Monday, August 11, 2014

Gimme More Neutral Eyeshadows

There are two products I have been meaning to tell you about for a month now. I bought them in July and have been using daily as both are fantastic. I have never done monthly favorites on the blog (only for nail polish) but if I did these two would be in it.

 Too Faced Natural Eyes palette (Link) and Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray (Link) are what this post is about.

The setting spray is something I was excited to try if only because the weather in Dubai is totally insane. In addition to the high temperatures, humidity in the last weeks has been just off the charts and everything melts of my face slowly but surely. No actually not that melts off with one 7min walk to get coffee. I was between the All Nighter or De-Slick spray and ended picking De-Slick as my combination skin definitely needs help staying matte at the moment. There is not that much to say about it besides that it works great. I spray it all over the face once I have finished makeup and I love the results. Its weightless and keeps my foundation from melting into the fine lines. Its a must-have for summer months from now.
So the Natural Eyes then. Its an updated version of the old Natural Eyes which I never owned but always wanted. I also held back for a while when the updated version was released repeating to myself that I have too many natural/browny eyeshadows. In the end I just made up a reason because I wanted that pretty pink tin to be mine. I convinced myself my Naked palettes are just too big and bulky to travel with (weirdly this was not a problem before I started lusting after Natural Eyes) and having the vacations to Estonia and New York ahead I just REALLY NEED something more compact that covers all the bases. If you are rolling your eyes at this point I understand. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Luckily this does actually cover all my needs. For the past month I have barely used anything else and I'm still not bored. These 9 shades go from matte to shimmery, cold to warm and are all super easy to blend.

Top row has the mattes:
Heaven- a pretty ivory that is just perfect under the brow.
Cashmere Bunny- one of my favorites from the palette. Such a terrific soft taupe crease shadow to define the eyes ever so subtly.
Sexpresso-  deep matte brown. Super pretty smudged into the lash-line for daytime or used for a smokey eye.

Middle row is my most used shadows:
Silk Teddy-shimmering soft pink that blends so beautifully and works great in the inner corner of the eye.
Push-Up- my favorite. Slightly lilac toned bronze shimmer that is just perfection. Equally good as all over lid or blended into crease.
Erotica- a charcoal brown with gold flecks. Total beauty.

Bottom row gets the least use at the moment but there is no reason for it. The shades are gorgeous.
Nudie- matte greige I have mostly used to fill in my brows.
Honey Pot- very shimmery warm gold shadow. Maybe a bit too shimmery for me so I haven't used it that much.
Chocolate Martini- deep espresso with gold shimmer. Pretty but I prefer the other two dark browns.

Excuse me if I got a little too excited over a natural eyeshadow palette but I really really like this one. Im just saying that I will be going to my 20days vacation with only this with me and feel totally confident I can do any look I want. Thats pretty good for a tiny little pink tin isn't it?

What's your all time favorite neutral palette? Would love to hear about your gems..


  1. This sounds - and looks - like such a perfect palette. Like you say, fantastic for travel as it is so compact yet provides so many lovely options. I don't have any palettes really (gasp! I must buy some IMMEDIATELY!) but over the years I seem to have acquired a lot of duos and quads and to be honest I have a wide variety of beiges, taupes, browns, etc. (Though obviously I still need more.) x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. I love the Stila In the Light palette, it is an oldie but goodie. I want this one SO badly now!