Monday, October 13, 2014

OOTD Just Another Manic Monday

I am not allowed to buy any new clothes for at least a month!
There I said it!

Now you have the right to make fun of me and call me names if I do.

Well obviously this skinny belt (Link) I already ordered from ASOS doesn't count. And maybe I can make an exception to these black Reiss heels(Link) and I have been looking at this midi skirt (Link) on Topshop for ages!

You see what I am like? Very.easily.distracted. So I thought maybe if I put it out here I will feel more guilty once I find myself browsing the racks in Zara or clicking through ASOS on my lunch break. But if there is one thing I really love doing its outfit posts and those are the ones seriously lacking lately. As you seem to be liking my Instagram #ootd pics I thought we could make a deal of at least one outfit post a week possibly two. This in turn means I will do some serious shopping in my own wardrobe and things I wear wount be the latest season but I will do my best to find similar stuff and link it up.

This top is a bargain from Nordstrom Rack and bought while I was in New York. Its Kaci top by Walter Baker (Link). Its basic but makes everything look put together so easily.

Jeans are old and on their last leg. I mean the belt loop has broken and they are really washed out but I cant seem to find anything that fits me as well as these trusty Topshop Kristen high-waists. Why oh why did Topshop have to discontinue them? The only other ones I have liked are by JBrand but you know.. no new clothes for a month! (I am already regretting this a tiny bit)

Shoes are Vince Camuto and they are my most worn heels at the moment. A grey/pink neutral color and sensible heel- so easy to wear. I suggest these Topshop ones (Link) if you are looking for a similar pair. Let me alert you that the Topshop are on sale and I have the same cut in 2 different colors and they are perfect mid heel classics. So act fast!

Bag is Max Mara JBag and sunglasses Gucci Cat Eye Sunglasses.

So let me know if this kind of outfit post arrangement would work for you? Its all pretty basic stuff, things I wear to work daily but thats kind of what I like to see in other blogs.

I do have a little NARS related post ready for you as well so lets talk soon shall we.

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