Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Well yes..
I tried do put together another Polishes post but it ain't happening.

Because there is an abnormality in my behavior. I get fixated on one nailpolish and dont wear anything else for weeks and weeks. Previously I would get bored so fast and want to change it up constantly. This new thing started with Obsessed that was reapplied to my nails for three weeks straight. Now I moved on to this beauty of a shade.

Feast your eyes on O.P.I.- Malaga Wine (Link).

Is it not just the perfect autumn shade? No actually perfect whatever the weather shade. I'd say its a  blood red and looks sultry dark in artificial light but outdoors some deep cherry tone are visible.  I have had 4 people ask what nailpolish I'm wearing- its one of those classy eye catchers.

The formula of this is smooth and easy to work with. I like O.P.I. brush as well because its not hard to maneuver and achieves a relatively professional looking manicure in a relatively painless way. O.P.I is definitely one of my very favorite polish brands. I really feel the chipping is minimal and its non streaky. 

Whats your favorite O.P.I shade?
I would love to expand the ever growing collection. I dont need to but I would love to.


  1. I haven't wore OPI polishes for years although saying that I have OPI red and it is one I always fall back on.

    Victoria x

    1. I think I actually prefer OPI to Essie when it comes down to it. They have some gorgeous shades and great quality. x

  2. You can't go wrong with a blood red polish, can you?
    This shade is beautiful indeed!
    My favorite OPI shade is 'Manicurist of Seville'... it's along the same lines as yours... but different enough the justify the purchase, LOL! :-)
    Good evening Laura!

    1. I cant seem to get excited about anything but blood red polishes at the moment. Definitely checking out the shade you like! I need very little convincing to get another polish :D

      Thank you for reading and commenting :) x

  3. Malaga Wine was my first OPI nail polish purchase about 5 or more years ago and it's my fave red of all time. It's what I go to anytime I want a classy red nail polish. Believe it or not, after 5 some years it is still perfect in application and wear. I have many other reds, but this is my favorite. And I have to agree that I like the OPI formula much better than the Essie one.