Wednesday, July 20, 2016

THE Perfect Summer Dress

COS is one of those magical stores that I check whenever I am in the mall. I love everything in there yet 85% of the stuff doesn't suit my body type I still enjoy going there. I always take minimum 5-6 items to try on and usually leave with another one of their basic tshirts (they make the best tshirts!). It feeds my minimal fashion side when I don't feel like wearing flowery poofy midi dresses. Once in a while thou I will come across something absolutely perfect that will instantly become a wardrobe fav.

Enter black Crossback Dress. I was looking for a new black summer dress for weeks. Black in the summer you might wonder? Well yes I had a vision of a black dress to go with the H&M hat and the one in COS filled every criteria and more.

It is a beautiful cotton fabric to begin with- love that for summer heat.
Open backs are my fav way to show skin so huge plus there.
The waist is well fitted hence makes you look skinny and the length is..midi..haha which i like.. you may have noticed?
It has a great cut on the sides to no side boob worries

extra bonus coming up

it has pockets!!

I actually can't think of anything else to ask for in a perfect dress. I love the style as it looks cool with Converse as well as heels and it is so lightweight.

I shall try to stop gushing over a dress now but honestly. So much happiness for another firm COS favorite. Whats your prefect summer dress like?


  1. I adore a dress with pockets!! This was SO perfect on you in store, and the hat.... ❤️

  2. The dress is fabulous but more so these photos are amazing!

    Victoria x