Thursday, June 9, 2016

Keeping it Pastel

Of course just as I got back into the blogging swing of things and I finally had ideas what to write about my computer crashed. This was three weeks ago!! Can you imagine three weeks without a laptop. I didn't even think I would survive but here I am still alive and kicking. The smart tech men are still trying to figure out what happened but until they do I can borrow the PC from work that I don't know how to use at all.
Sob story know that makes everything better forever and always? NEW SHOES!
Meet the most beautiful versatile comfortable and dreamy pair of pastel pink shoe perfection- Berlin Pumps by DvF 

 This is the kind of shoe I had been looking for since my Topshop ones just broke in half last summer. Its is the perfect blush pink color with a classic pointy nose and mid height heel. They seemed too good to be true when I spotted them online but couldn't resist and ordered anyway. If I'm going splurge on heels they better be something I'm wearing day and night. Another Diane von Furstenberg win in shoe department. I own two more pairs of her shoes and these will go into Favorites category as well. Beautiful quality, padded sole and heel I can not only look pretty in but actually walk as well. Is it obvious that I'm obsessed?

I am slowly transitioning so that everything in my home and wardrobe is pastel. Its only half intentional but it makes me happy so I'm gonna roll with it.

Any good summer shoe purchases you have made lately? x


  1. Beautiful... all my shoe purchases the moment seem to be of the sandal variety as I countdown to my holiday in two weeks.

    Victoria x

    1. I really need to find some sandals. My Zara ones are just about to break any moment and I cant seem to find a pair I love. So instead I buy heels haha..makes perfect sense right? :D x

  2. Love these shoes, they're just a timeless classic. I have just bought some fab lace-up sandals from Mango that are a great 'dupe' for the Chloe knotted leather sandals!

    Anna xx | Anna Hopeless