Sunday, October 18, 2015

Get in My Closet ASOS Sale Dresses

Get in My Closet ASOS Sale Dresses

I assume you all know there is a great sale going on at ASOS right now and if you go on the site you will want to buy all the things. If you didn't I'm sorry I told you cause now you kind of have to check it out right?

Anyway I have made one order already and I am contemplating a second one which is just really not necessary but whatever. Let talk dresses cause thats the only thing I wear anyway.

1. Long Sleeve Check Shirt Dress- I am kicking myself I didn't see this when I made my previous order. It would be perfect to give off that autumnal vibe without melting in Dubai sun. Love the colors and the length cause I could belt it and it would still not be too short. This is one of the reasons I am considering an second order.

2. Fit and Flare Dress with Metallic Dogtooth print- I know this one could go either way cause metallic fabrics can look cheap sometimes. However on the ASOS video view I still like it. Such a cute Christmas party dress ( yes I said it..I said Christmas party..its coming!).

3. Sequin Midi Skater Dress- this disco dress is already on its way to me. I couldnt resist it even knowing I probably dont have anywhere to wear it. But I thought for the sale price its OK even if I just put it on at home and feel happy. In reality I'm sure I will find a place to wear it to I dont mind being overdressed. The crazy all over sequin fabric in combination with midi lenght drew me in and when the second picture showed an open back (which is by far my favorite way to show skin- I'm not a boob or leg girl. I'm a check-out-my-low-cut-back type of girl) the order was made in a matter of minutes.

4. 50's Belted Prom Dress-lets me honest this is just a very me dress isnt it. I love fabric belts and the cut is like all my other dresses. It just seems to be great fabric and quality and the price on sale is fabulous. I really want to get it but.. since its sleeveless and low V cut front and back I cant really wear it to work and I dont need any more going out dresses until I start going out more. But maybe you should order it and I can live vicariously through you?

5. Ruffle Skater Dress- if a second order shall "accidentally" happen I will be adding this dress to it. It is a perfect dog walking dress. Yes that is a separate theme in my wardrobe. I just think it looks cute and comfy for home lounging and weekend beach trips.

6. -7. I already own both of these dresses and they are much loved and worn. Hence when I saw them on sale I thought I would notify you in case you want to add either to your collection. You can see me wearing the Black Debutante Midi Dress in this post. Second is the yellow Warehouse Pleat Detail Dress I have worn so much this summer. I did a post about it here. I think you should just buy both of them to be honest!!

So I shall get back to work now and stop shopping. But what do you think? Any of them worth a purchase?

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