Wednesday, February 25, 2015

OOTD- Floral Printed Midi Prom Dress

I honestly can not believe I havent managed to post this dress earlier. I have had it for months and have bravely named it my favorite ASOS purchase of last year so there really is no excuse for the lack of blog coverage. It was my choice for most Christmas parties and loads of other occasions.

It is one of those pricier ASOS items that makes me 'umm' and 'aaah' for ages before making up my mind. Even though I loved it from the moment it appeared on the site you can never be sure with the quality of ASOS things. Ordering from ASOS = one of those great gambles that keeps my life exciting (I dont do extreme sports and I dont like casinos so yes this will be my choice of shopping).

There was suddenly a random 20% discount code floating and in a flash- Floral Printed Midi Prom Dress (Link) was mine!
I was so excited to rip into the delivery a few days later and ever more excited to realize this time I hit
the jackpot. I mean yes..for some people this might be on the verge of costume dress from the Mad Men set but honestly that's how I like my dresses to look. I also think that the artsy almost painting like floral pattern is modern enough and the grey weighty fabric tones down the full-on-old-school cut so for me this is perfection.

The dress is obviously fully lined but I love that it also has a small tulle under skirt that help to hold the shape. Its 97% cotton so not much stretch in it but thankfully it fits me good from the waist anyway. I'm happy to report I think its worth its price.

The main thing really is that it makes me feel good. I wear this dress every opportunity I get because I just feel so pretty in it. Whats your 'makes me feel pretty' item in your closet? Is it something from ASOS as well?


  1. Ah this dress is absolutely stunning! I love the style of it!

    1. Thank you :) I cant get enough of it either. I wish I could have it in a million different fabrics x

  2. pretty pretty pretty! :) looks gorgeous on you Laura and the colours are fab, I love grey and pinks together :)

    Lis x

    1. Thank you so much Lis X

      I honestly think this is my jackpot order from ASOS :) have to order a lot of things to try to trump this one haha

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Victoria :) I kind of feel fabulous when wearing this dress also haha X

  4. Beautiful outfits! I love that fashion and I want to say that you look fabulous :)
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