Saturday, September 13, 2014

Feels like Autumn

I'm so happy I got my taste of autumn last week in Estonia. The transition from summer to autumn with its crisp air but sunny days is one of my favorites.

I was also weirdly satisfied about the possibility to wear layers and booties and even whip out my old coat. It was the most perfect weather to enjoy before returning to the crazy heat and humidity of Dubai.

So here comes a little outfit post from Estonia. We went for lunch and a leisurely walk in the park. I wore my H&M coat which is a few years old. For such a great piece the H&M price was a bargain. Its the cut of a classic mac but in a thicker material. I do really love this lighter mac on ASOS (Link) at the moment. Or you could get a similar look with this double breast wool coat(Link). Camel beige must be my favorite color for autumn coats.

Jeans are my much loved Topshop Kristen jeans. My absolute favorite black skinnys that Topshop of course discontinued. I wish I had known this as I would have bought numerous pairs of back ups. These are on their last leg and it makes me very very sad. Topshop has loads of different styles but non of them fit as well as the high waist Kristen. I am on the lookout for new black skinnys. Do let me know if you have spotted excellent ones?

Then we have the Lindex striped tshirt which is just a great basic. Not much else to say about it. Generally I find some nice casual tops on ASOS (Link). Bag is my new Marc by Marc Jacobs "Washed Up The Nash" Crossbody Bag in raspberries (Link). 

What was I most excited to wear in Estonia? My Aldo Cedrina ankle boots of course! These are from two years ago so currently out of stock but keep on eye out for them here. I tend to not bring them with me to Dubai as the wear time here would be a few weeks only and instead I give them all the love they deserve whenever I am in Estonia. Its a perfect heel which I can handle for the whole day and everybody knows leopard print is my favorite basic. I you need a pair of leopards in your life asap I found a dreamy (but expensive) Michael Kors option available (Link) or a cheaper version in River Island (Link).

Whats your favorite item to wear in the autumn?
Do you have something you are itching to pull out of the wardrobe the moment weather cools down?

Im back to light summer dresses and sandals now so let me vicariously live through you..


  1. Love the boots! So cute.
    Maitha xx

    1. Thank you Maitha :) I wish I could have taken them to Dubai with me but my suitcase was already overweight so they will wait for me in Estonia.