Sunday, April 5, 2015

OOTD- I Am Wearing Jeans!

Would you look at that. Its an outfit post and I am in fact not wearing a dress.

Not only that I am actually wearing jeans which I dont think has ever happened in this blog. No joke!

As much as this might be basic for a lot of people its not my regular get up. Rarely do I get tired of all the dresses and skirts but it happens and Paige jeans/t-shirt/ blazer/heels is a fairly generic but loved combo.

My old black blazer was getting very very tired so I have been keeping an eye out for a new one. I have no idea how I wasn't aware that we have a Topshop Outlet in Dubai. I really feel like I have failed by living here for over 3 years and not knowing it. Anyway this is where I found the perfect  semi boyfriend cut black blazer for a fraction of its original price. It is the Premium Suit Blazer (seems to be nearly sold out on Topshop site so maybe check in the store if its on sale near you as well?). I mean its nothing that special but when you get a wardrobe staple for a good price I will never say no. I love that it covers my bum, is structured but still slim fit and its a very good quality material.
I have to mention the jeans as well. I always used to pin pictures of cool girls wearing boyfriend cut slightly baggy jeans and heels but I couldn't find a pair that I liked on me. Ever! Until I tried on the Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny jeans. They are by far THE BEST slightly baggy but flattering jeans ever.  They are stretchy and comfortable and I get so much use out of them so totally worth the price if you ask me.

 Whats left it my new favorite Hangry t-shirt from ASOS. My husband can definitely vouch that the statement is all true and I become a rather unpleasant company when not fed in time. Besides the slogan I love the fixed rolled sleeves and the grey marl shade is my favorite for t-shirts really.

The shoes are the point toe Brina heels from Reiss. One of the most comfortable high heels I own which is the reason I am now stalking these and these heels from Reiss.

Do you like wearing t-shirts with heels? Whats your favorite t-shirt at the moment?

Next up I have two new dresses I can't wait to show you so stay tuned.


  1. I never wear jeans either, I just don't feel like me or that jeans suit me although I love the look you put together.

    Victoria x

    1. I generally feel the same way and thats why I very rarely buy jeans. But after finding one baggy pair and one pair of skinnys I love I started enjoying wearing them a lot more x

  2. You know how I feel about this outfit <3

    I'm obsessed with wearing tshirts, jeans, blazers and heels together - I feel like they're my uniform! I've just bought a pile of tshirts from Zara to reinforce this addiction! ooops!

    Lis x