Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Keep It Real

Now if we keep it real here sometimes I just don't have time to organize a fab Instagramworthy outfit photo shoot.

I can't get a friend to take my photos in a pretty location in perfect afternoon gold light because of a very uninteresting reason- I'm at work. So sometimes you ask your coworker to take a picture in your office and hope that no client walks into the reception while you pose away.

Thats how it happened. A photo taken this morning in my office but there are reasons why:

There is only ONE of these pastel Sleevless Tailored Jackets left on Topshop sale and I think you should drop everything you are doing and order it NOW. Its such great quality for the sale price and a blush pink jacket will forever make your days better believe me! I am in love with it and can picture wearing it over a all white outfit next.

Another item that arrived in latest ASOS order is also well worth a look into although maybe if you live in a climate with actual winter this wount interest you too much. The Cami with scallop neckline is a perfect way to make a boring work outfit more interesting. Obviously you need a blazer or cardigan over it but the neckline is high enough but cute at the same time.

Everything else on this photo is old and seen. Sparkly brogues are Topshop and black jeans Current Elliot, my beloved JBag from MaxMara of course.

That is all. I have to get back to work. But I would have hated to see that pink jacket out of stock before I had a chance to tell you guys. x


  1. Isegi taust sobitub kõigega! Nii et anna aga tuld ja lase end rohkem kontoris pildistada :)

  2. I actually quite like your background Laura :)

    And as always, looking fab!


    Lis x