Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shine A Little Brighter...

..or get products that do it for you.

Say hello to the more outstanding new additions to my ever growing beauty stash!

First up is Mac Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Coil (Link). These range of eyeshadows have the weirdest texture. Its kind of spongy cream to powder formula which is not usually something I go for. However the shade Coil is just dreamy. Its a medium to dark coppery bronze with some serious metallic sheen that catches the light. Easiest to apply with fingers but does work with a synthetic brush also. I seem to get on better if patting it on rather than rubbing or blending too much. I was impressed that it easily lasted 7 or 8 hours on me and thanks to the creamy formula there is no sparkly fall out.

 The weird but wonderful texture totally got me hooked and I ignored the blogger rule nr.1 photographs before swatching. Hence the dent my grubby fingers left the moment I had this in my hands.

Building it up to an intense dark copper works perfect for a night out but I also wear it day time with a more light and blended look. One of those super easy options that just need lashings of mascara and thats it.

Now the second item we must discuss is possibly moved into my most treasured makeup items list.
You know the ones you would save in the fire etc.  

Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight (Link) is just too good for words. I mean I was all praising The Balm highlighter just a few posts back and I still think Mary-Lou Manizer is a good product but it has got NOTHING on Candlelight! This is magic. It is soo finely milled and buttery and swatching might not even get you that excited but once its on your cheek bones it is beyond gorgeous! If you only ever get one highlighter please let it be this one! It just illuminates any area you brush it over in a subtle but reflective way and suddenly you have cheekbones and your eyes look awake and your nose looks all slender and .. I could go on and on. I might go as far to say I am obsessed with Celestial Powder.

Have you tried either of these two shiny pots of goodness? Or maybe you have bought something else that really stands out? I would love to know..


  1. Thank you for the highlighter suggestion!
    I've been disappointed with so many highlighters over the years, that I really might try this one... Maybe it'll be THE one.

    1. It is soooo amazing! get it get it get it! seriously Im in love with this highlighter..maybe more than normal :D x

  2. Candlelight is amazing, definitely my fave highlight!

    I bought one of those electric cool eyeshadows in Superwatt at the texture is weird isnt it! I need to have another go with it-Coil is a beaut tho, it really suits your colouring

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

    1. Next up is Superwatt for me.. it seems a bit less pigmented than Coil thou! I read a review somewhere that the blending quality varies between shades..Coil is great I think! x

  3. I bought that highlighter and returned it without opening it because I was feeling a guilty (I had purchased 3 highlighters within a two weeks time...ridiculous I know) but now I want it back! Ah!


    1. hahaha.. 3 highlighters might be pushing it a bit but then again..depends who you ask :D Which ones did you keep then? I think you might have to get Candlelight soon is sooo stunning! x