Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nike Air Max Zero City Collection 2016 // Tokyo

I am as far from a sneakerhead as possible. I own a few pairs of Converse and thats about it. I have never owned a pair of limited edition sneakers neither has Nike Air ever caught my attention. I have always deemed it too sporty and bulky for my style.

Enter - the dreamiest pair of sneakers EVER. A dusty pink perfection in a new Nike Air shape which is way narrower and less bulky. Hence much more appealing to me. To look like I know what I am talking about here I did some reading and found out that this limited edition release included 5 different pairs of women sneakers named after cities. Tokyo is the one what won my heart.

Honestly I just saw a photo of them on Instagram and tracked them down like that. Only then did I come to know that this is exclusive release and that I must act fast or they will forever remain a dream. I haven't figured out too many ways to wear them besides skinny jeans and white t-shirt. I am picturing maybe a white loose dress of some sort as I dont wear shorts. Maybe I could even fashion a midi skirt combo that would look cool?

I think one of the reasons I have started noticing sneakers more is that I find the correct shoe trends to be..well how shall I say this.. ugly? All the slippers, bulky platforms and weird shaped heels are just not my cup of tea. And everything has ankle ribbons or laces which make my not so long legs even stumpier so thanks but no thanks.

You can order them from here and if you live in Estonia they have them at Reede store.

And not that I need any more but I do have these special edition New Balance for J.Crew and these Converse in my saved folders waiting for that day when self control fails.  


  1. Ohh these look so pretty! I wish I was a sneaker person, I always think they look so cool and casual on other people, but whenever I wear them it just feels.. wrong & like I can't properly walk in them ha X

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I used to feel like I just can't pull them off. I eased myself into it with some dainty converse and before I knew it now Im wearing Nike's not only in the gym lol x