Tuesday, July 8, 2014

All Black OOTD

Another summer outfit in all black. 

Living in Europe I almost never wore black in warm months. I remember how much you crave for spring/summer colors and fabrics. I wear white, patterns and colors all year around but for summer months in Dubai I feel most comfortable in all black. The totally unglamorous reason is the swetty-betty situation that desert temperatures and humidity bring.   

This post shows a combo of my favorite black items at the moment. They have won this esteemed title because both pieces are so incredibly versatile. Lets take the River Island strappy top (Link). Its so basic but the straps in the front make it a bit cooler than my normal cami. It looks awesome under a blazer for work or with jeans on a night out. Its super lightweight and I am seriously considering getting a few more colors as I have been wearing it a lot.

The skirt is a classic for me.  Pleated midis are the bomb and I love the ASOS one (Link). I have it in coral as well and it comes in pretty much every color you could want. We are talking bright pink or yellow to more toned down options like this one. I'm sure a pleated midi is not a staple for everyone but they hold a firm place in my wardrobe for years. I just feel so lady like and pretty in them.

The shoes are my trusty heels by DvF. I call these patent beauties my work shoes. They are classic and as comfortable as it can get. I'm gonna put it out there and say that the DvF Anette pumps are one of my favorite shoe style ever. I have them in leopard print and in black patent but unfortunately both options are constantly sold out. I could find them in black suede (Link) and if you are after a classic shoe I can not recommend those enough. My love for this style is everlasting! Its so strong that if I saw another leopard pair sold anywhere I would buy them for back up!

So that's it from the outfit front today.

Well actually I have to confess of an online order that is on the way to me and if you are the same shoe size as me (Eur 38) you might want to consider. The Topshop pink suede mid heeled shoes (Link) are on sale! Getting shoes almost 50% off is like getting them for free if you ask me..


  1. Such a classy outfit. Love it!

  2. You look so chic Laura! I love this length of skirt! Those shoes look like something I should definitely investigate further into! :)

    Lis x


    1. Thank you Lis :)
      And yes! There is no such thing as too many shoes so I think investigate you must :D


  3. I love the outfit - especially the top. I've seen a few people wearing it in various colours and every time I think I must get at least one of those! Something about the straps at the front turn a simple cami into something quite glamorous. Good job River Island! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  4. Hi Laura!
    Would you mind if I ask you what kind of bra are you wearing under this camisoles? I have a couple of them to but I really struggle to find "The Strapless Bra" that would look good under them...
    Thanks for your answer in advance!
    X, Nina

    1. Hi Nina,
      I have a strapless bra from Victorias Secret and another one from Marks&Spencer that I like a lot. I hate when bra straps show so I wear strapless a lot. Hope this helps. x