Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sporty Spice

I still love midi dresses but a few items have sneaked into my wardrobe lately that are less common.

The whole athletic gear mixed into street style trend is fab yet I don't see myself pulling it off. I mean I still don't even own a pair of New Balance sneakers cause Im not sure my cool factor is high enough. But this grey based beauty of a track jacket by Adidas won me over with the tropical print obviously. I instantly gravitated towards it in the store and pictured it as the perfect addition to jeans and metallic converse combo. I think the colour scheme of the flowers is perfect and I love the large white logo but black contrasting stripes on the sleeves.

I have gotten tons of wear out of it actually. More than I expected. I love it with a leather pencil skirt and sneakers or on a black casual dress.

I did do a little search online to see other cool track jackets and this is what I found. Another Adidas one but more retro 70s vibe. This Puma jacket is kind of cool also.

As we are on the subject of activewear Im demented to get my hands on some of the Ivy Park pieces by Beyonce x Topshop. They aren't even anything so special but as true blood queen B fan I must order something. My eyes are on this pink sweatshirt or this one and the black PU sleeved number has my heart as well. Basically anything that will make me more like Beyonce would be great.

Have you bought anything from Ivy Park line? Would love to hear about the quality before I start ordering.

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  1. I surprised myself and bought and adidas varsity jacket at a sample sale at work. Its definitely not my typical style, but I too have gotten quite a bit of wear out of it, and lots of compliments to boot. Now that its getting warmer I might have to switch to this jacket! Its so cute!