Friday, August 15, 2014

Get In My Closet ASOS Skater Midis

Get In My Closet ASOS Skater Midis
So tomorrow is a boring day as it involves a lot of airports and flying. What is entirely not boring is the destination- New York baby! Ohh I simply can not contain myself!

Regarding my vacation to the big apple I was on a spending ban until I can buy (as Simone would say) ALL the things in NYC. However Simone also wore a superduper pretty skater midi dress to our last get together which swiftly sent me to browse ASOS the next day.  I hadn't opened the site for a month so I was kind of taken by how many gorgeous midi dresses are in stock.

The only thing I could do was play window shopping with you guys. So here is my currect 'I want them all' skater midi dresses:

1. The dress that started it all Textured Midi Skater Dress with Floral Print (Link)- take a look how gorgeous Simone looks in it and you see why I want it. In real life this dress is so good quality, it has beautiful weight to it and I love the color!
2. Picnic Skater Dress in Texture (Link) - The V-neckline and the way it nips on your waist is what get me with this dress. Plus I always feel so pretty in white dresses (until I spill my lunch on them but still).
3.  Crepe Bardot Prom Dress (Link)- this is a dress I never thought would catch my attention. I dont own a single item of red clothing and generally never gravitate towards them. But every time I look around on Asos I end up looking at the catwalk video of this. I think I could totally work this with a red lip for an ultimate feminine combo. And it ticks all the boxes of fitted waist, box pleats etc etc..
4. Pleated Cami Midi Dress (Link) - we have addressed my obsession with pleated anything before. This beauty has been in my Save Items folder for some time. I love the bright color and the back detail equally as much as the spaghetti straps and the thin pleating.
5. Premium Embroidered Skater Dress With Blue Flowers ( Link) - well this one is just swoooooooon. Be sure to zoom in on it on ASOS to see the pretty embroidery. Also lets not forget to address the existence of pockets which instantly rockets any dress on top of my wishlist. Top this off with a collar and the details of a button down front and I will have some midi dress dreams for days!
6. Sunflower Bardot Midi Prom Dress (Link) - lets finish it off with this total babe of a dress shall we. Mad Men all the way this one is a bit more on a costume side of things but I personally love that. Its freaking expensive (95£ / 135Eur) which is why you dont see it hanging in my closet. Its a special dress but I dont think I would get to wear it enough to justify the splurge. Still a girl can dream..

So which one is your fave? Like in the case i dont find anything to buy in New York (hahaha yes I know this is fantasy talk) and I return home with all my money in the bank. Which one should I order?

P.s. there will probably be a bit of a silence next week. I will try my best do a few posts but its New York you know. So I urge you to join me on Instagram ( @thelauracarlson ) as it will get much more regular updates.


  1. Oooh NY some serious envy right here as I haven't been to NY in such a long time (and mainly because I'm off to Vegas next month so I should quit complaining!). I do love a midi dress and I too have been on a spending ban and swooning over the ASOS selection... one seems affordable and suddenly I've added all to my shopping bag and it's a slightly more expensive option!

    Have fun in New York.

    Victoria x

  2. Haha! I just got delivery this morning for my three new dresses from ASOS. Love them! Good choices, Laura ;)

    1. Ohh delivery k2tte saamine on lemmik ju! Millised kleidid sa tellisid? :)

    2. Jah, see on nagu pidupäev! :)
      Tellisin samuti skater kleidid. Tööle: (praegu on seljas ka, väga mugav!).
      Sellest kleidist ei saanud ma ka üle ega ümber: aga ootan põnevusega, millal ja kuhu selle selga saan panna ;)
      Kuid minu absoluutne lemmik: Nii armas ja istub valatult!

      Hakkan juba järgmisi valima...

  3. I love all of them. I would find it very hard to pick a favourite out of the first four. Two and three are very va va voom, which I love, but one is so pretty and versatile. Hope you have a great time in New York! x

    Kate Louise Blogs