Sunday, July 6, 2014

Life Lately #10

Lets see what we can make of the passed week. Cant believe we are already in July. I have started getting excited because its not long til September aka my bday month( yes I get excited 2 months before..I think its totally normal).

- I had the ever so lovely Mr. and Mrs.Buynowbloglater come over for dinner and I made a new dessert. It is soo easy and tasted lovely so I urge you to try. Specially if you dont feel like baking or spending a lot of time preparing. Its blended fresh strawberries mixed with mascarpone, vanilla ice cream and a little bit of whipped cream. Leave in the fridge until you make dinner and add berries before serving. Great summer dessert.

- Thursday night sheesha at Movenpick Ibn Battuta hotel. Isn't it beauuutiful? Paint anything pastel and watch me swoon..

- weekend was a really really slow and sleepy one. I love those. Cats snoozed (love how Yalla stretches her paws out of the bed), Mate snoozed and I almost didn't move from the couch. Got addicted to Catfish TV show (how had I never heard of this before?) and watched season after season.

- I went back to the dark side. Had appointment with my hairdresser Vesna from Pastels Salon and I wasn't sure what I want to do until I sat in the chair. I had been talking for months that I want to be lighter for the summer and thats what we did last time but I got bored of it fast. So back to dark. I didn't want to cut much as I wear my hair up in the summer but color was enough to make me feel all fresh and new. Loving it at moment.

- Husband is back from the work trip which makes me smile. Him and Mate gave me a ride to work this morning and how could a week not be great when it starts in a company as awesome as this.

Hope you are loving your Sunday and the sun is shining wherever you are!
I have outfit posts planned this week that I cant wait to show you.


  1. Love the darker hair! Dessert sounds delicious and I am looking forward to the outfit posts. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. Your hair looks great Laura :) soooo many new make up combinations to be made with a new hair colour :)

    My birthday is in September too.....I'm already excited! :D

    Lis xx