Thursday, February 19, 2015

FOTD Berry Lips

So here is an idea. Lets do a chit chat post with a little face of the day thrown in.

There is a a lot of new things I used for this look so I'm thinking I do short review of the products as well.
I have be been wanting to try Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua(Link) foundation for ages. Not even sure why as I typically prefer a bit more coverage and this is super lightweight but it might be because I kept reading such positive reviews on it. As I have a tan from Sri Lanka and my skin overall is in a pretty good condition I figured now is the time. So happy that I can now join the row of pleased beauty addicts cause this foundation is looovely. It has enough power to make skin look even but feels super lightweight. Its luminous in the best way and I love the slightly powdery smell. Its one for the good skin days for sure and I dont think it would hold up to the summer heat in Dubai but its absolutely perfect for now. Havent used anything else since I got this.

Second new thing is the Clarins Pro Eyebrow(Link) palette. I am not a fan of the dainty little tools in the kit so those go untouched (lost the tiny tweezers already when the cat pushed them behind a cupboard) but the products are all awesome. Three shades of brown for shaping your brows and a proper setting wax. I love the wax as my brows tend to be a bit unruly and dont stay put for the whole day without it. I didn't expect to like the baby pink looking eyeshadow but its perfect for under the eyebrow. Super natural but so brightening. All in all I am very pleased with my new brow kit.

Oldies but goodies are the Tarte Natural Beauty blush(Link) and the Clinique Airbrush Concealer(Link). Both excellent products that I have been using for a while and they still haven't ended up at the back of the drawers. Fairly new but I have written about it in the blog already is the Kevin Aucion Candelight Celestian Powder(Link) highlighter - soo good I dont have words for it. No there is a word for it- divine! I used it in inner corners of the eyes and a little on the cheek bones and down my nose.
 Three new things left. The most prominent in the look and my very first berry colored lip gloss. Simone got me this Mac Lipglass in Utterly Tart (Link). This is from the Mac Indulge Collection so its a limited edition. I have had it for a while but couldn't wear it as stuff like this sets into my lip lines very fast. Until now because I finally found a perfect lip liner for it. I mean I could have gotten something cheaper than a YSL lip liner(Link) but oh well. The shade is 21 and this liner is sooo pretty just worn on its own but perfect with the mac lipglass.

Lastly I have a new mascara Gucci Opulent(Link). This is great. I can do a separate review if you are interested but its a mascara so you know. Not much to say. However more importantly LiLash is definitely working!! I think you can see on this photo as well. I mean the mascara is good and lengthening but my lashes are waay longer than they used to be.

And there we have it. An easy but I think rather impactful look and its nice to have a change to all the red and pink lip I usually wear.

Let me know what you think? Also if you have a favorite berry shade I should check out?


  1. Absolutely lovely Laura! I've been wanting to try the Vitalumiere Aqua but for some reason Chanel foundations turn a shade of peachy pink on me and give me a floating frustrating >.<


    1. Thank you Lindsey! I really really loove this foundation. The shade I have is for when Im tanned but Im thinking of picking up a lighter shade also cause its kind of my new fav. Sucks that u cant find a good shade! x

  2. Absolutely love this lip colour! You look gorgeous. X

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Thank you so much Kate! Its new for me cause I dont really wear berry and I never wear shiny lips but its growing on me. X

  3. I adore this look on you Laura, looks so fresh and sophisticated :)

    Lis x