Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy 1 Year of Blogging!


My lovely little corner in the internet has turned 1 year old!
I couldn't be more thrilled that there are you people who come and read and comment and we can discuss all things beauty and shopping. It always makes me smile!

On my last made up 4 month bloga-versary (who else read that and immediately heard Monica Gellers voice saying "Plus we get to have our own, ani-Vegas-ary! A-Nevadaversary"..just me? okay then..) I did this little post about 25 Random Facts.

This time I saw a post on Bonjour Luce that I loved and inspired by it here is my take. Hope you enjoy! Also pictures in this post will be of my furry crew because I dont have enough reasons to post them and well.. I really want to!

Red or White Wine?  Red for sure. A glass of Merlot preferably.
City or Countryside? As much as I like a week in the countryside I am a city girl. I need the hustle and energy of living in a city.
Cats or Dogs? Cats. No dogs. No ALL ANIMALS! Seriously I can not answer this question. I love all pets!
Sweet or Savoury?  Savoury. I will always choose a cheese plate or some Jamón over cake or ice cream. I am a big cheese person (to the point of having cheese for dinner if husband is traveling seems not only acceptable but preferred)
Dresses or Jeans? Ha..if you have been reading my blog for this first year I think it is pretty clear the answer is dresses and midi skirts. I only own 2 pairs of jeans.
Heels or Flats? Heels. But I have to say gone are the days of crazy high heels I could only stand in. I try to shop wisely so the heels are actually comfortable.
Beyonce or Taylor Swift? Queen B forever. I think I have mentioned this before that if I could be one celebrity for a day I would be Beyonce. I have teenage type of love for her!
Tea or Coffee? Coffee hands down. Nothing beats that first cup in the morning.
Divergent or Hunger Games? Is it horrible that I have not seen either?!
Blogposts or YT Videos? Blogposts. I like pretty photos and when peoples personality shines through in their writing.
Skincare or Make Up? Make up. I dont really know anything about skincare. Entering my 30s this year I guess its high time to learn? Best get taking notes from all my favorite blogs.
Night or Morning? The card on the right describes me the best:

Pizza or Burgers?  Burgers. Give me all the burgers.
Books or Magazines?  Books without a doubt. I am a bookworm at heart and love getting totally lost in a new read.
Facebook or Twitter? Instagram forever! If I had to use only one social media channel it would be Instagram.
Summer or Winter? Summer if we are viewing the traditional seasons here (Summer=sunny, winter= snowy). Winter if you live in Dubai as the weather is mild and sunny and days are spent outdoors.

What is your favourite...?

City? New York
Book?  Too many to list but first that came in my mind are Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and The Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follett. 
Movie? Love Actually 
TV Show? Friends
Perfume? Constantly changing. Current favorite Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay
Nail Polish? I know it is not normal to spend the longest on trying to answer a question about nailpolish but nothing I can do about it. I feel like choosing a favorite is a big commitment. Am I ready for it? I will go with Formula X - Obsessed
Skincare Item? Coconut Oil
Lipstick? NARS - Red Square
Foundation? Clarins Extra-Comfort
Food? Sushi
Dessert? Apple tart with vanilla ice cream
Place to eat in Dubai? For an ultimate romantic date night Pierrechic. 
Alcoholic Drink? Whiskey Sour
Non Alcoholic Drink? Watermelon juice 
Actor/Actress? Never had one sure favorite but I'm at the moment I am absolutely in awe of Eddie Redmayne after seeing The Theory of Everything.
Singer/Band? Justin Timberlake

Hope you liked reading this even if it was a little different from my usual posts. I am off to Sri Lanka again in a weeks time so expect some beach outfits and loads of palm tree pictures.

And if any of you have done a similar post I would love to read it so please leave a link in comments.


  1. Firsthand - congratulations! :) & Secondhand thanks for sharing your preference list! :) I might even borrow this list for one of my future posts, seems like a fun thing to write about. :)

    1. Thank you lovely x Yes! Do it and let me know when the post is up :)

    2. Aaaaand it's done! Thanks for the inspiration, I added some more points too. :)

  2. Congrats on 1 year of blogging! Loved this tag will definitely try and give it a whirl on my blog.

    Victoria x

    1. Thank you so much Victoria :) Let me know when your post if up I would love to read x

  3. Nii äge! Ma kohe mõtlesin asjadele, mis pole üldse muutunud - lemmikfilmid või -sarjad, selliste ankeetide või nimekirjade täitmine. Ja siis nendele asjadele, mis on - neitsiteklubi liikmed ei joo ju kohvi! Hahaa. Nunnud olendid sul ikka kodus. (Ja küünelakkide valimisega läheb mul ka veidi aega, sest ma ei leia poodidest kuidagi Rimmelit üles.)
    Otsisin kähku blogist üles, et 2007.aastal tegin ühe sellise testi (hoopis teistsugune sinu omast, aga ikkagi :)) ja uskumatul kombel on nii paljud asjad säilinud samana:

    1. Haha jaaa see on nagu Minu Klass salmik ainult et blogi kujul :D ja sinu ankeet on niiii tore! Kohe tuli maailma suurim tung seda ka täita. m6ned asjad t6esti ei muutu..6nneks :D

  4. Nii äge post! Mul ka täiega tihti jooksevad friendside quote'id peas, ja ma olen suht kindel et poistel ei oleks selle vastu midagi kui nende ema vahepeal võõras keeles räägiks omaette ja siis itsitaks :D