Monday, May 2, 2016

Tilk! Skincare

 When I got contacted by Tilk! asking if I would like to try a few of their fresh bio skincare products I couldn't have said yes faster. First of all the brand originates from Estonia and I love all the cool skincare emerging from my homeland lately. Secondly when something is called bio skincare it just catches my interest.

So what I got sent is their Regenerate Me bio facial cream which is made for combination skin. I have been using it for about two or three months now so feel comfortable to give a little review. It contains carrot oil, almond oil, shea butter among other great things and it smells of lavender which is wonderful. Im a huge fan of lavender scent so smearing this all over my face before makeup is a real treat. It also sinks into the skin very fast so I don't have to wait long to put makeup on.  I have actually noticed that my t-zone which tends to get shiny fast stays matte longer now that I'm using Tilk!. I even did a little test and stopped using it for a about 10 days and the disco ball forehead was fast to return.

The real gem of the two products is the Moisture Me hand cream. Lets talk why exactly am I raving about a hand cream? Well the texture of this is magical- is a fluffy light almost whipped up moose like consistency that sinks into skin super fast. I believe that would be the mango butter found in the ingredients list that gives it this cloud like softness. The scent is almost as magical- a super crisp and strong fresh lemon that lingers on my hands for a while. Now if you are not one for strong scents maybe this isn't for you but I love the burst of citrus that comes with lotioning my hands. I often use hand lotion at the office and since having Moisture Me people around me often ask what smells so good?

The box they come in is cute but I have to say the plastic container did make me think "cheap" at first. However when I realised one of their marketing points is that Tilk! creams are easy to travel with the super lightweight plastic pot made more sense. All in all I really like the products and if you are one for natural organic skincare they do deliver internationally so give it a go.
Im back home this summer and definitely picking up a few more lotions from their range and maybe a cute lip balm as well.

Are you a big brand fan or do you love trying out different smaller brands organic skincare? I would love to hear more suggestions on what I must try.

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