Monday, March 30, 2015

OOTD- Zara Double Layered Top

I would like to enable you to buy this top. So I will keep this short so you can head to Zara after.

I mean if you absolutely hate it dont but maybe go try it on anyway. Because I am in love with this white flowy double layered Zara creation.

White tops tend to be my obsession and I feel as if there is never enough and you an always relay on Zara to stock some more "total necessity" options. My personal favorite is if the said top can be found in TRF section of Zara making it budget friendly as well.

I can't stop wearing it with jeans and skirts for both formal high heel look or a laid back version with pumps. I think it looks equally good for daytime and I feel its dressy enough to wear to dinner.

The inside layer has a V-front and V-back (I tried to do a photo of the back but for some reason looked slightly hunchbacked an all the photos so no go for those views). The outer layer is a cape like material with sleeves and a button closure on the back.
The material is great as it doesn't wrinkle too easily and I just love the cut. It makes any outfit interesting.

Do you wear white tops, shirts, blouses?
I think if I had to choose only one color tops for the rest of my life I would choose white. If that ain't commitment I dont know what is!


  1. I love love love this top! I never need a shopping enabler when white tops and/or Zara are involved! Maitha x

    1. Thank you Maitha! I know what you mean.. I have eyed up two more white tops in Zara now :D haha #hopeless x

  2. Everything about this outfit I love...That top though, right up my alley and I can see why you can't stop wearing it *runs to nearest Zara immediately*. I completely agree...I gravitate toward white or black tops but if I had to choose for the rest of my life it would be white. It just allows for so many options...brighter/printed skirt, any type of pants, options are endless. Love it!


    1. Thank you :) I kind of wish they did this top in black also although white is the main importance of course :) Let me know if you got it? x