Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life Lately #11

This week went past faster then ever. Somehow it was weekend before I could even blink but I do have a few photos of my favorite moments.

- a few weeks ago I decided I miss yoga too much and made my way to Yoga Room Dubai for ashtanga classes. I go 3 times a week and absolutely love it. I do enjoy bikram and that was my yoga of choice for many months but now I just could not make myself enter a +42c room when its so scorching hot outside. Ashtanga is awesome and I cant wait to go again tonight. Im always in such a great mind set after a class.

- the beautiful lanterns are spotted after a sheesha session in Movenpick hotel again.

-Mr. Mate the border collie finally got his summer cut. He looks like a puppy now and I love that they always tie a bandana around his neck after he is done with grooming. He also smells like roses (we do ask them usually to go light handed on the dog perfume they use but generally he smells flowery for a few days after). There is a cool mobile dog grooming concept here- a pink van comes to your house and inside it is a fully functional dog grooming salon. Hopefully the shorter cut will make it a bit easier for Mate to handle this desert summer.

- We had a lovely dinner party at a friends place who lives on 35th floor of a highrise in the Marina. I made a brave face for the picture but to be honest I did feel a bit queasy that high up. The views are amazing but I'm way too paranoid to ever be able to live that high. I instantly have scenarios from fires to earthquakes run through my mind and prefer to stay closer to the ground. Have you ever lived in a highrise?

- ahhh.. and then the most perfect Saturday arrived. It was hot but not too humid and we were determined to have some book + pool time. We drove to the beautiful Desert Palm resort and laid in their temperature controlled infinity pool for hours. A while back I actually made a whole post about Desert Palm and you can read it here. It was absolute bliss. I also started a new book Travels With My Aunt by Graham Greene and its great. So if you are on the look out for a easy reading and witty novel do check it out.

Enjoy your Sunday and do let me know what you have been up to. x


  1. I must admit I do get a little bit excited when I see your new life lately post go up! :)

    Doesn't Mr.Mate look gorgeous! I'm thinking about getting a mobile groomer for Clicquot when she's allowed her first cut (she's only allowed a puppy trim at the moment until she's 6 months!)

    I don't think I could cope with the 35th floor to live on, when I was in Vegas I felt like our hotel room was 'swaying' being so high up! I'm look you, I much prefer being closer to the ground!

    Just about to put together my Life Lately :)

    Lis x

  2. I love that Mr Mate smells of roses when he has been groomed! Love the sneek peak into your life... the high rise apartment sounds incredibly glamorous, but I have a feeling it might make me queasy too! x

    Kate Louise Blogs