Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Favorites

February is knows to fly by in a blink so before we roll into March here are some products that stood out for me this month. 

I haven't been doing these favorites posts every month as my preferred products dont rotate that often but this time its all things I have never talked about on the blog.
That palette what makeup dreams are made of -NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette (Link). I never did a review of this as its seemed the internet was overflowing with the praise for this magical palette. For good reason because I have hardly used any other blushes or bronzer since I got this as a Christmas present from Laura. Its a limited edition holiday release so sold out in most places but if you missed out and see it somewhere now just get it. Dont start thinking how many blushes you already own or that you have only one face and when will you use up all your bronzers. Just buy it because you will never regret it. It houses Laguna bronzer and three glorious blushes Deep Throat, Sex Fantasy and Final Cut. There is also Miss Liberty Highlighter which I am not crazy about but every other shade in it is perfection. It makes me happy just looking at it in the mornings while doing my makeup.

I mentioned the Oribe Signature Moisture Masque (Link) hairmask in a previous post but now that I have used it a few times I need to stress once more how awesome it is. Its expensive I know but you also get a proper luxury feeling. Starting with the smell that lingers in the hair after the mask and the thick lush consistency, ending with the silky smooth nourished locks that makes you want to do the hair commercial hair-flick all day long. I love putting it in the ends of my hair in the evening and wash it off in the morning for a proper intense boost. It honestly transforms my dry ends and as my hair is fine and rather short I need only a little of the mask. 

The Chanel Reve D'Orient Quadra Eye Shadow palette that was limited edition release made specially for Chanel Dubai Cruise Show last year. I have been loving the shimmery dark brown shade (so much so I have to look at the beautiful star embossing disappear) but have actually used all four shades a lot this month. 

Weirdly another Chanel product has made it to the favorites. I say weirdly cause I dont own a lot of Chanel makeup and it isn't a brand I tend to splurge on too often. However I have to say Vitalumier Aqua (Link) foundation is firmly taken the "new favorite" spot on my foundation shelf.

Last but not least is Figs & Rouge Wild Cherry (Link) balm. I have had this for a while but it got lost in the drawer depths of this makeup hauling individual. I dug it out and do not ever want to part with it again. It lives in my handbag and I kind of want to buy a second one that would move to my nightstand. This is a 100% petroleum free lip balm that has multiple used and pretty pretty tin package. I love the gloss it gives so I have been using it day time instead of lip gloss this month. I haven't been into my regular reds and other bright lipsticks lately so glosses and balm have gotten a lot of use. It has also come handy for smoothing flyaway hair and in the evening I like to use it for nails and cuticles. It really is one of those multiuse balms thats always handy to have with you.

This concludes my February Favorites. I left out some much loved skin care bits as I want to do a separate post on them next week. 

Let me know in the comments if you have done a favorites post. X


  1. Replies
    1. Its kind of what makeup dreams are made of.. ridiculously pretty to look at and super good quality as well :)

  2. I really want that Nars palette, it looks divine! :)

    Lis x

    1. It is perfection! I think it might be my favorite palette I own and I mean over all not just in blush palette category! x