Monday, November 10, 2014

Life Lately #11

The latest bits from my life are here..

- I have a confession to make. I have never ever dressed up for Halloween before. 2 years in a row I have had to work the next day early morning so we skipped it and previous years we just never lived anywhere where it was a big thing. So this year I was dead set I want to attempt a sugarskull makeup. I bought the face paint, I bought the fake flowers to make a crown- only to have the house party we were supposed to go to be canceled on the same day. By this point there was no stopping me so I painted my face anywa.. and Morgans as well by the way. It was close call we were gonna be the odd couple who stays at home with full face of paint until friends invited us to a dinner party. We totally went full costume and makeup ignoring that this wasn't really a Halloween dinner party. Was fun! Wish I had more opportunities to do that.

- Zulu has been on a roll with looking awesome daily so I have approx 100 pictures of just her every week. Here she is posing with Morgans Halloween hat. If you like cats may I suggest you follow Zulu on instagram ( @zuluthebatcat)

- my work schedule is pretty cray-cray at the moment, there is a few events every week. This can be exhausting but it also allows me to see some awesome venues in Dubai I wouldnt necessarily happen to other wise. Above you see a picture of Glenlivet whiskey dinner we organized in a stunning and a bit surreal private dining room in One&Only hotel. I think that is one of my favorite venues to hold dinner events in. Total magic with large golden seats and huge dining table.

- I have done very well on my shopping ban minus last few days. Firstly I have wanted the Mary-Lou Manizer for ages but as far as I knew they don't sell theBalm in Dubai. Well I spotted a whole new theBalm counter in Debenhams MOE and before I knew what was going on I had purchased the much talked about highlighter. It was a force stronger than me, I'm sorry! (im not sorry really. Its the best highlighter I have ever ever had) If anything I'm proud of myself that I walked away with only one thing. I just need to get a grip now as I get a bit heavy handed with this as its sooo pretty.

- The long awaited beautiful, breezy, pleasant and warm summer night of Dubai have finally arrived. Me and husband celebrated it with a sheesha in Fairmont The Palm. The views from there are rather stunning arent they? It also serves one of the best sheeshas in town if you ask me.

- Last but not the least I got to start this workweek with a day off. As the weekend was a working kind my Sunday was spent laying in a sun lounger in a beach club. Juice ( that got swapped for wine during lunch) in hand and a good book to keep me companied. It was one of those perfect days that leave you rested and happy for a while.

Btw I am half way done with my book so any suggestions what should I pick up next are very welcomed?