Sunday, October 26, 2014

Not a Morning Person

Early mornings are not a magical wonderful time for me..
I don't think of sunrise as the best part of the day..
I dislike when I don't have time to hit the snooze button
I'm not a delight to be around until I have a bite to eat and a cup of coffee..

I am not what you would call a morning person. I just like my bed and sleeping too much..

The reality is I do have to wake up, make myself presentable, try to start a day with a smile and head to the office on most days.

There is this trio that has really made the getting ready party rather enjoyable for the past few months. I had a sample of Clinique Moisture Surge (Link) and I wrote about it here. I adore this in the mornings and it works super well under makeup. Its gel like and refreshing, smells great and really packs a proper hydration punch.

 So when I saw this Clinique Travel Kit at the Duty Free few months back I had to snap it up. This added Clinique All About Eyes Serum (Link) and Moisture Surge Face Spray (Link) into my collection. I expected to like them based on the Moisture Surge on I was not disappointed. The eye serum with the cooling rollerball tip is especially good. It brightens eye area visibly, the cooling massage tip de-puffs fast and it really helps with the concealer to blend easy. Its super lightweight as well so I dont have to wait for a long time before starting with the makeup. Absolute gem of an eye serum if you ask me! Best one I have found for morning use.

The Face Spray is lovely as well. Fresh scent, fine mist and just a quick burst of moisture. I use it after makeup and I often carry it with me during the day.

I'm in love with this little trio and they make my mornings better. The Moisture Surge range seems to have a few more products and I'm super interested to try these as well. You can get the full set here or otherwise this set looks pretty good also.

Whats your favorite morning products? Have you tried the Moisture Surge ones?

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