Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beach Kimono OOTD

I am back from my yoga vacation in Sri Lanka and it was amaaaazing! 

If a down to earth but fun yoga retreat in a colonial villa midst palm trees is what you are looking for you have to check out Villa de Zoysa. It was full of everything from massage, great food, twice a day yoga and long dinner conversations at a communal table with all the other retreat guest. Really fun!

Travel talk aside, lets talk shopping. I did do a tiny bit of it before the vacation. I got a new bikini from Victorias Secret (this one but in turquoise) and a colorful beach kimono from River Island (Link).

I shall not be modelling the bikini for you so kimono it is. I kind of ordered it on a whim and I am so happy with it.

It has pretty much every color you can imagine on it so will look good with any block color bikini. This is what initially draw me to it. I also like that its long and there is beautiful beading in the front.  It would be great if there was some kind of a button or hook to close it in front but thats not a big issue. The fabric is light but not super see-through which I definitely appreciate.

I also wore my rose quartz K.I.S.S bracelets by NVbyK and a new one from the brands latest collection every day. Rose quartz is my favorite stone and it felt good to load them full of zen energy and vacation happiness.

Also I always wanted to try the ever so trendy golden tattoo stickers but they are rather expensive in Dubai and I haven't bothered to order online. I found some cheap ones from a tiny boutique in Galle Fort and loved wearing them. Kind of wish I bought more than one sheet. This trend is like a blast from the past. I was always proud to wear the colorful tattoos you got from a gum pack only that its more glamorous in gold and the tattoos are not pictures of cats or cars.

Since I got back I may or may have not balanced out all this zen with some good old fashion consumerism.

There is some bits from Zara and a whole lot of new makup to talk about so I will be back shortly.



  1. Found your blog recently and I’d like to say that I’m in love with it!
    Interesting posts and beautiful photos!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Hi Diana! Thank you so much for you comment and happy you like my blog. Your blog design is beauuutiful! x

  2. Love love the kimona! I'm heading to Dubai in May and I'm all about looking at kimono's and the like at the moment.

    Victoria x

    1. Thanks a lot Victoria! How super exciting that you are coming to Dubai. You will love it! X

  3. Sweets. Miss your face!
    You can get gold tats etc. on ASOS :) and loooads of kimonos! I've been collecting for a couple of years now and have aprox. 15...and counting :O

    1. Ohhh Michaaa! I miss you face so so much! Me and Morgan were just saying how much we wish we could come visit you!

      I will get on those gold tattoos from ASOS asap! Never knew that! and I got this kimono from asos as well. I think I need to get some more. I have only now started the obsession.