Sunday, May 15, 2016

London Beauty Haul

After going slightly over board with the skincare haul in Paris I did try to limit myself in London. I tried my hardest. I kept saying I will only buy ONE thing and it will be something by Charlotte Tilbury as I have never tried anything from the brand and it always looks dreamy in other peoples news feed and blogposts.

However I try to serve this up I definitely bought more than one thing. But I will give myself a pat on the back for containing the excitement in Boots and not even going into Superdrug. But lets not dwell on the things I didn't get and talk about the bits I did pick up.

The Dolce Vita quad- oh these warm copper tones. I think this palette needs a face of the day type of post where I can go more into detail about each shade. Right now I have only gotten to play with it a few days but its beautiful quality (I would go as far as saying one of the best quality eyeshadows I have ever tried) and great shades I did not have in my collection.

The Retoucher Concealer and Treat Stick- I am buying all the concealers in the world at the moment. You see apparently I am getting old and suddenly my under eye area has become the most problematic part of my makeup. Most of the tried and trusted concealers suddenly don't work anymore (for example: NARS, Laura Mercier and the UD one) . They either cake or gather in the fine lines making me look old and tired and Im not digging that look. The CT concealer is really good. It has proper coverage and minimal creasing on me. Also the staying power is very good so as boring as buying a concealer is I'm glad I picked this up.

You know whats not boring to buy thou? A lipstick!!

At our last girls lunch I asked for recommendations on what to look out for at the CT stand and Stacey told me I must buy Lost Cherry. The girl knows what she is talking about. This is such a unusual shade of pink-coral and I love the formula. Matte but not drying, super easy to wear and just feels velvety on the lips. I get about 3-4h wear time out of this before needing touch ups but carrying around a lipstick that pretty is really more like a treat. It just perks up the completion and makes me feel like I am "fresh" faced when wearing it. A new obsession is taking off called "must have all the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks". I definitely urge you to check this shade out if you are lucky enough to live near a store that sells it.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede parfume. Repurchase from the airport Duty Free cause I was feeling sorry for myself and didn't want to fly back to Dubai. So retail therapy.

Since I went over my "i buy one thing" limit at CT I toned it down with everything else. Nothing to write home about all tried and tested and products I can't get in Dubai. I picked up the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texture which again was once gifted to me by Stacey. It doesn't compare to Oribe but I actually use it for different purpose. Cause its quite sticky and gives hair great grip I use it when I want to have volume but do an updo as my hair naturally is very silky and slippery. Perfect pre braids or teasing and its cheap.

The Maybelline Eraser goes into the category of "buy all concealers" I remember liking it ages ago but haven't given it a good enough go to comment at the moment. A clear brow gel from Blink is really not exciting but I did buy it. I probably paid a bit much for this gel but I had my brows shaped in Blink and the product stand was right there. Let me tell you a little story about my brow shaping. I had wanted to do that for ages. I hate doing it in Dubai because the three salons I have gone to the following happens:

I go in ask to get my brows threaded. I lay down in the chair. I worry that they will thread my brows off cause maybe we don't understand each other due to language barrier. The lady seems very qualified so I calm down. She starts. She finishes brows and goes "Mam upper lip also right?" (rolling her eyes while saying that). I start feeling self conscious about having a moustache even if I never thought I have one. I ask do you think I need? She giggles and says yes mam definitely need..too much hairy. I feel even worse and agree to have my upper lip threaded. I shed tears cause its so painful. I deal with pimples on my upper lip for weeks after. I am unhappy. In a worst case scenario I was once also told that really my whole face needs threading. I felt like a gorilla.

I leave you with this exciting story for now and I will be back with a little London in outfits post soon x


  1. OMG, these Dubai beauticians are so incredibly incompetent...
    They're very bad. I never tried the eyebrows threading because I really don't want them to touch my face, especially my precious eyebrows because I don't trust them.
    I do waxing for ahem, other parts of my body, and I've been struggling to find a good beautician to do it. They burn me every single time...
    I worked in a beauty salon a super long time ago in France and I can tell you: they're not trained properly. :/
    Also, now, I will need Lost Cherry, it looks amazing!

  2. I love that lipstick, I feel like I need to treat myself to another from CT soon!

    Victoria x

    1. YES! Do it! Frankly its a good thing I dont have as easy access to it as I can constrain myself a bit more when it comes to online shopping. The lipstick is divine! x

  3. I really like concealer by Lancome (Teint miracle), but a friend of mine told that they stopped producing it. So now I'm trying concealer by Elizabeth Arden and shame it's not that good. Hopefully Lancome will improve the formula and will sell it again

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