Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pom Pom Mania

 Hello new sandals that I wasn't even sure I like and haven't taken off for days!

I love the pompom bohemian sandal trend of this summer but I wasn't sure if its something I can make work in my wardrobe. Hence shelling the big bucks out for a pair of Elina Linardakis wasn't an option even if I do think they look dreamy on the people of the Instagram. 

This is until I saw the cheap knock off version by Glamorous on ASOS. Immediate ADD TO BAG followed because they are perfect. Same same but cheap enough that I don't have to feel bad in case I don't wear them that much. I half expected them to not look as good in real life but I was wrong. They are just as pictured- colorful, cute and fun. Luckily they fit well and are comfortable also so I can now fully embrace my bohemian side. My one weird thing with sandals is that I dont like ankle straps as I find it visually shortens my leg too much. This strap runs just below the ankle and the nude beige color of the strap helps making legs look longer in flat shoes as well.

All in all I am super happy with my purchase. They have different style of the pom pom sandals on ASOS so worth checking it out.

I leave you know with Yalla who also would like to have a pair of pom pom sandals as Im mean and dont let her play with mine. x

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

THE Perfect Summer Dress

COS is one of those magical stores that I check whenever I am in the mall. I love everything in there yet 85% of the stuff doesn't suit my body type I still enjoy going there. I always take minimum 5-6 items to try on and usually leave with another one of their basic tshirts (they make the best tshirts!). It feeds my minimal fashion side when I don't feel like wearing flowery poofy midi dresses. Once in a while thou I will come across something absolutely perfect that will instantly become a wardrobe fav.

Enter black Crossback Dress. I was looking for a new black summer dress for weeks. Black in the summer you might wonder? Well yes I had a vision of a black dress to go with the H&M hat and the one in COS filled every criteria and more.

It is a beautiful cotton fabric to begin with- love that for summer heat.
Open backs are my fav way to show skin so huge plus there.
The waist is well fitted hence makes you look skinny and the length is..midi..haha which i like.. you may have noticed?
It has a great cut on the sides to no side boob worries

extra bonus coming up

it has pockets!!

I actually can't think of anything else to ask for in a perfect dress. I love the style as it looks cool with Converse as well as heels and it is so lightweight.

I shall try to stop gushing over a dress now but honestly. So much happiness for another firm COS favorite. Whats your prefect summer dress like?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Bits from Becca

A day after Becca was released in Dubai I was already in a taxi on my way to Sephora. I'm not joking. I wasn't this excited even when NARS arrived. Probably because I hadn't tried anything but one highlighter from Becca and read so much about the brand. I had to go dip my fingers in every possible tester pot and pan ASAP/

I knew I wanted one of the Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blushes and as per usual I trust Laura and went for Camellia that she raved about. It looks a bit scary in pan but trying best to describe it I would say its a medium warm rose toned pink that has crazy color payoff and subtle shimmer. And when I say color pay off I mean you need the fluffiest feathery brush that touches the pan once. Anything more and this can get out of hand (speaking of experience here as first time I applied it I couldnt resist swirling the brush around..mistake!). Light hand is the key and you are left with serious glowy healthy looking cheeks. On me this shade lasts up to 6-7h no problem which is impressive for a blush. All in all I have not reached for any other blush for a month now.

I didn't feel the need for another highlighter as I already own Champagne Pop but definitely felt the need to pick up more than just a blush. Under Eye Brightening Corrector seemed like something I can use in my never ending battle of dark circles and creased under eye area. This promises to totally eradicate under eye darkness and not to settle in fine lines or wrinkles. First time I over did it and layered way too much under my concealer. The brightening effect is amazing- better than anything I have tried- but covering the whole under eye area with this left me a creased mess that even after powdering made my mascara smudge instantly. I was bummed because I loved the look but honestly the texture is just too creamy. I still like it so I have made it work for myself. I take a tiny bit and blend it with my fingers only at the parts that are actually dark so I keep away from using too much. Then I add a  very light layer of reflective radiant powder ( I use my YSL Souffle D'Eclat). I finish off with a concealer which is currently either Charlotte Tilbury or Maybelline Age Rewind. It still makes my mascara smudge a bit faster than normal but it also has the most amazing brightening effect so you win some you lose some.

Now I am super tempted to try out the new foundation by Becca. Aqua something something?

Is there anything else I should definitely buy on my next trip to the mall?