a few years old. For such a great piece the H&M price was a bargain. Its the cut of a classic mac but in a thicker material. I do really love this lighter mac on ASOS (Link) at the moment. Or you could get a similar look with this double breast wool coat(Link). Camel beige must be my favorite color for autumn coats.

Jeans are my much loved Topshop Kristen jeans. My absolute favorite black skinnys that Topshop of course discontinued. I wish I had known this as I would have bought numerous pairs of back ups. These are on their last leg and it makes me very very sad. Topshop has loads of different styles but non of them fit as well as the high waist Kristen. I am on the lookout for new black skinnys. Do let me know if you have spotted excellent ones?

Then we have the Lindex striped tshirt which is just a great basic. Not much else to say about it. Generally I find some nice casual tops on ASOS (Link). Bag is my new Marc by Marc Jacobs "Washed Up The Nash" Crossbody Bag in raspberries (Link). 

What was I most excited to wear in Estonia? My Aldo Cedrina ankle boots of course! These are from two years ago so currently out of stock but keep on eye out for them here. I tend to not bring them with me to Dubai as the wear time here would be a few weeks only and instead I give them all the love they deserve whenever I am in Estonia. Its a perfect heel which I can handle for the whole day and everybody knows leopard print is my favorite basic. I you need a pair of leopards in your life asap I found a dreamy (but expensive) Michael Kors option available (Link) or a cheaper version in River Island (Link).

Whats your favorite item to wear in the autumn?
Do you have something you are itching to pull out of the wardrobe the moment weather cools down?

Im back to light summer dresses and sandals now so let me vicariously live through you..

Monday, September 8, 2014

First Stop - Sephora

I know I mentioned a haul video but i dont think that is going to happen. I have filmed it twice and still I am not excited to upload so instead lets do this the old fashioned way. There will be posts about a small haul at Duane Reade and my lovely visit to Bleecker street NARS store but today lets talk about the bits I picked up at Sephora. I went to Sephora twice but the first time we were in a hurry so I just grabbed the two things I new I "needed" and one little extra.

I marched right up Tarte stand and bagged the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Natural Beauty(Link). If you saw my NYC wishlist post you know that I have been eying it forever and I love the formula of these blushes. This shade looks proper scary in pan but translates like a natural oh-you-made-me-blush kind of color on the cheeks. 

As I was at Tarte stand and it happens to be one of those brands I cant get in Dubai I decided to try their mascara as well. I chose the Lights, Camera, Lashes (Link). 

Next I practically ran to Kat Von D products cause gosh I have waited a long time to get my hands on that Tattoo Liner(Link). I plan to do proper reviews of the products later on but I can't control myself with this one. It is my favorite liquid eyeliner of all time. If you can go get it today or make your friends get it for you or make stranger get it for you or anyone in the states basically. It is awesome! If you want to be less dramatic you can of course order it online.

On my way out I grabbed the Sephora Lip Cream Stain in 01 (Link) as well. Yes I had heard all the hype and yes they sell it in Dubai as well. No I do not know why I was being stubborn and not picking it up. Saving you from long gushing I'm just gonna say its worth ALL the hype!

So the second raid to Sephora was at the end of the trip and very deliberately so. This way I had bought most of the things (shoes, bag, leather jacket) so I knew I had to go easy on the hauling. I did of course get a few more things. I got another Sephora Lip Cream Stain(Link) cause its that good. The only other shade that stood out was 03 so into the basket it went. 

All we have left is two skincare bits, an odd "I-wonder-what-this-is" purchase and a last minute grabbing at the check out. I got the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask(Link) and the Ole Hendricks Truth Serum(Link). The random purchase is Philosophy In The Buff Sun-Kissed Face skin perfector. I shall report back about this one. Lastly the bright pinkness and my curiosity made me grab the BeautyBlender (Link) lined so nicely next to the cashier.

 I have included a quick face of the day. I am wearing a light dusting of Natural Beauty blush, the tattoo eyeliner and the 03 Lip Cream Stain. The same look has been going on for about a week now with the lip color alternating between the two Cream Stains and the two Nars lipsticks I managed to hord.

So this is it with the part 1 of my beauty haul. I shall be back with new stuff soon.

I hope you have a perfect Monday and thank you so much for reading!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunny Days & More Shopping

So yes..I can not deny there was serious amount of shopping in NYC. In my defense almost everything I bought was on sale or just a really good bargain (or so I kept telling myself).

My mom wanted a new handbag and off to Kate Spade we went. We did good in Kate Spade. Like real good. As in she ended up getting two new bags and I left with a pair of new sunglasses and a cutest pocketbook ever. Pocketbook is hot pink and beautiful(Link) but sunglasses is what I really wanted to talk about. I own just two pairs of sunglasses and as Dubai is sunny every day I felt my collection needs to grow asap. Usually I will only reach for a black or tortoise classic shape no fuss sunglasses. Never in a million years would I have thought a pair of pastel pink and gold cat eye sunnys will steal my heart until this pair called Harmony(Link) was handed to me by a lovely sales assistant in the store.

In other wardrobe related subjects the dress and the bag are new as well. The dress is summer collection of Banana Republic and was on sale. Hence I can't find it online anymore to provide you a link. Its well made and perfect length, coral striped, has pockets and I feel pretty in it. In other words-it had to be mine.

 I would rather focus on the bag to be honest. This ladylike Max Mara JBag was a birthday present from my family. Its the perfect 60's style bag that still looks modern. I feel oh-so mad men when wearing it and never before have I had people ask me on the street where is my bag from. The light grey shade goes with everything and I just love love love it. Its roomy and has the cross body strap if needed. With 3 great new handbags I feel like maybe some "Whats in my bag?" videos are in order? What do you think?
Oh and the best news is that if you like the JBag its on sale at the moment and you can find it here.

Don't we look pleased with ourselves?  Looking at these Sephora bags I think its high time the for a beauty post next so stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

OOTD Roaming in Brooklyn

Here comes another outfit from New York. This time a very easy going comfy one.

We spent the day in Brooklyn eating great food, having amaaaazing coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee . I mean like really really good coffee so do make a trip there if you are ever close to one.

I wore some new purchases and some old favorites. The white wrap blouse is new and I have worn is so much already. Its just one of those super versatile pieces that works with jeans and heels for a night out but can easily be worn with sneakers for a casual look. Its by Pleione and I got it from Nordstrom Rack but online store only shows printed versions of it (Link). I did find a similar feel white blouse from Revolve (Link) and this one on sale (Link) if you are interested. For me this is one of those wardrobe staples.

Jeans are my well loved Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriend jeans (Link). These will forever go down as THE BEST boyfriend cut I have ever seen. I never thought I can pull off the boyfriend baggy look even if I loved it on other people but the skinny boyfriend jeans is where its at. Totally wort the investment in my book.

Moving on to the new Slim Low Top Converse (Link). I have owned Converse in many colors but in the end grey ones are my favorites. They just go with everything and I feel the slim cut makes them better to wear with skirts.

If you follow me in Instagram you maybe saw this photo. I couldn't decide which Marc by Marc Jacobs bag should come home with me. In the end the winner was the "Washed Up The Nash" Crossbody Bag in raspberries (Link). I love the pebbled leather and the perfect length of the strap and I think Marc by Marc bags such a great value for money. Okay I also love that it was 50% off in Century 21. Woop woop!

Im so happy to be back blogging and I cant wait to have a weekend to catch up with all of you guys.

Thanks for the lovely bday wishes. You are the best!

Monday, September 1, 2014

OOTD Brunch in NYC

Hi lovely humans,

I have totally neglected the blog and I'm not happy about. Its just that time flies when you are having fun and fun was what I had in New York and it has continued into this week in Estonia. Thats what vacations are for right?

At the same time I can not wait to share all the new goodies I got from the big apple (a haul video is in the making) and it also happens to be my favorite day in the world today- my bday! My amazing family and husband have spoiled me rotten with great present that will need to be recorded for you asap.

For today I have a outfit from my last day in New York. We went for a lovely family brunch and I wore a new dress from COS. Its a light weight jersey with draping that makes a super simple silhouette a little more interesting. It seems to be sold out online store but you could get a similar feel with this Asos number or this BCBG one.

Shoes are old Zara sandals still going strong and sunglasses are Gucci (Link).

Hope you are having a fantastic first day of September. Things are very much autumn like in Estonia so I'm totally enjoying wearing my coats and boots for a few more days.