Monday, October 12, 2015

M.A.C. Red and Pure Zen

You know that feeling when you look at your makeup stash and think "Wow I have too many lipsticks. I certainly dont need any new ones."

Yeah. Me neither!
There is always a lipstick or ten on my wishlist and recently two of them made it to me. Both from good old Mac because nothing beats having that time by the lipstick stand picking up shade after shade only to find out you already own every one you pick up. Until one time you pick up something you dont have and its the same joy all over again. Right? I hope this is not just me.

Anyway- M.A.C Red is Satin finish classic beauty. Nothing groundbreaking if you have as many red lipsticks as me yet totally irresistible if you have as big obsession with red lipsticks as me. It has strong blue undertones and a hint of pink or cherry shade in it. Its bright and beautiful. The satin finish is a good option on days my lips are a little dry but I still want a red lip look. I shall try have a picture of me wearing it up soon.

Pure Zen is a total revelation for me! Why did I live under a rock for so long I do not know but thankfully I have Laura, my makeup fairy-godmother. When she heard I don't have this shade we marched to the closest MAC counter and she gifted me one. I thought its same-same as my Peach Blossom but I was wrong. This is more pigmented, peachier in color and like totally different!! Mac describes it as a "warm frosted nude" and it come in the creamsheen finish. A perfect every day nude that I have been wearing nonstop for a week.

Here is Pure Zen with a tiny bit of Elizabeth Arden clear lipbalm on top as I'm struggling with dryness at the moment. 

Have you bought lipsticks lately? Anything I should look into?


  1. Pure Zen! Right, mission this use my Back to MAC empties and get this gorgeous lipstick again! Looks perfect teamed with your blue dress Laura! :)

    Lis x x x

  2. What I've learned from this post is that I need to buy Pure Zen. It looks gorgeous on you! I got into Mac lipsticks very late but I'm on a mission now to make up for lost time! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Yes! If you buy one Mac lipstick this month make it Pure Zen. Its is soo beautiful everyday nude. You will love it! x