Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunny Days & More Shopping

So yes..I can not deny there was serious amount of shopping in NYC. In my defense almost everything I bought was on sale or just a really good bargain (or so I kept telling myself).

My mom wanted a new handbag and off to Kate Spade we went. We did good in Kate Spade. Like real good. As in she ended up getting two new bags and I left with a pair of new sunglasses and a cutest pocketbook ever. Pocketbook is hot pink and beautiful(Link) but sunglasses is what I really wanted to talk about. I own just two pairs of sunglasses and as Dubai is sunny every day I felt my collection needs to grow asap. Usually I will only reach for a black or tortoise classic shape no fuss sunglasses. Never in a million years would I have thought a pair of pastel pink and gold cat eye sunnys will steal my heart until this pair called Harmony(Link) was handed to me by a lovely sales assistant in the store.

In other wardrobe related subjects the dress and the bag are new as well. The dress is summer collection of Banana Republic and was on sale. Hence I can't find it online anymore to provide you a link. Its well made and perfect length, coral striped, has pockets and I feel pretty in it. In other words-it had to be mine.

 I would rather focus on the bag to be honest. This ladylike Max Mara JBag was a birthday present from my family. Its the perfect 60's style bag that still looks modern. I feel oh-so mad men when wearing it and never before have I had people ask me on the street where is my bag from. The light grey shade goes with everything and I just love love love it. Its roomy and has the cross body strap if needed. With 3 great new handbags I feel like maybe some "Whats in my bag?" videos are in order? What do you think?
Oh and the best news is that if you like the JBag its on sale at the moment and you can find it here.

Don't we look pleased with ourselves?  Looking at these Sephora bags I think its high time the for a beauty post next so stay tuned.


  1. How cute are those sunglasses on you?! I've been itching for a new pair and was looking at black ones. Who would have thought pink should be on my list?

    Bedknobs & Baubles

  2. Love the bag, love the dress, and LOVE the sunglasses! They look amazing on you. Now I want to see the beauty stuff you bought! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  3. I was very restrained in Kate Spade… I only came away with a purse and diary! I'm very proud of myself as I could get swept up by everything in there!