Monday, February 17, 2014

New In from ASOS

Some of my ASOS order arrived.

Unfortunately it seems like the parcel with the two most longed for items, the midi skirts, has been lost in mail. After I dried my tears and accepted this fact I realized that some of the stuff that did arrive is actually great.

Like this beige/nude crop blazer.

First of all I really really like beige..well everything. Bags, shoes.. dresses especially. So it was unnatural I did not own a beige blazer. Unnatural I tell you!

I was worried that the material is going to be too thick but its light and lovely and I can hopefully carry on wearing it for a bit longer before the crazy Dubai heat kicks in.

The cropped length is great and works well with both dresses and jeans. The fabric is soft and stretchy which makes it super comfortable and I might have worn it three evening in a row now. (

Ohh and here comes the best part. They still have it in stock AND its on sale( Link ) and there is a red verison on sale also ( Link ). I kind of really need that red one now..this is a never ending circle huh?

Now the necklaces. These are by my favorite jewelry brand called "New Vintage" by Kriss. I whole heartedly love the brand and the designer who is beautiful, talented and absolutely awesome and I happen to be lucky enough to be related to her. 

But honestly.. I don't love her pieces because she is my sister, I just think they are perfect!

Here I am wearing one of my all time favorites Miss "Fangs" from the Rocking Halo collection. 
Its made from pieces of raw rock crystal.

The shorter necklace is also from the rock crystal collection and is called Miss "Rock". This one is a newer addition to my stash and I love the short length. It's such a good layering piece.

So there you have it. I got a few more new items so expect more outfit posts.

And I have to admit..maybe the one thing I loved more than wearing my new blazer was cuddling with Sweety. Isn't she just too cute for words!

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  1. I think this is the best blog post ever! ;)

  2. like the blazer and (of course) the jewelry... and hear you about needing to wear new things RIGHT away... did some damage in zara (white shirt and pleated midi) and whistles (cool green leather bike jacket) last weekend and then had to go to a different store fitting room to put the whole new outfit on :)