Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pretty Displays

Muji-  heaven for a hoarders..but the kind of hoarders who like pretty things and who like their pretty things organized.

In case you live in a Muji-less country, its a japanese household brand best known for their awesome acrylic storage compartments and drawers. That place is addictive. I go there and immediately start imagining how I'm going to become the most organized person on the planet hence I need ALL of the drawers and boxes and stands and..

The stuff they sell is great thou. Its aestethically pleasing and easy to keep clean.

I use their boxes to store my make up but somehow until know I had failed to notice the perfect earring stand. You see I have an ever growing collection of "New Vintage" by Kriss earrings and I have tried all kinds of systems to have them displayed and organized. I have had stands and little trays and a DIY picture frame with strips of fabric where to hang the earrings but non of them worked.

Why? Because I have cats and for them a dangling earring is just! Pawing them out of a!

Enter this Muji stand with a cat proof protective shield around it.

And if at the end of the day I'm too lazy to hang them I can just use the little cushioned tray at the bottom. At least they all stay in one place all the time.

In addition to it being so practical I also find it so pretty. I have not stopped staring at it. I love how my earrings can work as a decoration even when they are not worn.

I only bought one stand thinking.. thats clearly enough space. Turns out not so much. So a trip to purchase a second stand shall be planned. I think it would work great for hanging my dainty necklaces as well.

How do you store/display your earrings?

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